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I'm watching Young Justice on my brother's relentless recommendation.  I wouldn't call it "enthusiastic" because he tends to recommend things in terms like "It doesn't make me want to vomit."  

First two episodes: Only the late introduction of Miss Martian (oy vey) kept this from being completely devoid of female speaking roles. Cripes, show.  I mean, Wonder Woman's onscreen, but she's not talking... I'm enjoying the writing quite a bit, but they better get on the introduction of the token women.  At least they promised Black Canary as trainer.  

My entire knowledge of DC comics comes from cultural osmosis and the DCAU, especially the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons, which I loved SO MUCH and which have done so much to shape my view of the DC-verse that I can't actually read the comics.   So I'm glad they'll be focusing on the kids, because the big hero lineup at the end made me all sad. Green Lantern was white, and Hawkgirl seems to be accompanied by a Hawkman, and did I mention Green Lantern was white?   I don't know which one he's supposed to be, but he's not John Stewart, MY GL.  I will accept no substitutes.  At least Kid Flash seems to be Wally, and some characterization seems to be the same across all continuities.

I think I may be shipping Aqualad/Superboy a little.  I hope they start using civilian names soon, as the sidekick names are unbearably dumb.
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I am really too old for Tumblr.  How do I know I'm too old?  Because it's 12:30 and I'm looking at my dash, all "where did all these reblogs come from all at once?  Why are all my tags filling up all of a sudden?"


Also, the T&B tag will not SHUT UP about Pepsi Next. People!  Blue Rose promotes Pepsi NEX.  They are not the same drink!  There's one consonant and God only knows how much corn syrup differentiating the two! 

Husband and I are watching Legend of Korra, and I'm kind of shipping Korra with Bo-lin, and the show itself and all of Tumblr are shipping her with Mako, so it's going to be lonely over in my little corner, I can tell already.  

I have nothing of substance to say - here or anywhere else.  The Tumblr is just me spamming fanart right left and center, but it's [ profile] lirillith if that's a thing that interests you.  It's pretty much all Tiger & Bunny and FF6, shockingly, with occasional Suikoden.


Apr. 7th, 2012 07:40 pm
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ZOMG Tumblr has made me aware that there are new Twelve Kingdoms books coming out!  Apparently re-releases of the older books and a new one as well?  Artists on Pixiv are certainly very excited.

Speaking of Tumblr, doujinshi scans uploaded a couple of days ago. 

The Great Unfucking has resulted in calling tech support for both my laptop and desktop (laptop won't turn on, desktop had been BSODing on me - and yes, it's new, that shouldn't be happening,) yet more laundry, and attacking the garden in an attempt to remove many unwanted and itchy plants.  

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Earlier, I posted a list of the things that meant something different in Ireland.

And then didn't explain most of them. So, remedying that! )

Seder time, or rather, time for hovering awkwardly in the kitchen to see if I can help my m-i-l or else retreating to the living room to hope no one notices I'm a bad daughter-in-law.  Or worse, making awkward conversation with B's parents.  Aiee.
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Updates on things!

The house unfucking continues - I discovered our bedroom closet has a floor!  Also I ran out of hangers before I ran out of clothes. 

I love my panda lady in Mists of Pandaria so much that I don't want to play her, because I'll get all attached to her and then lose her when the beta ends.  I tried copying over my 85s to work on leveling them, but I can't find any quests anywhere and the new talent system is really, really confusing.  I know it's not supposed to be, but it is.  

And the ending of the Ireland trip recap!

Bunratty, Kilkenny, and back to Dublin )

And this would have been posted hours ago, but my brother had four hours' worth of frustration with our parents and speculation about Song of Ice and Fire plot to get out of his system.
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Okay, I was not the one to post the James Joyce related prompt on the T&B meme.  The possibility that the "James Joyce and the freaky shit he is into, literally, meets a kink meme" idea occurred to someone else independently around this time is just too weird to contemplate.  WHO DID THAT?  Fess up!


Apr. 4th, 2012 11:52 pm
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Me, to husband, while watching X-Men: First Class:  "I knew people shipped them, but I didn't realize their first meeting involved underwater humping."

I'm the last person on earth to see this movie, but hell, I might as well cut for length.

Thoughts with no particular order or organization. )

So I enjoyed it, though probably not the way most of the fandom did.


Apr. 1st, 2012 09:55 am
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I've actually not been playing WoW very much at all, but PANDA LADYThoughts on Blizzard and female character models )
And the beta client is still downloading.  I can't think of anything else to tl;dr about! 


Mar. 30th, 2012 01:22 am
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A classmate on the internship discussion board made a post about compiling a rec list for children's (or more specifically, middle-grade) fiction that pushed ALL my buttons on the problem-novel issue, and I'm trying to figure out how best to word my objections to the rationale behind the list she described.  Because my kneejerk reaction, "oh for FUCK'S SAKE not THIS again, would it kill you to include ONE book that might make somebody laugh?" is not really professional or appropriate.

My parents are going to be in town for a visit.  Hence the icon.  I love my family, but they drive me batshit.  And this is going to be My Birthday (Observed) so it's also dinner with my in-laws, because I am surrounded by people who are determined to celebrate my special occasions whether I like it or not (see also: Weddingweddingwedding) and then next weekend is Passover (yeah, it lasts a week, but "go to in-law's house and be forced to read out loud by the man who allegedly loves me" is the part of Passover that's relevant to me) and I just want to spend my weekends at home, trawling Pixiv and writing.  /whine
I've been on Tumblr for a while, though basically what happened was I tried posting and tagging a few things, then got lazy and stopped, so now I just check my dashboard and occasionally reblog something. 

I mention this mostly because I'm following Unfuck Your Habitat and since the return from Ireland, my computer room has gone from "hoarding runs in my family, I'm so boned" to "before picture."  I'm now trying to make the transition to "after picture" since my parents are coming for a visit.

This will also facilitate Tumblr use since it occurred to me that Tumblr might be the perfect way to share bits of doujinshi, and in the course of the unfucking I unearthed my PSP disc.  Which is good because the new computer, Meiko, is here now, but I don't really have the hang of scanning with Gimp (or doing other tasks I'm used to from PSP, like increasing color depth on a gif.)

Anyway!  More of Ireland!

Ring of Kerry, Dingle, Bunratty Castle )

And I'm going to break there, because the great unfucking has spread to the bathroom and the bleach fumes are making me kind of woozy.  Next stage: CAULK.  Our shower's in pretty sorry shape.


Mar. 25th, 2012 06:55 pm
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Birthday visit to Little Tokyo was expensively fruitful. Little Tokyo loot haul. )

Unfortunately, this weekend was the heirloom tomato festival at a farm stand near my house, which is unfortunate because I just remembered to check today and it rained all day at what, for Los Angeles, amounts to a downpour.  Should have thought to look on Friday.  I haz a sad. 

I should finish up the Ireland post, but maybe tomorrow - I've finally broken through jetlag-induced writer's block and I've been ficcing all day.
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I'm now 33.  If I were to have a kid by the age my mother had me, I should be pregnant already.

Husband and I are going to Little Tokyo!  Without the traditional Irish breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, sausage, toast with real butter, and black and white pudding if you feel like eating them, my cholesterol levels have dipped dangerously low, and ramen should fix that up nicely. 
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Pandora just went from "Proud Mary" to "You Give Love a Bad Name."  What the HELL, Pandora.

So, more of the Ireland trip. 

From Dublin to Killarney )
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So I was looking at yet another Tiger & Bunny/Miku Miku Dance video and someone had commented with "ooh Mr. Kotetsu ooh," and so I've been walking around the house bursting into giggles periodically for the past half hour because, yes, that's a pretty accurate summary of the way the whole fandom feels about Kotetsu.  I haven't actually watched the video yet, too busy giggling.

So!  Ireland trip!

Dublin! )

And I'm sleepy enough that the entry box is starting to look like a parallelogram, so I think I'll wrap this up and post more tomorrow, including the musical pub crawl, the bookstore clerk taking a class from Terry Pratchett, and Ireland's terrifying mountain roads.

I didn't really have jet lag problems while there. It's here that I'm all weird.

the return

Mar. 19th, 2012 05:15 pm
Things that mean something different in Ireland than they do in the US: "Wide, well-paved roads," milkshakes, walk/don't walk signs, vegetable soup, speed limits.

ARGH I had the post written up to day 3 of the trip and then my computer BSODed, and I need to go buy food since there is none in the house to speak of, so I'll reconstruct it later.  We have returned, we are jetlagged despite our traveling companion's best efforts, the cats are happy to have us back, I keep finding out that family home remedies are actually medically valid, and Ireland is gorgeous and extremely well-supplied with sheep.  Also, they loves them some butter, and so do I.  And eggs.  This week was basically about stress-testing my arteries. 

Sticky toffee pudding is what the gods eat, by the way. 


Mar. 8th, 2012 03:09 pm
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I feel like it has been a week since we left LA.  I think I've actually been up 35 hours, more or less - I dozed somewhat on the two plane flights, and we did nap once we gained access to our hotel, which is a very long story involving the words "Five in the morning" and "our saintly cab driver loaned us his cell phone" and, you know, I'll tell it later. 

Otherwise: Pubs!  Castles!  Illuminated manuscripts, many of them not from Western Europe!  Prison!  (Lucia kind of has a thing about prisons, I don't know.)  I need to look up what "off license" means because it's been mystifying me all day, which means it feels like years!


Feb. 27th, 2012 12:43 pm
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Things going on:

Two weeks from now we will be in Ireland!  If past history with extended travel is any indication, I will obsessively document the whole journey in photos and a paper journal, then, on my return, post one jet-lagged "I will post about the trip later" update and never actually succeed in doing so.  Maybe I'll break my streak this time!  We will be traveling with an actual doctor, so I have hopes we'll manage the jet lag reasonably well, though her advice currently has us using over-the-counter melatonin.

As of my fourth week of my internship, it still doesn't make me want to die!  That's more than I can say about all my previous non-library jobs!  The time I worked in accounting I wanted to die after the very first day! 

I just completed a fic that came out in Word to 48k words.  The last time I wrote something anywhere near that long it took me seven years. To be fair, those years included: the completion of my undergraduate degree, two substantial moves,one of those across country, three jobs, four residences, three computers, the beginning of my relationship with my now-husband, moving in with him, our engagement, and the beginning of my graduate degree.  BUT STILL, this fic took like four percent of that time.  And OMG OMG I FINISHED A THING!
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Apparently I've decided to watch Moribito.  I started because I'd heard about the female warrior protagonist; then I watched the OP and got concerned about the fact that she was mostly pictured in a protective role to a little kid, because frankly as a longtime Final Fantasy fan I have completely exhausted my tolerance for "badass warrior ladies as foster moms" arrangements.  It only took two such cases.  I don't like that trope.

But I figured I'd give it an episode, and Balsa is awesome.  I love every fight she's been in, especially since they usually involve her pwning multiple opponents, the child she's protecting is written non-annoyingly (yeah, the bar for kids in anime is set super-high, I tell you what) and then in the fourth episode a funny-looking old lady defeats two ninjas.  

Balsa has visible arm muscles.  SHE IS A FEMALE ANIME CHARACTER.  HOW CAN THIS BE.  

Also, she's thirty.  A  female anime lead who is thirty.  And who is completely unselfconscious about stripping down to get her bandages changed, and the scene isn't shot seductively, and man I'm loving this show so far.  It's like the universe decided to give me a present and I just now got around to unwrapping it.

So yes.  I gave it one episode and it took four.  I'm a little concerned about liking this too much - based on past experience I'm not sure I can do fanfic for a source that originated in a book series, as this did - but goddamn, I'm enjoying the fight scenes.
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So we concluded a while ago that Calculon's trouble was a dying C drive.  Spoiler: It wasn't. )
Main result so far: When the new computer comes, I am sure as shit not naming it after any robot soap opera stars!  Never again. 


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