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Apparently I've decided to watch Moribito.  I started because I'd heard about the female warrior protagonist; then I watched the OP and got concerned about the fact that she was mostly pictured in a protective role to a little kid, because frankly as a longtime Final Fantasy fan I have completely exhausted my tolerance for "badass warrior ladies as foster moms" arrangements.  It only took two such cases.  I don't like that trope.

But I figured I'd give it an episode, and Balsa is awesome.  I love every fight she's been in, especially since they usually involve her pwning multiple opponents, the child she's protecting is written non-annoyingly (yeah, the bar for kids in anime is set super-high, I tell you what) and then in the fourth episode a funny-looking old lady defeats two ninjas.  

Balsa has visible arm muscles.  SHE IS A FEMALE ANIME CHARACTER.  HOW CAN THIS BE.  

Also, she's thirty.  A  female anime lead who is thirty.  And who is completely unselfconscious about stripping down to get her bandages changed, and the scene isn't shot seductively, and man I'm loving this show so far.  It's like the universe decided to give me a present and I just now got around to unwrapping it.

So yes.  I gave it one episode and it took four.  I'm a little concerned about liking this too much - based on past experience I'm not sure I can do fanfic for a source that originated in a book series, as this did - but goddamn, I'm enjoying the fight scenes.
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I finally caught up with Mawaru Penguindrum and watched the ending last night.

Mass spoilers, including ending spoilers, for both series behind the cut. )


Dec. 25th, 2011 10:34 pm
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Family Xmas stuff )

So Yuletide! I have a treat I can't read yet, but I guess I'll just post now and edit as I go. Updated to include the treat!

My gifts:

the spark comes before the fire (2596 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Tiger & Bunny
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Antonio Lopez/Nathan Seymour | Fire Emblem/Rock Bison
Characters: Nathan Seymour | Fire Emblem, Antonio Lopez | Rock Bison, Agnes Joubert, Original Male Character
Summary: In Sternbild, there's no such thing as quiet evening. The Helios Energy Christmas party is no exception. If Fire Emblem had put together the guest list, there would have been fewer criminals and more Antonio.
Limelight (100 words) by Anonymous Fandom: Tiger & Bunny Rating: General Audiences Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Karina Lyle | Blue Rose Summary:

The world was hers.

And others that caught my eye:

Humping Like Tigers and Bunnies (1376 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Tiger & Bunny
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Barnaby Brooks Jr./Kaburagi T. Kotetsu | Bunny/Wild Tiger
Characters: Barnaby Brooks Jr. | Bunny, Kaburagi T. Kotetsu | Wild Tiger, Nathan Seymour | Fire Emblem, Pao-Lin Huang | Dragon Kid, Ivan Karelin | Origami Cyclone, Antonio Lopez | Rock Bison, Karina Lyle | Blue Rose, Keith Goodman | Sky High

It was inevitable that, sooner or later, an enterprising young porn director would decide to shoot a porno off Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks, Jr.’s epic bromance. And just as inevitable was the fact that whichever of the other heroes found out about it first would bring it in to Hero TV the next day.

A Traditional Family Road Trip (3648 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Tiger & Bunny
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Barnaby Brooks Jr./Kaburagi T. Kotetsu | Bunny/Wild Tiger
Characters: Kaburagi T. Kotetsu | Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr. | Bunny, Kaburagi Kaede

How Kaede spent her summer vacation on a road trip with her dad and Barnaby Brooks, Jr., who were both hopeless, oblivious dorks the whole time. Just like any other family's summer road trip.

More to come eventually - there's a nifty exploration of the Homura-is-Walpurgis theory in PMMM - but I should probably go to sleep now so the husband can actually sleep.

Will update with a full-fledged recs post soon, but now I have a headache and we fly back home tomorrow, so.... probably after that.

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When I first started watching anime, the fact that antagonists were frequently kind of sympathetic appealed to me. Compared to, say, Zeromus, or even Kefka, I found it refreshing to encounter villains who had understandable motivations. One of my first anime series was Fushigi Yuugi, and while watching it wasn't entirely my idea (my roommate wanted to marathon it at times that I wanted to sleep; since this was a dorm room, these weren't compatible desires, and since at 18 I had a spine made out of play-doh, she won) I didn't hate the series at the time. I did manage to sleep through a lot of the "Miakaaaaaaa!" "Tamahomeeeeeeeee!" stuff, which may have helped.

Just to refresh everyone's memory, this is Nakago, the main antagonist of the series. By the standards of 90s anime, he was a smokin' hottie. It was a simpler, more poorly-animated time, back when bishounen had mullets and no one in the US had ever heard of a tsundere.

LET'S TALK ABOUT YURI PETROV. (Spoilers for all of Tiger & Bunny, and ranting about villains and fandom. And pairings.) )
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Magic Knight Rayearth is a massive nostalgia bomb for me, enough to overcome my ambivalence about CLAMP. 

My history with Clamp )
So, Rayearth.

Cut mostly for discussion of a spoiler - at the end of the second series, I think - that I've heard about but not actually seen for myself. I'm not spoiling the Big Twist of the first series, even under this cut. )

To add to the nostalgia... I finally got around to watching the Magical Girl Anime History [personal profile] erinptah linked, and in part 5, they have Mahou Tsukai Tai! and Shamanic Princess.  I never thought of those as magical girl series somehow., college was a long time ago.
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Figmas!  Madoka, Homura, Mami, and Sayaka.  No Kyoko yet, but it's just a matter of time.  Madoka comes with a Kyubey, Mami with a Charlotte.  And then, because the Good Smile Co. is trying to KILL ME, they're rereleasing the Saber armor version as well.  Say what you will about Fate/Stay Night, Saber is an amazing character and a triumph of character design. 

Also, this Kotetsu plushie!  Which I MUST HAVE.  How many times during the first season did I indicate my need for one?

I want to post about Magic Knight Rayearth, but I need to shut the computer down so we can see about restoring my amnesiac hard drive.  


Oct. 9th, 2011 02:58 pm
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Posted round 2 of my Madoka Magica fanart analysis over at [community profile] frillsofjustice.  Sorry, Merc, couldn't find as many of the Gertrud images on Zerochan. 

Now for a food coma.  We had dim sum. 
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I decided to check out Mawaru Penguindrum, finally.

....that is an exceedingly Utena-influenced opening sequence.  The hands, the gate... I mean, that's not a surprise, given it's an Ikuhara series.  It's just very striking all the same.  Except there are apples instead of roses.  Also, rotating SD penguins.  At first I was thinking some of the resemblances might be either accidental or a matter of viewer overreaching, but when (in the third episode, I think?) a character donned a cow suit and started chugging bottles of milk, I decided it was all deliberate.  

So far, I'm five episodes in.  I'm not going to mark this as spoiler-filled, because it's an Ikuhara series, so I have no idea what the hell is happening or why.  However, if you want to go into it knowing nothing at all, best not to read beyond the cut. 

Cut for length and strangeness. )

ETA (because I couldn't stop watching): ....and in episode 9, Himari goes looking for "Super Frog Saves Tokyo."  What was I JUST SAYING about Murakami? 

Also, have to say I'm glad I revisited Rose of Versailles before watching this, because it made several of Yuri's scenes exponentially more hilarious. 
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Looking at this post, which posits that there are no female anime fans because the writer has a very, very narrow definition of what constitutes an "anime fan," I can't quite shake the impression that this is a very young person. 

Picking apart the blogger's definition and considering how I define the fandom )
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The High Holidays mean terrifying gatherings with my in-laws! Nonetheless, I hope everyone has a good New Year. For my part, I lean more towards honey than apples.

I seem to be on a magical-girl kick. I hauled Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne out for a reread, I'm attempting to watch Pretty Cure on Hulu (though I'm pretty sure I will reach mascot-killin' levels of frustration shortly, so I doubt this attempt will get far) and I'm ordering the Kodansha Sailor Moon release as it comes out. I decided on volume one of A Bride's Story in preference to Sailor V, though, because KAORU MORI.

And in another edition of When Fandoms Collide: VIDEOS. Beneath the cut.

Madoka Magica and Vocaloid would be the fandoms in question. )

I hope this works.
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Re-watching Tiger & Bunny, because I want to write fic, and also I got fed up with trying to farm cosmetic gear in WoW for the Transmogalypse.  Tip:  Magtheridon is not soloable for a prot pali. At least not one in my level of gear.

So, observations on the first five episodes... no spoilers, really, it's just the first five episodes.

Cut for length )
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The kitten has returned from the vet, spayed and in good spirits.  She's currently re-exploring the house in case things have changed overnight.  I, meanwhile, await the resolution of Schrodinger's Spoiler in Tiger & Bunny, which is, I believe, airing in Japan right now, so I can't risk looking at Pixiv for the next four hours. 

So instead I'll talk about Madoka Magica, my other recent fandom. 

...mostly about fanfic and reviews, actually. Spoilers for the whole series. )

Okay, this all took me long enough that Tiger & Bunny has presumably finished airing.  MUST NOT LOOK AT PIXIV. 
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Preliminary thoughts on the ending:


I know I should write something more substantive, but I'll do that later.


Sep. 9th, 2011 12:29 am
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I've been watching Princess Tutu through means probably best not disclosed, and Avatar: The Last Airbender through Netflix.  The husband's obsession with it was enough to overcome the foot-dragging about subscribing that he'd been doing for well over a year.  Every so often he'll announce his latest estimate of how many kinds of awesome Iroh currently is; I think 40,000 was the latest tally.  He's well ahead of me.  I'm using it as my new workout show, which is a nice incentive to actually get on the exercise bike, but I'm still just on the first season. 

Thoughts so far:


Princess Tutu )

Merc, you magnificent bastard, I saw your Cleopatra PMMM prompt. 
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Tiger & Bunny episode 23. I'd always heard it as "bad luck comes in threes," but that might be a tad specific for the show's purposes.

Not my usual blow-by-blow, but have some episode spoilers anyway. )
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I got my hopes all up because Hulu appeared to have added the Iron Man and Wolverine anime to their slate.  This would have been a mixed bag: I detest comics-continuity Wolverine, but it could also be magnificently awful - but alas, all Hulu has is clips.  I suppose I could watch those, but meh.

Anyway, time for NEW TIGER & BUNNY. 

Episode 22 - 'Bad Luck Often Brings Good Luck' )
Why does Hulu keep kicking me over to Blue Exorcist when I'm done with Tiger & Bunny? 
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Back when I first started watching anime, you got your fansubs on VHS tapes.  Or stone tablets, delivered by dinosaurs. )

There's no real point to this, other than wallowing in nostalgia for a bit. 
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Tiger & Bunny episode 21, aka AIEEEE.

Episode spoilers, of course )

I love this show.
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Some more Pixiv links, some of which are recs. Well, I guess they all are, but some are "dude, check this out!" and some are "this is really good."

Porn disclaimer )

I can't vouch that all of these are spoiler-free if you can read the text on the page, but the art itself is not spoilery.

The odd or funny pics )

And moving from the odd to the actual recs...

Tiger & Bunny and Madoka Magica, spoiler-free. )

And I should stop. So I can post about Tiger & Bunny tomorrow.
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Tiger & Bunny episode 20, "Full of Courtesy, Full of Craft" aka OMG OMG OMG.

Quite a bit of capslocking lies within. And spoilers. Lots of those too. )



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