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So we concluded a while ago that Calculon's trouble was a dying C drive.  Spoiler: It wasn't. )
Main result so far: When the new computer comes, I am sure as shit not naming it after any robot soap opera stars!  Never again. 
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So Calculon boots from the Ubuntu disc with no problems.  This is enough to convince the husband the C drive is at fault, but this is the man who refuses to open up a computer to do things to it, so we'll see if Andrea agrees when he calls her.  And I'm the one who thought I could totally disconnect a hard drive, tried to do so, failed, and then succeeded in unplugging the wrong one, so I think I've effectively disqualified myself from tackling it.  

...I think "farce" might have been a better choice than "tribulations" for a name for this saga, but I don't want to change the tag again.
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I... just saw a prompt on the T&B meme based on a fic of mine. I mean, a fic that I had posted under my own name and all.

I have no idea how I feel about this! Flattered, I think? A little weirded out because it was a short joke fic I wrote in like ten minutes, too.

Current state of the computers: Still using laptop. Calculon is still undiagnosed and unrepaired, and I need to burn an Ubuntu boot disc but have been hampered by the fact that our home is where desktop computers come to die. Husband's computer's DVD/CD drive will not open anymore - a fact we just discovered when Calculon lost it - and housemate's computer has been nonfunctional for a year, so I need to burn the boot disc on my old Dell from 2003, and even using that will only tell us "apparently something on the C drive is screwy."

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On the one hand, yesterday was the day that Calculon drew too close to an eldritch horror from beneath the sea and was forever altered.  (Diagnostic consideration in the car on our way to dinner: "Maybe my C drive is corrupted or something."  Andrea's email: "This sounds potentially virussy."  Computer:  "Ia, ia, Nvidia f'taghn!")  On the other hand, the T&B kinkmeme moved to DW!

Summary of the Computer Tribulations )

Mostly just writing that out to get it straight in my head for later description to whoever we can bribe to help us with this. 

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Jan. 11th, 2012 02:38 pm
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This morning I found that my computer had restarted overnight to update Windows, as it sometimes does, so I set about doing retrieving the stuff I'd left up the night before - job search materials, checking on my migration of my Sims files over to another hard drive, and standard internet browsing.  Not even any video files or anything.  *Ominous musical cue* )

ETA:  And just as I was editing my entry to say "huh, it seems to be fixed now," everything flashed and Karina's face turned lavender.  FANTASTIC.  Now I am editing from my laptop instead!  To say no, it is not fixed!  I may need a humorous sobbing icon if the contents of the "computer terror tribulations" tag continue to grow.

ETA 2:  It restarted painlessly until I attempted to open Firefox, at which point it went started turning funny colors and sending snowflakes of fail across the screen.  I mentioned this to the husband, and at his suggestion, tried IE.  Then the screen decided to flash even more colors, helpfully illustrating all of this for the husband, who never actually saw Disco Deathwing.  Windows attempted to give me a helpful message about shutting down the program to protect my computer.  Maybe a bit late for that, Windows, but that's thoughtful of you all the same. 

Next time, I'm not naming my computer after a robot soap opera star.  Clearly, I gave it ideas.


Oct. 24th, 2011 02:32 pm
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So now I'm going to try to unplug the hard drive of doom myself, because it's just ridiculous for me to let the husband's "if I touch computer innards they will explode" anxieties infect me.  I installed a video card on my old crappy Dell once, I dealt with the Gateway of Hell back in college, I can absolutely do this.

....what do I do when I can't unplug things and stuff?

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So after letting my computer stay off overnight, there's been no change, and leaning on F8 in hopes of getting to the safe mode/last known good menu wasn't working - until just now, when for some reason it got there on its own.  Yay?  Except that I worry that "last known good" does not include the backing-up of files I did around 3 a.m. when I did briefly get it to load. 

I'm at least to a WinXP loading screen, but no telling if I'll get all the way to a booted computer.  I could punch myself for trying to overdo it last night, and for not backing stuff up sooner; the computer's been acting up off and on for a while now (insisting on running through chkdsk for the C drive on startup, etc.)  I wonder if Disco Deathwing and my other graphics problems might not have been a result of problems with that drive rather than problems with the video card.  I almost hope so, because the video card is new and the C drive most assuredly isn't, and I'd rather think that all my woes can be traced to the one thing that's definitely wrong rather than that they're of multiple and mysterious origins. 

God, WinXP is taking forever to load. 

I should probably go back and cut all these entries.  Sorry for spewing my computer-crisis stream-of-consciousness everywhere, folks, but it's helping keep me sane.  

Housemate just got home.  I meant to ask him about the husband's folder-of-software-discs, but at the moment I'm not sure booting from the WinXP installation disc is the very best of ideas.  Especially since I'm currently in hell the eternal startup process. 

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Apparently, posting fanfic has murdered my desktop.  Or maybe it was installing fonts.  The computer locked up, I hit the reset button, and now I'm getting terrifying disk boot errors.  AAAAAAAA.  The comforting embrace of my laptop is not much comfort - the desktop holds four and a half years of writing, saved images, WoW screenshots (not so valuable in and of themselves, but they're memories of good times with friends - what I do instead of photos on Facebook) school papers OH SHIT ALL MY SCHOOL STUFF.  To graduate from my program, I need to put together a portfolio of all my work from earlier courses, demonstrating that I've learned what I was supposed to learn, and all of that is on the apparently-doomed C drive of my computer ohgodohgod.  

I finally got the damn thing to chkdsk, so Lord willing it will finish booting and I can copy my most valuable stuff to a newer and less sickly hard drive and/or burn it all to DVDs.  What's most frustrating about this is that I have a couple of new, pristine hard drives, installed around the beginning of this year when I upgraded my graphics card; if my C drive is going to die of consumption, well, it seems like I have a solution, but what if I'm just moving corrupted data around to infect the other hard drives?  What if my school stuff is all fucked up now? 

OH SWEET SWEET WINXP LOGON SCREEN, I'VE MISSED YOU SO.  WAIT WHAT "A problem is preventing Windows from checking the license for the computer"?  FUCK YOU WINDOWS, GIVE ME MY FILES BACK.

It's now on my desktop wallpaper, and it's making starting-up noises - my scanner always sort of grunts when Windows loads up - so I'm kind of hopeful now, but not comfortable yet.   It's taking uncomfortably long, but I don't want to reset it again for fear that will just screw things up all over again. 

Edit:  It proceeded to go back to the login screen twice after trying and failing to load things, so I gave in, reset it once more, and OH THANK GOD IT LOADED.  Assignment folders are copying to the G drive as I type.  



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