Dec. 25th, 2012 02:45 am
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(and not just because I went an entire year without setting foot in Oklahoma)

I just.  FICS.  Omg!  What did I do to deserve so much awesome?  There's even a Madness treat waiting for me!  Tomorrow or the next day?  I don't remember how things work anymore!  It's nearly three in the morning!  Usually I can brain at this hour but not right now!

In The Nuclear Season (14575 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Terra Branford/Locke Cole
Characters: Terra Branford, Locke Cole, Katarin (Final Fantasy VI), Duane (Final Fantasy VI), OC - Character

Terra in an uncharted world.

Armor (1126 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Terra Branford/Locke Cole
Characters: Locke Cole, Terra Branford

Locke took a few moments longer than the others to leave Terra behind in Zozo.


Apr. 7th, 2012 07:40 pm
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ZOMG Tumblr has made me aware that there are new Twelve Kingdoms books coming out!  Apparently re-releases of the older books and a new one as well?  Artists on Pixiv are certainly very excited.

Speaking of Tumblr, doujinshi scans uploaded a couple of days ago. 

The Great Unfucking has resulted in calling tech support for both my laptop and desktop (laptop won't turn on, desktop had been BSODing on me - and yes, it's new, that shouldn't be happening,) yet more laundry, and attacking the garden in an attempt to remove many unwanted and itchy plants.  

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Well, Merc, you were wondering about what would happen if a trans kid was offered a contract in PMMM; here's some fic for you!  Momiji may not strictly be trans - he takes to wearing male clothes later, hence, I think, the pronoun in the story itself - but it has some similarities to what you were thinking of.

More Pixiv bounty (mostly FF6) and cross-Pacific fandom musings... Cut for length. )
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I'm bowing out of the FF6 discussion on Merc's post because I'm reaching the point of "ARGH ARGH ARGH GODDAMMIT" and, well, that's not very festive. Or communicative. It's not like everyone has to see it my way (though that sure would be nice sometimes) but I've reached the point where I can't rest until I say my piece.

So, here's the Locke/Celes/Terra manifesto.
Unsurprisingly, it's long. )

In WoW, I'm going to drop the campaign to transfer servers - much as I would love to get Rauny on a server where the plans for the Belt of the Guardian and Boots of the Protector have dropped enough that they get put on the AH, I'd rather play with Mal and Dal, and they're back! And we finally got around to leaving the guild after the weird "All Dwarf Rogues Act Like That, I Guess" debacle. I'll post a screencap in a locked post.

Edited to add: CESARE BORGIA urges the youth of America to read!
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Thanksgiving with the boyfriend's family went pretty well. It didn't hurt that there was no Chibi Napoleon and no heaps of other people. I still miss my family, I still want to go home next Thanksgiving, but I lived.

I picked up FF6 Advance again on Halloween, so I could be in the living room to hear any trick-or-treaters (our doorbell is quiet... but we only got two groups. Next year we will have pumpkins on the porch.) I've been noodling at it off and on through November, trying to keep Cid alive. It's hard, even with the French fish guide.

Natsuki Takaya's old-school-FF reverie: "The darkness with the paladin and Gilgamesh and Excalibur and the fresh fish..." (it's from a freetalk in Fruits Basket volume 5.) Apparently she tried to keep Cid alive too.

Fishing and more on the new translation. )
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My first seder last night (at teh boyfriend's parents' house, of course.) I was horribly nervous beforehand, partly because of the boyfriend's parents being involved - they're very nice people, they've been nothing but friendly to me, but I'm still nervous around them, and it doesn't help that they saw the dishes we had piled up on moving day - partly because there would be other guests, but mostly because I hate being the noob in any group. I mean, I was encouraged to ask questions. I was actually forced to ask questions, by the guy who supposedly loves me even though I was way older than at least two other people at the table. >_< But it was fun, and there was wine.

FF6 - "Betrayal" scene, unsurprisingly, is coherent in the new translation. Cid, though... that change of heart is so sudden I wonder if it ever actually happened. He could have been laying the groundwork for a larger plan of Gestahl's, though I don't know if that would even have developed at the time. Terra's mom is now Madeline, thank heavens, and I stopped right outside of Narshe becuase I couldn't find the charger and the battery light was red.

Got three volumes of Astonishing X-Men, aka "the one Joss Whedon wrote," for my birthday. Not even Joss can make me really like Piotr. Kitty is WITH THE WRONG PETE. IT SHOULD BE WISDOM. Argh. The sex scene was awesome, though. And I adore Scott in this, and I like all the poking at the Logan Mythos, and anything with Emma and Hank in it rules. I just think I didn't read the right years of X-Men. Also, I don't get why poor Kitty has to be locked into an OTP she picked out at the age of FOURTEEN, but that's me. I'm weird.

Work, meanwhile: Gahhhhh....

Oh, also, ACen plans are made, so far as I know. I guess I have to register.
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I'm sick again. This is either the third or fourth time this year, depending on whether you count my flu relapse as part of the first illness or a second round. I need to find another Hyatt icon if this keeps up.

Cut to avoid spoiling one of my new favorite lines in the game. )

When you reach the "follow the light" puzzle in the Narshe caves, Edgar knows about it, because it was a test for guard recruits. I like that it's explained, though why Edgar would know Narshe guard recruitment procedures is a bit of a mystery. I guess he really is a knowledge Sim.

Figaro guard, paraphrased, when you speak to him after Terra's flight: "I saw something fly off like a cat with its tail on fire! Well, I guess that would be a flying cat..."

The damaged home in Kohlingen is Terra's doing, not remnants of an Imperial attack. Interesting, but now Rachel's injury/death makes less sense than ever. Maybe her family took off for Maranda, just in time for the invasion, since it's not like she remembered anything in Kohlingen? I don't GET it.

It's amazing what removing some excess punctuation can do, Mr. Woolsey. Celes actually has some dignity now... well, not during her "I'm not an opera floozy!" freakout, and THANK YOU, new translators, for keeping one of the most awesome lines from the original translation! But during her scenes with the others on the way to the Narshe battle. She comes across as having self-respect, rather than a stick up her ass, and that means her opera floozy freakout doesn't seem like even more overreaction to minor slights.

More opera stuff. )

Next up is BLURGH IMPERIAL LAB. I'ma play WoW for a while.
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I finally mailed my grad school application last night! (Library science.) There's a locked post outlining my job-related misery and therefore my reason for applying to grad school, if you've been missing the halcyon days of my phone center rants for some ungodly reason.

I seem to have lost my latest FF6 draft post (saved over it, that is.) Bummer. I'll have to reconstruct it later; I'm probably going to brave the opera scene sometime today. Honestly, Locke/Celes fangirls aside, I never got the "BEST SCENE EVER" love for that part; the run through the rafters is fearsomely annoying, though not as bad as the mine-cart ride out of Vector.
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Can't sleep, posting. I saved my FF6 game in the middle of the Phantom Train, because when you have, ahead of you, the goddamn Phantom Train and then Veldt-grinding, it's helpful to give yourself a bonus, like "there's a boss ahead that's killable with a Phoenix Down!" to entice yourself into playing that part.

Given that I actually snickered out loud at Kefka's line about "they don't deserve any mercy! Just as well, since I never have any of the stuff," you'd think I'd have bothered to memorize it or write it down or something.

Cyan's grammar has improved dramatically in the absence of the Woolsey. I always felt like poor Ted Woolsey was unfairly maligned by translation purists, but the grammar thing always drove me nuts... and it wasn't just him, because Chrono Cross had the same "'thee' and 'thou' are like the same word, right?" problem. So far so good. His reaction after the poisoning read much better, too.

Edgar's "he'd kill his own best friend if the price was right" comment on Shadow sacrifices adorably stupid Woolsey-ism for heavy-handed (if you know the game, at least...) dramatic irony. Go translators? I can't remember if Shadow's much-altered blurb was better or worse in the Woolsey translation; I just know the new one is different.

It's more clear from the beginning that Locke's obsessing over Rachel the whole way. His "why I joined the Returners" speech to Terra makes more sense as a result, though he still doesn't explain why the Empire bypassed Jidoor to invade, and then retreat from, Kohlingen. This is, I guess, good, though it disappoints the 'shipper in me. He does still tell Terra to wait for him at the Returner base, and he still vehemently denies her "nobody cares about me" thing, even if she does throw in "family and friends" rather than "significant other." :( We'll see if I can get through the opera scene without an eye-gouging.

[livejournal.com profile] octavius noted that the translation has Mama Figaro dying not long after the twins were born. I don't buy this; I've seen too many doujinshi where she was around while they were kids to believe the original game script had her definitively biting it that early. I'm guessing it was vague and the translators decided to fix that, though I haven't yet encountered that part to be able to guess for myself.

Edgar is somewhat less of a cheeseball now.

Bondage Celes and the beating are indeed gone. When you go to free her it still says her hands are bound, though. I don't care enough to try to determine if this was done in localization or when it was adapted for GBA. Her intro blurb is now more coherent - that whole "she's battle-hardened but pure as snow, DON'T ASK HOW" thing always bugged me - and she gets more lines when she tells Locke she's staying put to wait for death. Better still, those lines are consistent with the way I always characterized her in fanfic, woot!

Just about everyone gets more lines, presumably because of increased room for them. This gives people more room to elaborate on their lines and not sound like morons. Banon even does the English major preposition shimmy - "This is the girl to which the Esper reacted?" Yeah, Banon, that's the girl Tritoch reacted to. It makes more sense to have him doing it than Kain, at least (Kain pulled something similar in in the Playstation version of FF4.)

Terra's wonderful "bodybuilder who'd strayed from his gym" line (on meeting Sabin - um, I hope everyone reading knows this kind of stuff, but I note it all the same...) is replaced with a less-funny thing about confusing him with one of Vargas's bears, which at least makes his later line describing himself as a bear make more sense.

"Son of a submariner" go bye-bye. The Beavis snickering over the fire from Kefka's guards remains, however.

All I can think of right now. I become tired.
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Some days, you just long for the sweet embrace of the grave. We call them "weekdays."

But FF6 ADVANCE IS OUT!! NO ONE TOLD ME! I will deal with the fact that none of my friends care about me or want me to be happy after we get back from Gamestop!
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Things of potential interest: The new Vienna Teng CD will be out July 25.

Locke/Terra fansite Kiraboshi is posting doujin stories online. This is especially kickass because those doujinshi are IMPOSSIBLE to come by; I've seen them sell on Yahoo Japan for the equivalent of $150-$200 a book.

I've been meaning to pimp the music of Michelle Cross for a while - there are a fair number of free MP3s there. "Cinderella" is probably my favorite; she reminds me a little of Tori Amos, with more coherent lyrics. So, a lot like most of the music I like, really.

My long absence has a little to do with the need to get ready to move, but much more to do with an unconquerable Sims 2 obsession. Explanation of terms, for those who don't play. )

Last time I posted about the game, I think, it was to reveal the ugliest toddler imaginable. She didn't improve much with age. )

Meanwhile, in Locke and Terra's house, even more babies! After giving birth to the first one, Terra rolled the "have ten children" want. I... guess she enjoyed it, then? She's not getting the full ten kids, but she and Locke have two daughters now. Cut for two more pics. )

Meanwhile, I've been playing the Lockhart household a lot - it started out with Barret, Tifa, and Marlene, all under Tifa's last name, and then Tifa married Rude, Barret married Melissa (one of the townies) and both couples started having kids. They also got filthy rich after Barret got a lucky chance card. Rude was my first-ever success on a lifetime want - he made Captain Hero recently. He wears his sunglasses even in superhero garb. Heh. Which is why this was the funniest burglary ever. )

More on the family situation and the younger generation's romantic complications. )
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Interesting - this person worked out Cid VI's HP and what the fish do to it. Scroll down to "sauver Cid" - I've never seen this info on an English site. So "fish" is worse for him than "rotten fish," if the site's got it right. It'd fit with my recent experience trying to keep him alive, where I'd give him fish that seemed like they should be perfectly fine and he'd start wheezing and talking about his impending death.

Like many geeks, I love Bruce Campbell. But I don't love him because of the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness thing, I love him because of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and FINALLY I KNOW I'M NOT ALONE. 1993 - you know what this means? Fox has been toying with my emotions and breaking my heart for half of my life. Of course, ABC did its share, but FOX, dammit. This was the best series in the whole universe when I was fourteen. I hope it still is.

As if I don't have enough going on right now, I got called up for jury duty - for one of the days I'll be in Europe. (Yeah, that's one of the things I neglected to mention, I think - Europe trip planned for early May, one week, I need to read Coriolanus before I go because we'll be seeing it in London.) I really, really hope that's good enough to get me excused.

Sims 2 is progressing nicely, now that I've discovered I don't have to play in one of the pre-made neighborhoods, except that Figaro Castle has no roof. I probably shouldn't have given it turrets - I mean, it doesn't have them in the game - but I like turrets, and I got a little carried away with the ability to make houses over two stories high.
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It's sort of weird to call this an unproductive weekend given that I filed my federal taxes online and finished my state taxes, but I feel like I didn't get enough nothing done. Or fic-writing, either. My attention span's shot all to hell right now, though I did make some progress on my FF6 replay - through the Floating Continent and recruiting Sabin, and I think I got everything from the collapsing house. Avoiding FF9 after the Tantarian slaughtered me and left me with a lot of unsaved progress to replay.

I need to make more icons to take advantage of the 42 (hee!) currently available to me. I'm attempting to make a Terra mood theme, too. Watch this space for updates.


Feb. 1st, 2006 11:26 pm
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HOLY CRAP THE FF6 OST IS ON ITUNES!! $18! Damn, had I only known that, um, six or seven years ago... Nevermind, I would have bought the CDs anyway (split the price with my brother, I got to keep the liner notes, he burned me copies of the discs and kept the originals) but still! Cheap and clearly not Son May! The FFI soundtrack is like six bucks! (It, um, needs to be. It's the NES version.) THIS KICKS ASS.

Unfortunately, they've just got the core OSTs and some expanded versions for the new-school games. No Celtic Moon. Maybe someday.
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OMFG!!!!1!!!! SETZER OMG OMG OMG!!! (Link gacked from [livejournal.com profile] sarisa) I wish he wasn't stealing clothes from Miyazaki's Howl, but I DON'T CARE IT'S SETZER OMG. And best part? EVEN IF I hate what they do with the characters in FF6 I don't have to think it counts, because it's just Kingdom Hearts, but if I DO like it there'll probably be fanfic for a change! There is no LOSING here! Except that I'll have to play a Kingdom Hearts game. Ah well. I should pick the first KH back up for the sake of Squall-smiting. (Okay, think I fixed the HTML, still hate the web update thing. How do people USE that? Maybe they don't and that's why it sucks?)


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