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Feeling better, for some reason, despite the Alito confirmation. Ick. I'm just going to tunnel deep into some sand head-first for a while, I think.

Fanficrants occasionally has its benefits. Yes, Squenix, manipulate me with Reeve on the poster. Bastards. It's not enough that you've got me all interested in FF12, noooo, you have to make me your FF7-spinoff bitch too. I already said I'd play the damn game! Maybe I can get a copy of the poster, cut off the part with Reeve and hang that in my room, and sell the rest to somebody else? I'm presently so crabby with Advent Children for forcing me to make Tifa get a babysitter if she wants to go on a date that I prefer not to be reminded of the redesigns if I can help it.
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Hey, we're all subdomains now! Nifty!

Did anyone see the schadenfreude study? I just want to know what kind of wussy-ass women they got for this study. I relish my enemies' suffering! Of course, I'd be way happier about getting physical pain dealt to people who inflict Luther Vandross on me than on some random stranger from a psych experiment, so maybe that's got something to do with it. Offer to hurt their coworkers and I bet you'll get different results.

....nargh. Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus and Last Order are not actually FF7, people! They have FF7 characters, there's a difference! I'm getting seriously pissy about Yazoo/Loz fics and Advent Children icons being flagged as "FF7." Yeah, the FF7 graphics aren't much to work with and Nomura's art for this game is pretty pedestrian, some of us happen to like it anyway. More than "hey, there was a clearance sale on silver-haired bishies!" anyway.

<a href="" target="_>This</a> is really cool, though.


Jan. 8th, 2006 12:45 pm
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Okay, NOW I'm pissed - Square went and gave Reeve a canon surname (and no doubt other profile info) NOW, after years of leaving us to our own devices with the members of Shinra. Dammit. Wikipedia also provides surnames for Gast and Lucrecia; I don't know how reliable this is, but given Square's love of name-recycling (Highwind, for instance) I can believe Lucrecia's last name is Crescent.

And there's more Wikipedia rage! From the FF7 entry: "Much speculation exists surrounding Lucrecia's motives and her relationships (romantic or otherwise) with Vincent and Hojo, and hopefully some of these mysteries will be resolved in Dirge of Cerberus." Why the hell would we want them resolved? Every unresolved mystery is room for fanfic! Every resolved-after-years-of-open-ended-ness mystery is simply room for fans to get in huge, stupid fights and be assholes. I mean, I know I'm refusing to treat things as part of the same canon, but that's by no means universal, and "what exactly is canon" is plenty of pretext for a fight. On the bright side, I guess it'd be nice for the FF7 wank to not involve the Cloud/Tifa crusaders being dicks for once - I find them too enraging, both anti-feminist and impervious to logic, to be funny.

What's really pissing me off, though, is that I know I'll play Dirge of Cerberus anyway, even though it's the kind of game I really, really suck at. (Edited: I SAW A SCREENSHOT OF REEVE WITH A GUN. I will so totally be playing this it's not even funny.)

OMG I found a Reeve character portrait for Before Crisis on Wikipedia! All is forgiven, Wikipedia! It's not your fault Squeenix hates me! Man, he looks wrong without a goatee.
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I have this quandary about Advent Children. See, I refuse to regard it as canon, just as an optional add-on, like The OVA that Shall Be Nameless, Suikoden info that's delivered in the novels, manga, etc. rather than in the game, any parts of Excalibur that were not written by Warren Ellis, Alan Davis or Chris Claremont, or the Playstation FF6 FMVs. It doesn't count. But those things can be entertaining or potentially usable sometimes (for instance, the post-Warren Ellis issues of Excalibur can be used as an emergency supply of toilet paper!), and there are compelling arguments to be made in favor of watching it...

Reasons to download it:

- Am Squaresoft whore of many years' standing.
- May provide useful background info for Dirge of Cerberus, which I will be ALL over. REEEEEVE!
- Aerith appearance.
- Breast reduction and sane clothing for Tifa!
- Barret looks way cooler now too.
- Did I mention PRETTY? Oh, I see I did.
- Reeve has to live through it, because he's in Dirge of Cerberus. Huzzah.
- Rude! Rude Rude Rude Rude!
- Vague hope that Rude and Tifa might be onscreen together for a nanosecond - if so I could screencap it and put song lyrics all over it, all delusional-like with complete disregard for the context of the actual screencap, and have a pairing icon.

Reasons not to download it:

- What if Rude dies? I would be sad! Even though it doesn't count.
- What if Cloud and Tifa are a couple in this? The batshit Tifa-crazed loons would be happy and that would suck so much!
- Dialup connection.
- Where's Elena at? PROVIDE TEH ELENA, SQUARE.
- Likely no Reeve in this either.
- Seriously, what if there's Cloud/Tifa? ::twitch::
- Too many silver-haired bishies. Cut that shit out, Square. It gets confusing and all the new ones have stupid names.
- Bishie Reno also. Real Reno looks like this. OMGSOHOT. But fanon says he's a bishounen and Square caved, boo.

Erm, yes, I've had this intense hostility towards Nomura's idea of a bishounen for a long while now. I can't explain it. When the game came out, I though Sephiroth and Vincent were supremely hot, but not anymore. Balance is that I'll probably download it and then bitch, but if anyone can tell me "no, there's no solid evidence of Cloud and Tifa as a couple" I would love you forever and give you imaginary cookies. Especially if you're telling the truth.


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