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I figured, as long as I'm rummaging around on Youtube to link them for my Yuletide nomination...

Oh yes, Yuletide. I nominated FF6 (Terra, Locke, Celes, and Cyan) and PMMM (Mami, Sayaka, Kyoko, Homura.) The four-character limit meant I had to leave Madoka herself out in the cold, along with way too many FF6 characters.

My third nomination was a song. Embedded videos behind the cut. )
Also, unrelatedly, I posted another Madoka fanart meta at [community profile] frillsofjustice.


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I tried to post this once before, but the Pixiv embed codes didn't make it through the posting process.  I certainly don't want to swipe fanart and upload it to my own webspace so as to incorporate the images directly into the post, so I guess I'll go with the less-than-desirable "here, click these links to see what I'm talking about!" solution, as it's the only one that gives the artists the pageviews they deserve.  

One of the weirder things about Madoka Magica fandom is the runaway popularity of Charlotte, who is, after all, best known for SPOILERS.  A lot of this popularity has to do with fanart, though - writing about her is more of a challenge - and it's pretty easy to understand why artists would latch onto her.

Note:  All images within are more or less SFW (no nudity, no porn), though a few are slightly fanservicey.  Those are clearly marked.  There are also implicit spoilers if you haven't seen through episode 9, and explicit ones if you haven't seen episode 3.

Cut for length )
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Some more Pixiv links, some of which are recs. Well, I guess they all are, but some are "dude, check this out!" and some are "this is really good."

Porn disclaimer )

I can't vouch that all of these are spoiler-free if you can read the text on the page, but the art itself is not spoilery.

The odd or funny pics )

And moving from the odd to the actual recs...

Tiger & Bunny and Madoka Magica, spoiler-free. )

And I should stop. So I can post about Tiger & Bunny tomorrow.
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Well, Merc, you were wondering about what would happen if a trans kid was offered a contract in PMMM; here's some fic for you!  Momiji may not strictly be trans - he takes to wearing male clothes later, hence, I think, the pronoun in the story itself - but it has some similarities to what you were thinking of.

More Pixiv bounty (mostly FF6) and cross-Pacific fandom musings... Cut for length. )
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I spent a lot of time on Pixiv today for some reason.  Behold what the internets have given me:

Kyubey as Kefka.

A match made in flamboyant, heavily-made-up heaven. Thank you, Dissidia, for enabling a whole new universe of crack pairings.

For some reason, a Spice & Wolf/FFX crossover. I don't even know. Voice actress link or something?

FF characters cosplaying as Vocaloids.

To continue the theme, Aria di Mezzo Carattere sung by a Vocaloid (Meiko, in this case.) She doesn't sound like an opera singer, but Celes shouldn't, either. 

All of this (except for the Youtube link, which I've had for a while) began just because I went looking for this image, my current wallpaper, to make sure I bookmarked the link. Instead I realized I could navigate bookmarking on Pixiv pretty easily and went on a bit of a rampage.  I'll probably post the less brain-breaky fruits of my search tomorrow.


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