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Pirates of the Carbbean 2: Jack Sparrow vs. the Mind-flayer! Yes, this was the first I've seen of the trailer.

Saw Narnia with the family. Some movie-specific spoilers, I guess. )

Off for family stuff now. Hopefully I'll have time for a spiked eggnog before I have to face Granny.
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Is Patti LaBelle still alive? Can I hit her?

Failing that, will someone please grant me the mercy of a swift and painless death?

Update: My mother says she's still alive. I can hate with impunity.
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I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Wal-Mart; screw the Evil Empire thing, they're overlarge, noisy, dirty, crowded, and filled with shrieking children. And while I was waiting in the self-checkout line, one customer wished another Merry Christmas and she said "You don't hear that very often!" Oh yes you do, and also, STAB. Pity I couldn't get anything to spike the eggnog with, but I did get Southern Comfort eggnog - booze-free but easily the best commercial eggnog I've ever had, go buy some, you'll thank me, and this saves me a long-ass trip to the only store I knew of that carried it - and a bunch of scented candles for our office gift exchange, and that means I DON'T HAVE TO GO BACK FOR ANOTHER YEAR AT LEAST.

(For the record, yes, I do believe Wal-Mart is evil, but the sheer misery of shopping there trumps "boycotting evil" as a reason to avoid it.)

The music situation at work is so dire I was thrilled to hear a rap version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," but I have secured agreement that we can skip "The Little Drummer Boy" whenever it comes up, which is constantly. Also! The Luther Vandross CD disappeared! I had nothing to do with it but I was worried I might smirk visibly. In other semi-seasonal news, Doomsday Book still makes me sob openly, and Hogfather is a lot better than I remembered, though I still haven't entirely forgiven Terry for just forgetting about Imp after Soul Music. Did he think that bit about Susan's hair scaring guys off was supposed to cover it? Because it didn't. Anyway. I may just slightly overidentify with Susan a tad. I read Soul Music at an impressionable age. (16. Contributed to the overidentifying thing.)

Also seasonal: Merc, the fudge RULES.

Back from California, obviously. Too tired and scattered (not because of the trip, just because it's my natural state) to do a full inventory of my haul, but a crapload of manga, food, and calendars, and I got a duvet cover and sheets, so my furniture is completely taken care of and I can use this weekend to do absolutely nothing. Finally!
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Changed default icons, obviously. I'll sub BT back in after the holidays. I feel weird not having her there, but I figure brandishing a gun and happily making off with loot about covers my general holiday mood. I mean... I like secular Xmas, it's just that many things annoy me and this is the only time all year the Christmas-specific annoyances happen so people are really hammering on them (mall-pop carols, especially-crazed shopping, etc.) And since I live in the Bible Belt's armpit, many people around me are unwilling to let it just be secular. But you know, when it's BITINGLY FRIGID it's nice to have something that involves lights, goodwill, and having something to look forward to, and also hot chocolate and fudge. And gingerbread cookies! MMmmmm gingerbread. And Celestial Seasonings holiday teas.

And it SNOWED today! I didn't even mind that it took me forty minutes to get home from work! I just minded the music they were playing at work, but fortunately I have my own. Download some of it.


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