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I've pretty much packed up and moved to Tumblr, but I think of Yuletide as an LJ/Dreamwidth thing, so I figure I'll crosspost or just post here only about all of that.

The part people actually care about first: I nominated FF6, because hope springs eternal; Suikoden III; and Justice League/JLU, despite the crazy-making organization of the DC tags on AO3.  Whether I can participate is going to depend on how many of those get approved (and whether Young Justice, which I didn't nominate, makes it) and how I'm feeling at the time, because I've never written for either of the superhero cartoons and I'm really rusty on the Suikoverse.

Here's part of the problem: I'm not totally sure I'm participating this year.  Last year I knew I could.  I was still writing for Madoka Magica fandom (or thinking of myself as writing for it, anyway) Tiger & Bunny qualified as a new fandom, and FF6 qualified partly on the strength of a tiny AO3 selection -- and, of course,'s abiding stupidity, since the first six Final Fantasies and any number of tie-ins are all in the same section (the Spirits Within movie and FF Tactics fic both used to get posted there) meaning it's nearly impossible to determine how many FF6 fics are on there. 

This year, Tiger & Bunny is so obviously ineligible there's no point to asking, I've been out of the Madoka Magica writing groove for nearly a year, and FF6's AO3 presence has expanded enough to worry me.  I still have Cinders, the Suikoden games, and the DCAU.  Cinders should be a shoo-in, the Suikoden games are usually safe (the only complication is 4 nomination slots per fan in a fandom renowned for its 108 playable characters and complex, interesting antagonists) but the DCAU is confusing. 

That's "DC Animated Universe," not alternate universe.  Yet for no apparent reason, fic for it is placed in the Justice League COMICS section on  On AO3, characters' civilian names and their superhero identities are separate tags (WHY?!) which furthermore aren't differentiated by continuity.  So I just got my nomination rejected because Wally!Flash has been nominated for the Young Justice cartoon and Wonder Woman for the comics, even though Wally in YJ is several years younger than his DCAU counterpart and in many ways a totally different person.  And for extra clarity, the "DCAU" excludes several of the DC-character cartoons and animated movies!  Wheee!

Last year, I was assigned to write Locke and Celes fic.  Anyone who knows who those characters are knows how I feel about that pairing.  I was terrified.  I ended up writing something I was pretty proud of, finished well ahead of the deadline, and my recipient seemed thrilled with it; if she had any "oh God it's HER" reaction after the reveals, she kept it under lock and key. 

But this year, I'd be looking at potentially writing Young Justice and/or Justice League Animated fic for the first time ever; I had a non-Yuletide-participating friend beta for me last year, but I don't believe she's familiar with the superhero cartoons, and I'm really bad at asking for help along those lines.  My other potential writing fandoms would be Cinders (which is really unlikely to be refused) FF6, and Suiko III.  I'd need to replay Suiko III, probably; last time I wrote in the fandom was a remix fic. 

But at least it looks like I might have multiple fandoms in which to read fic, this time, even if I don't participate myself.

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Date: 2012-09-30 11:23 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] quicksilver_ink
(So, it figures that you would be updating exactly the day I couldn't type. Sorry for the late reply.)

I had not realized you'd pretty much relocated to Tumblr! That explains the quietness. Also, that means there is lots of PRETTY for me to catch up on looking at. Yay pretty!

The issue of qualifying fandoms is part of why I've never done Yuletide. I could do Suikoden, but in addition to the vast number of characters there are now _two_ groups in the fandom that I have to stay away from, so... yeah.
I don't know how the nomination process works, but if one can nominate without promising to participate then I could try nominating FF6 for Yuletide and see if it's accepted without you having to spend your nomination on it? As you suspected, I don't know the YJ/JLA canons, so I wouldn't be the most useful beta reader. Sorry! And I don't even know what medium Cinders is, so I really can't help you there. :)

If the T&B fandom is large and active enough that the anon meme is still going strong, then you might be able to find or start a 'fic exchange for that? Granted, anon memes serve a similar purpose.

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Date: 2012-10-02 01:17 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] quicksilver_ink
In reverse order:

(a) Cinders sounds awesome, I'll put it on my list of things to check out after I catch up on grading. :)

(b) Yay FF6 and Suikoden III! Even if I don't dare participate for Suikoden at least there may be some stuffs for me to read. :)

(c) Check your inbox. :)

(d) Yikes, I hadn't understood just how restrictive the nomination process was. But I see from your other post you got Zexen Knights nominated and accepted! yay!

(e) Yeah, running a fic exchange seems like a lot of work.


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