Feb. 12th, 2012 12:14 am
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Husband and I went to Little Tokyo today to find it completely overrun with nerds, many of them cosplaying as Vocaloids for no discernable reason.  When we went to Kinokuniya they were all over it, talking loudly to each other and having opinions which they expressed in my hearing despite being younger than me, and I was all "these kids are on my lawn" because my lawn is located in Kinokuniya.

A day in Little Tokyo. Ramen was eaten. )

In other news, I'm pretty thrilled about my remix assignment but also need to remind myself to check a few things in canon before I get too attached to my idea.  And also, just to check some things in canon because I need to knock my mind out of its superhero rut.
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My first seder last night (at teh boyfriend's parents' house, of course.) I was horribly nervous beforehand, partly because of the boyfriend's parents being involved - they're very nice people, they've been nothing but friendly to me, but I'm still nervous around them, and it doesn't help that they saw the dishes we had piled up on moving day - partly because there would be other guests, but mostly because I hate being the noob in any group. I mean, I was encouraged to ask questions. I was actually forced to ask questions, by the guy who supposedly loves me even though I was way older than at least two other people at the table. >_< But it was fun, and there was wine.

FF6 - "Betrayal" scene, unsurprisingly, is coherent in the new translation. Cid, though... that change of heart is so sudden I wonder if it ever actually happened. He could have been laying the groundwork for a larger plan of Gestahl's, though I don't know if that would even have developed at the time. Terra's mom is now Madeline, thank heavens, and I stopped right outside of Narshe becuase I couldn't find the charger and the battery light was red.

Got three volumes of Astonishing X-Men, aka "the one Joss Whedon wrote," for my birthday. Not even Joss can make me really like Piotr. Kitty is WITH THE WRONG PETE. IT SHOULD BE WISDOM. Argh. The sex scene was awesome, though. And I adore Scott in this, and I like all the poking at the Logan Mythos, and anything with Emma and Hank in it rules. I just think I didn't read the right years of X-Men. Also, I don't get why poor Kitty has to be locked into an OTP she picked out at the age of FOURTEEN, but that's me. I'm weird.

Work, meanwhile: Gahhhhh....

Oh, also, ACen plans are made, so far as I know. I guess I have to register.
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I finally mailed my grad school application last night! (Library science.) There's a locked post outlining my job-related misery and therefore my reason for applying to grad school, if you've been missing the halcyon days of my phone center rants for some ungodly reason.

I seem to have lost my latest FF6 draft post (saved over it, that is.) Bummer. I'll have to reconstruct it later; I'm probably going to brave the opera scene sometime today. Honestly, Locke/Celes fangirls aside, I never got the "BEST SCENE EVER" love for that part; the run through the rafters is fearsomely annoying, though not as bad as the mine-cart ride out of Vector.
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You know, except for all the parts with numbers, and most of the people I work with directly, my job's okay. So I basically like the free microwave popcorn. And knowing that other people in the office are gamers and manga fans, even if I rarely get to talk to or interact with those people except sometimes to hand them checks.

Moving Saturday was accomplished without bloodshed, though it's still not finished; we got our furniture over, but a lot of our other belongings stayed at the stinky house. We've been in the new house two nights, now. The cats are coping, if still a little spooky about things (mine hid behind the litter box the first night, and yowled whenever anyone walked into the room - then he discovered this house has lots of windows, so he's happier.) We're making headway on the stuff we had to leave, bringing it over a carload at a time. Mostly it's just nice to be in the new house; you know the place you were in sucked when your comments on the new house are things like "The doors actually close!" and "Look! The disposal works!"

Today I processed payroll, so I'm drinking.

Moving day

Jan. 27th, 2007 09:19 am
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Thank God. OH DEAR GOD.

We have virtually nothing packed and Nabeshin has an elaborate plan involiving purchasing both a washer/drier set (drier is one of those words that never looks like it's spelled right; dryer?) AND getting new furniture at Ikea while we have the truck rented. Pray for us if you do that kind of thing. Hope really hard that none of us have attempted to kill anyone by the end of the day, at least. I'm off to throw clothes in bags.
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If you'd told me a year ago, I'd never ever have believed that I would end up caring deeply about the quality of the metal boots being worn by an imaginary elven archer, even if you'd added that said archer would be a green-haired chick named Terra.

Belated 2006 post, good and bad )

Painting has begun and moving is due to occur at the end of the month. Obviously, if you know me, that means I still haven't packed a damn thing.
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A sample argument with my boyfriend, abridged )

Yeah, I'm a defective southerner, I don't like barbeque or fried chicken. Though of course I eat fried chicken at funerals.

In Harlot China White World of Warcraft news, Terra is now level 13, she has two pets - combat minions, essentially, an owl named Palidor and a cat named Stray because I'm a cheeseball - and will not have any more for a while, since she's too poor to stable another. And the random buffing (stat-boosting spells) no longer seems like pure coincidence. Either people who play Night Elves are buff-crazed freaks, or they're targeting me specifically, possibly because they like the name. I mean, I'm glad they keep doing this, I just don't understand why.

The new icon is of Rauny, my warrior and main character. See the two hilts? I think she's got her Warhammer of Smashing on at the moment (the actual name is, like, Battlesmasher of Power. It's great.)

In Sims 2 news, MORE TWINS. Still not the result of cheesecake. As if I'd need to use that. Tifa hit her lifetime want for six grandkids early, but good lord, it's like they're trying to chase me out of that neighborhood. I'm already worried about Pleasantview getting overpopulated, but I'm not ready to totally start over in a new neighborhood, because I'm too attached to a couple of the younger families, even with their deranged twin sprees...
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I tell you what, people out here are crazy. I mean... it's hot. 103, 104 degrees. It actually feels sort of like home, though more pleasant because it's not all sweaty and smelly and humid. But recognizably hot. The reason I say they're crazy is the way they're acting about it - I know the temperature because the people across the cube wall from me were checking it repeatedly over the course of the afternoon, fretting when it went up from 103 to 104. I grant you it's a bit worse in some ways because it's always sunny, but dude - when I was driving home from work I saw a pedestrian with an umbrella, not because it was raining (hahaha! Rain? My boyfriend didn't realize rain leaves mud on your car) but using it like a parasol. Maybe she was a vampire.

In other news... some of you already know what the Harlot is. It's World of Warcraft, so named not because my boyfriend uses it to flirt with male Taurens (though he does) but because it is an evil tramp trying to steal my boyfriend away from me. He pays more time and attention to her it than to me, he spends money on her it, he sometimes forgets important relationship events because he's out at some CHEAP, SLEAZY HOTEL WITH THAT FLOOZY on a forty-man raid... You get the picture. In addition to my complete lack of interest in interacting with other humans, which on its own keeps me out of MMORPGs, I kind of resented the game. Then at AX, apparently I told him I'd play the Harlot if he'd buy a sakabatou. Actually, I said I'd think about playing it, but that was just me being all southern rather than leaving myself room to weasel out of the agreement. So he bought the sakabatou and now I have to play World of Warcraft.

As a result of the new Harlot copy in the house, the internet has been crashing every evening, and when we finally managed to try to play it last night (I was using his desktop while he was on the laptop - mine can barely manage the Sims 2, let alone anything more demanding, and I think the Harlot would be more demanding) his computer kept locking up completely. It's eaten both his and Il Palazzo's video cards, it ate the internet, it's trying to eat his computer again - I'm going to have to keep an eye on the cats. And, like, my hands. It'll probably just cut my throat as I sleep, though.

Work is... meh. Locked post later. Sims 2 now.
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....I always just figured it was a cheesy joke, but people in LA really do talk about the traffic the way people in normal places talk about the weather. Traffic, and LA geography - "you have to go back to the Valley, right? I used to live around there." Um, yes? I'm getting very sick of the way Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" queues up in my head every time I pass Reseda or Ventura, as I do every day now. Twice every day. I used to like that song, but it seems like that was a very long time ago. Between that and the hour-long, fifteen-mile morning commute, I'm getting intimately acquainted with my two AX soundtrack purchases.

Work stuff will go in locked posts from now on. Including one that's upcoming. Meanwhile, two large Sims 2 pics. Setzer can't win. )


Jun. 20th, 2006 06:20 pm
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I have a job interview! The cat is comfortably settled in a room where he won't attempt to climb from our pillows up into the window, internet is functional on my home computer (those two were both achieved over the weekend, but I haven't posted since they happened) a tiny percentage of my books and doujinshi have been unpacked. AND I've finished the little fiddly stuff on a winamp skin I'd already mostly finished, so I may do an update of the site soon, or I might wait until I can finish the other one I started. ...and I still forgot to cancel my old cellphone service, which I can only do during business hours. Bah.

'Is she trying to drain the opposing pitcher's MP?' [manga and anime stuff, cut for length] )

And hey, looks like [ profile] anime100 is being resurrected - here's hoping they do the same with [ profile] game100, which I always posted on more.
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Actually, the worst is over - my mother and sister are on the plane home now, I went in for testing on a job I might be completely unqualified for, and my computer is functional to play the Sims, though not for intarweb - I'm using Nabeshin's for that. Lessons learned:

- When packing for a cross-country move, pack your overnight bag before the final boxes, so you have enough of certain essentials like socks and your GBA.
- Your cat hates you and will express this with bodily excretions while he works on developing the power of speech.
- Do NOT let the cat climb under the car seat no matter how much he seems to want to.
- Wear sunscreen at Disneyland. Ow.
- The Ventura Boulevard is scary!
- Burbank - Avenue or blvd or whatever it is - is a ninja street. I cannot see it, or sense its presence in any way.
- If I never eat at Cheescake Factory again it will be too soon. Those crab wontons were good, though.
- Somehow, it's possible to survive when you have Rurouni Kenshin 26 and 27 in your possession and no time to read them. But IT HURTS SO MUCH.
- My sister is at some level of taskmaster way past drill sergeant, and this applies to her fun activities, too.
- I still hate shopping for shoes. Even when they're for me, but especially when they're not (because you can't even risk sitting down - people will ask if you're being helped.)
- I also still hate skirts.
- I can't figure out where to plug in my speakers on my computer anymore.
- In the past, I had thought California was refreshingly similar to other parts of the country, though more traffic-y - by which I really mean that I wasn't seeing the stereotype of LA as full of skinny tan people with expensive shoes and boobs. Then my sister insisted on going to malls. Repeatedly.
- My hands are similar in size to Mary Pickford's, but my feet are much bigger. Maybe she was wearing heels.
- The handprints in cement were kind of cool, but I'm not sure they were worth all the changes we went through to get downtown.

At least I managed to get Tales of Phantasia and FF4 for the GBA. I deserved them after getting the "Quinn is on vacation and she needs new shoes forthwith!" treatment. And now I can buy booze at ANY GROCERY STORE EVER. But mostly Trader Joe's so far.


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