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This is a crosspost from Tumblr, where I've been more active in posting about the series.  Short version is that I've found the series pretty frustrating to date.  Not coincidentally, I also shipped Korra with Bolin, and felt like her feelings for Mako were underdeveloped and came out of nowhere. 


On the bright side, Bolin had things to do and say!  Iroh was awesome!  The fire-jetpack thing is a cool idea, and since it's an Iroh doing it and not Yuri Petrov, I can love it wholeheartedly now.  Asami is badass, and seriously I just want to beat Mako senseless - Mr. Sato really is a very bad father, Asami needs ALL THE HUGS right now, and he goes off to make out with Korra without even breaking up with Asami first.

It was nice to see Mako suffering when Amon was bloodbending him, anyway.

Tarrlok's change of heart was awfully convenient, but that's par for the course with all the writing this season.  I was pissed off that we got like two seconds of Bumi, and Tenzin's "fantastic, my brother's in town" eyeroll, and then... SOUTH POLE.  What about Bumi?  What about the Airbender Family Hour that would be so much better than any given episode we've actually seen?  Yes, it was good to be reminded Korra's parents are alive and care about her, but... just a fingersnap and we go from a battlefield to (effectively) a hospital waiting room.

The finale might have been epic if the show had been twice the length, if we'd had any amount of time for Korra's loss to sink in, if Amon had been sold more convincingly as a threat... It doesn't actually take that much time (in three episodes, T&B managed to sell Jake Martinez as one of the most convincing and frightening villains I've seen) it just takes careful pacing, and not wasting time on dead ends and red herrings.  Why have Korra go out with Bolin if that was going nowhere?  Why have Mako date Asami? (More on this in a bit.)  Why build up Tarrlok as the fascist dictator of Republic City and have him kidnap Korra, if (a) he's just going to be neutralized in the next episode, change his mind offscreen, and infodump, and (b) the equalists had plenty of support without needing jackbooted-thug-level oppression to radicalize the population?

Hell, why go to such lengths to get the airbenders to safety if they're just going to get captured offscreen for the big showdown?

As to the love triangle: They needed to bring Asami in to bring us some info on the evil Sato machines, I guess... so why not have her date alleged lady-killer Bolin from the start?  If the suspicion of her some viewers apparently felt was intentional -- if they wanted us thinking "it's an evil father-and-daughter team trying to get close to the Avatar via her teammates" -- that would have worked better.  Korra and Mako could be united in their concern for sweet, dumb, head-over-heels Bolin who's smitten with a possibly-evil girl, or maybe Korra thinks her appearance is awfully convenient while Mako doesn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth... or if there has to be jealousy, maybe Mako gets upset because he thinks Korra's suspicions mean she has feelings for Bolin.  Hiroshi can still be pissed off Asami's dating a bender, and Asami can still turn on her father, but Korra's main love interest doesn't get turned into a cheating douche, Korra's friendship with Bolin and relationship with Mako are both reinforced, and her eventual friendship with Asami doesn't have the rivalry hanging over it.

Yeah, I could get pretty long-winded here, but I'll stop.  I felt like the ending was incredibly abrupt; barely any time for Korra's loss to sink in before Aang shows up and fixes everything, and then next thing you know she's healing everybody.  During the ads, Spousal Unit and I had been speculating about how this would be resolved; I was thinking the next season might be dedicated to figuring out how to reverse it.  NOPE!  Finger-snap!  Then the DVR cut out while Korra was in the midst of giving Lin back her bending, so I don't know, maybe the last minute or so fixed everything, but I am extremely doubtful for some odd reason.

Short version: Too much unearned drama, many stupid writing decisions. 
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