Apr. 7th, 2012 07:40 pm
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ZOMG Tumblr has made me aware that there are new Twelve Kingdoms books coming out!  Apparently re-releases of the older books and a new one as well?  Artists on Pixiv are certainly very excited.

Speaking of Tumblr, doujinshi scans uploaded a couple of days ago. 

The Great Unfucking has resulted in calling tech support for both my laptop and desktop (laptop won't turn on, desktop had been BSODing on me - and yes, it's new, that shouldn't be happening,) yet more laundry, and attacking the garden in an attempt to remove many unwanted and itchy plants.  

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FINALLY Shopping Mall Japan got me my doujinshi! First, they sent me someone else's stuff. Then they did not immediately mail me the right things on being notified of the error. They didn't even send mine once I sent back the other person's stuff. Then they held it after I submitted a ship request, because they thought I'd want to pay for another item that was in storage. FUCK NO, I WANT MY DOUJINSHI NOW. You get my money AFTER you shape the hell up on customer service. So they sent it - via media mail, which is goddamn slow even when it's NOT being sent over holiday weekends.

But I'm in a good mood now, because the shipment included a Cloud/Aerith doujin that did not recap Aerith's death for once.

College major meme. Apparently, I didn't waste my life. Or at least I didn't study the wrong thing in college. )

I've got the first volume of "The World Exists for Me," the new Chiho Saitou/ Be-PaPas series, and, um... omgwtf. )

In happier news, I got the first volume of Antique Bakery. )
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Today at work I was feeling very "MY HANDS ACHE WITH BLOODLUST," plus I got myself all alarmed about the doujinshi my boyfriend says he bought for me yesterday - I know they're Hellsing, he mentioned two guys kissing, but he refuses to tell me more and he doesn't know my yaoi preferences, so what if he got me something creepy? I mean, I can't really envision Alucard as a catgirl in an Anna Miller's uniform, though I spent a fair amount of time this afternoon trying (to distract myself from the bloodlust) but bitter experience shows that the fanartists of Japan are much, much more imaginative than I am. Then I finally decided that even if that was what he got me, it'd be okay because it'd be funny (also, I think if anyone's going to be a catgirl Anna Miller's waitress it will not actually be Alucard; shapeshifting means he will always win on the height rule.) Then I came home and I have doujinshi! I mean, other doujinshi. Future VII is mine now! I'm somewhat disappointed Cloud and Aerith don't spend the whole volume having sex (I mean, why else would they get married?) but the crack-plot doesn't really allow for that, I guess.

At lunch I was working on my Christmas list for my mother and holy shit that's a lot of RPGs out right now. I'm so much better off when I don't know about all the games I'm not playing! I can't let myself get sucked in with, like, Magna Carta... I haven't even beaten Suikoden IV! I haven't even beaten Xenogears! I haven't even played Xenosaga, and may never, since Shion's ridiculous run pretty much soured me on the whole game... I really fail as a fangirl.
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I got this set of Suikoden III game-retelling doujinshi and I love them so much. It's like an antidote to the manga version, now that I've realized one of the mystery characters is actually Galahad, not an OC, and the other one is Pellize. This is the set that includes the two I offered up for sale a while back, but the whole group of four came in recently. Is nifty. Plus, they all came with mini-copybooks (like, eight pages total, and not even stapled) which were the mysterious scans I mentioned last night with no context whatsoever... um, oops?

Scans ho )

I totally didn't just download a rom of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones from a German site. Nope, not me. I'm too ethical for that. Besides, I just want to be able to take screencaps.

Also Suikoden-y... someone suggest a title for a McDohl skin? People have been requesting one, and I already have an image set up for it, but I can't come up with a title.
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Why am I not packing gahhhh....

Okay, one more thing. Thanks to buying a lot of four that included two doujinshi I'd already won in earlier auctions, I sort of have duplicates of two books. Books that feature Salome with his hair not looking stupid, Roland getting backstory, Chris and Hugo having interaction that doesn't involve exchange of bodily fluids, and the Geddoe-gumi trying to get Borus liquored up.

I thought I'd offer them here first since I know many people on the friends list played S3 - or if you're not interested but know someone who might be, point them to this page or to the entry. I would put them up on Ebay, and will eventually if nobody buys them this way, but I have deep, deep shame about my home state and would rather not have everyone who reads this know exactly where I'm from. It's not exactly classified but people have to do some digging to make the connection, and that's why I don't link my auctions from my LJ or any of my sites, etc. Anyway. Pretty Suiko doujin. Go look. Even if you don't want to give me $20, there are some more scans at the pimpin' page.
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Apparently the name "Rachel" is rendered in Japanese as " レイチェル ". I suppose that helps explain why those Wild Arms enemies were "Racheal"s. The "I hate you!" girls, remember them?

That interests meme, snagged from nearly everybody. )

Also, behold the cover and an interior scan from one of my new doujinshi. I don't care how squinty Salome gets, nothing can shake my love for this doujin.

Fire Emblem chapter 27 is SO FUCKING HARD. Even the FAQ writers say it's one of the hardest battles in the game, and, and... ::cry:: I got rid of ALL the eighty billion enemy troops and I was all set to attack the boss and he just started slaughtering and I had to restart the battle, even though I beat ALL the troops with no casualties on my side! EVIL battle, evil!
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Doujinshi haul! )

Okay, so... anybody want to buy some doujinshi? Not just the ones listed above (though the hentai book listed first up above, and some of the FF6 gags are available) but any of several I've tried and failed to sell. There's one Escaflowne book which I will NEVER LIST ON EBAY AGAIN after some wench emailed me asking me to relist it - so I did, for the third time, and four people watchlisted it and NONE OF THEM BID, damn them all. But there's that. Also three Xenogears books, including the one I used a scan of to make my Citan skin. And other than that, Suikoden (one Nanami-centric gen drama, otherwise mostly gags and/or light yaoi, one that would be explicit if it weren't for the invisible-penis phenomenon) Rurouni Kenshin (mostly hentai, some having sustained spinal damage when I scanned them) FF7 (a couple of gen/regular/normal books, one yaoi, a teaser book for Future VII that I bought not realizing it wasn't a full story) and FF6 (mostly gags.)

I go to decorate for a surprise party now.
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At work today, we had "training" on emergency evacuation procedures. I think this was a good idea. I mean, stairs can be really tricky when you're not prepared for them! The main update is that they don't want us to use fires as an excuse to run off to the library mid-morning - they want to make sure we're all accounted for. Damn.

Head hurts like hell. Staring at my monitor is the obvious solution to this.

Suikoden and FMA doujinshi crack-ramble )

I'm just going to have to accept addiction and go back to the allergy-sinus stuff. I can't breathe, and now I'm sneezing again.
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Erm, I don't know why I had Ed + Winry + cows as my icon for my latest post. Upset Tsunade was the intent.

I am scanning Zexen knights drama-casting wackiness and attempting once again to get through chapter 25 of Fire Emblem. Once again, it didn't work. Blargh. I hate archers. Enemy archers. My own archers rock.

Okay, so I scanned the doujin story... Yes, it's goofy and OOC, that's what gag stories are for. But look Merc, no babyfaced porn!

I love the Romeo & Juliet poster.
Borus: "I play Romeo opposite Chris! Dance of joy!"
Borus: (cries)
Chris: "I know! Someone else can play Juliet! Like Hugo!"
Borus: "I HATE MY LIFE."

I especially like Nadir chewing on Borus's collar... And as an added bonus, an Apple and Caesar gag - I really, really wish I knew what he said to her. Anybody? Sadly, the URL at the back of the book is already obsolete, so I don't know if they've done anything more than this. Like drama books following up on that Chris/Salome thing. For example.


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