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Updates on things!

The house unfucking continues - I discovered our bedroom closet has a floor!  Also I ran out of hangers before I ran out of clothes. 

I love my panda lady in Mists of Pandaria so much that I don't want to play her, because I'll get all attached to her and then lose her when the beta ends.  I tried copying over my 85s to work on leveling them, but I can't find any quests anywhere and the new talent system is really, really confusing.  I know it's not supposed to be, but it is.  

And the ending of the Ireland trip recap!

Bunratty, Kilkenny, and back to Dublin )

And this would have been posted hours ago, but my brother had four hours' worth of frustration with our parents and speculation about Song of Ice and Fire plot to get out of his system.


Mar. 30th, 2012 01:22 am
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A classmate on the internship discussion board made a post about compiling a rec list for children's (or more specifically, middle-grade) fiction that pushed ALL my buttons on the problem-novel issue, and I'm trying to figure out how best to word my objections to the rationale behind the list she described.  Because my kneejerk reaction, "oh for FUCK'S SAKE not THIS again, would it kill you to include ONE book that might make somebody laugh?" is not really professional or appropriate.

My parents are going to be in town for a visit.  Hence the icon.  I love my family, but they drive me batshit.  And this is going to be My Birthday (Observed) so it's also dinner with my in-laws, because I am surrounded by people who are determined to celebrate my special occasions whether I like it or not (see also: Weddingweddingwedding) and then next weekend is Passover (yeah, it lasts a week, but "go to in-law's house and be forced to read out loud by the man who allegedly loves me" is the part of Passover that's relevant to me) and I just want to spend my weekends at home, trawling Pixiv and writing.  /whine
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From the Dreamwidth stats:
newbyday	2011-12-20	2518
newbyday	2011-12-21	21903
Just... going to leave that there.

Late-night packing for flight to OK with family.  This year, my evil grandmother will meet my husband for the first time!  It should be very exciting, especially if she mentions Newt Gingrich, because my husband has not been raised to cower before her like all of us blood relatives have, and he will probably argue, and then my father's head might explode, and that could get messy!  So we'll see how that goes.  Then again, my connecting flight is in Denver, so we'll see if I even get there. 

And there is also the fact that my in-laws will be feeding the cats for a couple of days.  The last time that happened they (by which I mean "my mother-in-law") cleaned the kitchen for us.  On the one hand, yay clean kitchen, on the other hand OMG SO MORTIFIED.  
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I'm baking gingerbread cookies for a Hanukkah gathering with the in-laws.  Interfaith families are strange, but delicious. 

Other Hanukkah Eve activities: writing porn, possibly running an old-school raid if my Tier 4 partner is still online, doing laundry.
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"Our great-grandmother Ellen passed through [Ellis Island] on her way from Sweden.  . . . Though no one says anything, I know my father and mother and sister are thinking what I'm thinking.  They're thinking about when we moved from Oklahoma to Montana, how unknown that was, how strange and lonesome.  I read a letter a in a display case that says 'And I never saw my mother again,' and I think of my grandfather, how we just drove off, leaving him behind, waving to us in the rearview mirror.  And here we are in New York, because here I am in New York, because ever since Ellen's father brought her here, every generation moves away from the one before.

"It is curious that we Americans have a holiday -- Thanksgiving -- that's all about people who left their homes for a life of their own choosing, a life that was different from their parents' lives.  And how do we celebrate it?  By hanging out with our parents!  It's as if on the Fourth of July we honored our independence from the British by barbecuing crumpets." 

- Sarah Vowell, The Partly Cloudy Patriot

There's another point in the same essay where Vowell writes about how her mother, the Okie, insists on using cornmeal from one specific company for her cornbread stuffing.  I couldn't remember the company, but mentioned the anecdote on the phone to my mother.  "Probably Shawnee Mills," Mom said.  Re-reading it for the quote above I found that, yes, it was Shawnee Mills.  The Oklahoma roots aren't the reason I like Sarah Vowell, but they don't hurt.

Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it now, and if you work in retail in the US, my thoughts are with you.
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Because I sometimes do stuff other than watching anime....

Not much, though. )

I need a CLEAN ALL THE THINGS icon.  Then I might actually clean all the things, so I could use it accurately on a post.
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My brother, on ways that Seika is a better place to a be a foreigner than Yamaguchi:

"The children still run at the sight of me at least 30% of the time, but then they peek around corners to see me, instead of crying.  Also, nobody has ever responded to a question (as in, "is this the right train for...") by just crossing their arms in an X and saying 'NO!  NO!' in English, yet..."

He spent a year in Yamaguchi during college, and by the end, hated it. Now he's back in Japan, with a job in PR, and lots of co-workers who buy him alcohol. He's much happier, and not just because of the alcohol. And has this to say, in an email to my parents:

First, every KFC in East
Asia, not just Japan, keeps a 4-foot-tall-ish statue of the the colonel out
front, looking slightly cartoonish, but also vaguely like a gaudy chicken filled
shrine to a foreign deity. 


Secondly, the greatest all-time legend of Japanese baseball is an Oklahoman
from Lawton named Randy Bass (holds 8 national records, highest batting average
ever, etc).  He's also the state senator for Lawton, and coming to Japan next
Friday.  I get to translate for the mayor here when they talk to the esteemed
foreign dignitary/baseball legend.  Whee...  it'll probably actually be fun, a
nice dinner and minimal actual demands for translation and I earn face for
everyone here.  Yay!


But the funny thing is, as the greatest legend of Japanese baseball, he
also spawned a Babe Ruth-style curse; when he lead the eternally underdog
Hanshin Tigers to victory in the Japan Series in the 80s, the fans celebrated by
having lookalikes for all the players leap into a filthy, toxic river in Osaka
(of course).  When it came time for Bass's lookalike, they tossed in a Colonel
Sanders statue, on the grounds it was bearded and white. 


The statue was never seen again, and since that event the Tigers have never
won a series.  The fans attempted to recover the statue, and after repeated
failures, eventually resorted to continuous offerings of incense, food, and
alcohol at the feet of KFC statues.  To appease the vengeful colonel, whose
wrath costs their beloved team victory.


All of this is true, actually, except possibly the otherworldly powers of
Colonel Sanders. 

...I believe it. After all, we know from Tsubasa that Hanshin Tigers fans jump in the river themselves whenever the team wins a game.
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Actually, the worst is over - my mother and sister are on the plane home now, I went in for testing on a job I might be completely unqualified for, and my computer is functional to play the Sims, though not for intarweb - I'm using Nabeshin's for that. Lessons learned:

- When packing for a cross-country move, pack your overnight bag before the final boxes, so you have enough of certain essentials like socks and your GBA.
- Your cat hates you and will express this with bodily excretions while he works on developing the power of speech.
- Do NOT let the cat climb under the car seat no matter how much he seems to want to.
- Wear sunscreen at Disneyland. Ow.
- The Ventura Boulevard is scary!
- Burbank - Avenue or blvd or whatever it is - is a ninja street. I cannot see it, or sense its presence in any way.
- If I never eat at Cheescake Factory again it will be too soon. Those crab wontons were good, though.
- Somehow, it's possible to survive when you have Rurouni Kenshin 26 and 27 in your possession and no time to read them. But IT HURTS SO MUCH.
- My sister is at some level of taskmaster way past drill sergeant, and this applies to her fun activities, too.
- I still hate shopping for shoes. Even when they're for me, but especially when they're not (because you can't even risk sitting down - people will ask if you're being helped.)
- I also still hate skirts.
- I can't figure out where to plug in my speakers on my computer anymore.
- In the past, I had thought California was refreshingly similar to other parts of the country, though more traffic-y - by which I really mean that I wasn't seeing the stereotype of LA as full of skinny tan people with expensive shoes and boobs. Then my sister insisted on going to malls. Repeatedly.
- My hands are similar in size to Mary Pickford's, but my feet are much bigger. Maybe she was wearing heels.
- The handprints in cement were kind of cool, but I'm not sure they were worth all the changes we went through to get downtown.

At least I managed to get Tales of Phantasia and FF4 for the GBA. I deserved them after getting the "Quinn is on vacation and she needs new shoes forthwith!" treatment. And now I can buy booze at ANY GROCERY STORE EVER. But mostly Trader Joe's so far.


Aug. 14th, 2005 09:58 pm
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As you might have guessed, the surprise party mentioned in my last post was for my mom. The poor woman had been in Chicago from Thursday through Saturday with my brother for his interview with an eikaiwa school (I forget which, and he didn't get hired so we will probably never speak its name again.) Saturday they began heading home, but the first leg of their flight was delayed, they nearly missed their connecting flight and didn't have time to eat in the airport, and then the weather was so turbulent as they flew in that they didn't even get snacks, and they circled for an hour or more before landing. Meanwhile, Quinn and I had decorated (somewhat ineptly - one of the balloons slowly deflated over the course of the evening and we can't seem to make crepe-paper streamers twisty) and I'd ordered takeout from TGIFriday and gone to fetch it. And then because the flight was late we kept circulating dishes in and out of the oven and had to keep her cat from leaping into said oven, because he was all "It smells like meat in there!" And then once they finally did land, my sister's husband called to let her know, so my sister called Mom and claimed her cat was sick, could Mom come take a look at him? She blackened my name a bit (she couldn't get ahold of me, she said) and finally coerced Mom into coming over. But Mom still called me to urge me to answer my phone, Quinn's worried about the cat, etc. I promised to call her, while standing in her kitchen and holding the allegedly-unwell cat. Fortunately no follow-up was done on this or I'd have had to improvise as to why I wasn't there and Mom's presence was still needed.

So it worked, and the food wasn't too cold, and Mom forgave us for the imposition. And hopefully Quinn will not be so enamored of this experience that she'll want to do it again, because holy crap was that a lot of planning and revising-of-plans.

I was also tricked into eating a booger-flavored Bertie Bott bean, because Quinn, despite her devout Christianity, is ACTUALLY SATAN. She'd already gotten Mom to eat a bacon-flavored one, so obviously she had evil in her heart when she gave me one. I was suspicious and ate in tiny nibbles, though she wouldn't tell me what it was till I'd consumed it. I don't know what boogers taste like, but the tiny bites I took didn't taste like much of anything.

Fire Emblem chapter 26x = still evil.


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