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In Tiger & Bunny, the superhero anime about which I will not shut up, a young, good-looking blond hero and an older, dark-haired, bearded superhero are forced into a reluctant partnership in which the blond man repeatedly addresses the dark-haired, bearded one as "old man."  In Avengers, a young, good-looking blond hero and an older, dark-haired, bearded superhero are forced into a reluctant team-up in which the dark-haired, bearded guy repeatedly refers to the blond one as an old man.

It was just sort of freaky, that's all.

I got to see it this morning (I'm on the West Coast) as a perk of the spousal unit's employment.  Despite it being limited to employees, or "cast members" (guess where he works!) the lines were around the block, but they started the movie only about 40 minutes late.  No trailers, just straight into the film.


I pretty much loved every second of everything.  It's like Joss Whedon was born to write Iron Man-as-played-by-RDJ.  We've spent all day cracking each other up by miming the Hulk-vs-Loki encounter, which got probably the biggest laugh of the showing in our theater.  I don't think Hulk could possibly have been more awesome, both as Banner and the other guy, Natasha kicked so much ass it's insane, I already described my Tiger & Bunny/ Cap & Iron Man deja vu, and Hawkeye got to kick sufficient ass to make the husband happy - he's an archer as well and was pretty sad Hawkeye spent part of the movie brainwashed and evil. 

Coulsonnnnnnnnnn. ;_;

I loved that they managed to find ways to keep the non-supers in the game, there were way too many great lines to possibly quote even a representative selection, and I was only left with one question at the end. 

How can Tony, who apparently lives in New York and has presumably done so most of his life, claim not to know what shawarma is?  I can try to fanwank it - I pointed out he'd just sustained a major head injury, and the husband pointed out that Tony's talking to Steve and Thor, who wouldn't know. But my first reaction was "buh?"  I mean, seriously.  Yes, there was a time when I hadn't heard of shawarma.  Then I moved to LA. 

There was also a great deal of nerdery in our car about who would be what in World of Warcraft terms (for the record: Cap's the paladin tank, Tony's the arms warrior, Natasha's a rogue, Hawkeye's a hunter, Thor is a shaman - haven't sorted out his spec - and Hulk is OBVIOUSLY a fury warrior) and I admit, that scene when Tony explained that his plan of attack was "attack" and Cap grabbed a parachute and bailed out after him just made me think of the dumbass dps charging the enemy and the tank sighing, cussing under his breath, and racing to save him - but then, I played a paladin tank for a very long time.

I am not enough of a nerd to have recognized the after-credits guy without the aid of the internet, sadly, but I am enough of a nerd to have started campaigning for an extra viewing of the movie before it goes to DVD.


Also the first time I've spotted the Stan Lee Cameo unassisted, which means I'm starting to doubt I got it right, but meh.

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It's like Joss Whedon was born to write Iron Man-as-played-by-RDJ.

Hee, when I saw the movie with a friend on Friday night, this came out of our mouths almost verbatim at the end. Because it is TRUE.

So much amazing~


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