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Jul. 2nd, 2011 06:53 pm
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Or Mikufest 2011.  You know, whatever. 

Obligatory explanation of Miku, etc.: Vocaloid is a voice-synthesizer software.  The Japanese releases of Vocaloid software are often associated with an anime-style character, and a fandom has sprung up around both the music made using the software and the characters.  The most famous character/software package, Hatsune Miku, is getting a US release at some point this year, and they were hyping her like mad here.  There were Miku-festooned cars in the convention center.  There's a concert tonight, which I was only mildly interested in (and which, if past history with AX sound systems is any guide, would probably have killed my husband) but which was generating a lot of excitement among existing fans and some interest among others.  Will got tickets, for instance.  Here's an example of an earlier concert, if you're wondering how exactly this is done with a fictional character. 

Anime Expo happenings, including cosplayers, shopping, a bomb scare, my discovery of how very much I hate Hetalia, and more )
I know, what's wrong with me that I go to conventions just to shop.  But the thing is, even setting aside Artists' Alley, you're never just shopping; if nothing else, you have to stop every three steps to stay out of, or detour around, the photo someone is taking of a cosplayer.  You see the costumes, you hear other people reacting to what they see, you go from booth to booth growing progressively more smug as you realize you snagged a great bargain, you end up making conversation about your Murloco's shirt with strangers (okay, those last two were just me) - it's not the same experience as shopping for the same items at an individual store. 

Edited, later:  It seems likely that the swastika-wearing cosplayer might actually have been playing a particular Hellsing character, who otherwise matched the description.  I stand by my dislike of Hetalia, though.

AX AMV rant

Jul. 5th, 2009 04:17 pm
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We did one-day AX on Friday, which included the AMVs, and because AX's willful stupidity when it comes to any category except comedy (and refusal to adjust their categories beyond adding new ones) is an annual irritant, I'm posting at great length about it. Other things - like Emma season two, the month-ago trip to Japan, and the fact we finally have a caterer, will all wait.

As ever, the people what pick the finalists don't seem to understand how drama videos work, or like them (the emcee made a comment about drama videos as making you want to slit your wrists. STICK TO GOOD DRAMA VIDEOS AND MAYBE YOU WON'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM.) "Action," as always, is defined as "video set to metal or some other type of music with a pounding bass line," while the "pro" or "AMTV" category means "videos more about matching visuals to music than about any kind of theme or development" - some I liked, some I didn't, but remember back when the category was created because "Wizard of Ozaka" and a subsequent video by the same guy were essentially stepping away from any of the existing categories, creating original storylines out of multiple series - essentially coming up with fanfic in animated form rather than anything based on the originals? This year, the "pro" videos would have worked better as action than the existing action videos did. Agh.

Also, they didn't have enough pencils for everyone. So I can do a tl;dr detailed tl;dr write-up because I still have my ballot! Woot!


Action )

Drama )

Comedy )

Pro )

So, the highlights for me: Tick Tock, We Need You, Death Note Rhapsody, Assumption Song, and The Good Ship Lifestyle. The Nanoha and (both) Miyazaki videos were also good. Also, the fact that none of the best drama videos were IN DRAMA, that the labeled drama videos were not all that good, and that, judging by a comment on, Death Note Rhapsody (a COMEDY) won drama. If by "highlight" I mean "LIRI SMASH" for that second part...

AX post

Jul. 5th, 2006 05:04 pm
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We shared our hotel with a gay squaredance convention. Maybe it's just that I'm from the south, but that kicks ass.

This year the group was smaller - Me, Nabeshin ([ profile] flurf) Il Palazzo ([ profile] omega13), Erick, Merc ([ profile] mergle) and [ profile] jyasu, who's made my entry-writing a bit easier by apparently preferring that name. Weirdly, of the four people in my room, I was the only one who salts her food. I'm surrounded by freaks, y'all.

Day 0 - WTF happened to the lines? )

Day 1 - Be grateful for CLAMP's presence, gaijin peons! )

Day 2 - I sure talk about hentai a lot )

Day 3 - Look, honey, more interpretive dance! )

Day 4 - The charity auction sucks and it's all CLAMP's fault )

Con miscellany )

Buso Renkin, FINALLY )

Now I really want more of that cake-batter flavored ice cream from Coldstone. And I have a job! I got the call saying "we're sending you a formal job offer" right before we left for the con so I didn't get a chance to shriek on LJ until the shock had worn off, but I spoke to the HR director today and I start on Monday.

Can't link to the quotes list yet, I'm afraid. That's in [ profile] jyasu's custody. And the post's incomplete because I can't really remember when some stuff - like the Sims game - took place. It was a lot of fun, though, even if Merc and I have yet to find a solution for guys untucking the top sheets on beds, and I bankrupted myself much more thoroughly than I've documented yet.
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PLASTIC SPOONS. Stocking up for AX, we bought instant oatmeal but NO PLASTIC SPOONS. Or bowls. God, I'm brilliant. I'm also having doubts about some of the food I forgot to buy for the con - my boyfriend's an android and only eats once a day, because he thinks, erroneously, this will convince peopple he's human, and I tend not to insist too much on eating when there's anime crap to buy, so I wanted to keep a stash of lunch-type items in the room too, and then I sort of went "ooh, pudding cups," though I guess nothing prevents me from eating those for lunch.
We leave for AX today - I registered late, so I'll still have the Lines of Doom. And I have to clean the sinks and toilets before we go, because Nabeshin's parents will be coming by to feed the cats, and I don't want them to completely have proof I let their son live in his own filth, even though it's sort of true. I mean, his mom cleaned out the inside of the dishwasher when the guys were moving in - until he told me about that I didn't even know you could do that.

Things I have to do today )

Also, the dungeon meme:

I escaped from the Dungeon of Lirillith!

I killed Solielle the kobold, Ctrl A the gelatinous cube and Teknologykat the gelatinous cube.

I looted the Sceptre of Marsdragon, the Armour of X-men, the Amulet of Straya, the Dagger of Shinra, the Sword of Mergle, the Crown of Inugami, the Armour of Wild Arms and 66 gold pieces.

Score: 191

Explore the Dungeon of Lirillith and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...


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