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Unused Firefly script I really wish they'd filmed - I guess it and "The Message" together would seem redundant, but it has stuff I'd like to have seen. Spoilers for the script. ) Or to put it in much shorter terms, yay!
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I went looking for box-office stuff. It came in SECOND, squee! But "Serenity moseys to tame start." OMGWTF, it came in SECOND, what do you assholes want, BLOOD? ::seethe::

Now with spoilers! Big Damn Spoilers. I am so serious, don't read until you've seen the movie. )

Other things that happened over the weekend included the acquisition of Anansi Boys, viewing of Mirrormask (so gorgeous - a bit more later) and watching of Advent Children (more on that in another post too, but seriously, SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE WOLF. Please!)
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I hope everyone had a lovely National Geek Day and has seen Serenity already, and hopefully composed hate mail to anyone who hasn't reviewed it positively, or possibly death threats. Some things deserve the full force of derangement at our command and this series is one of them. Already I have kicked my boyfriend out of his own bedroom for telling me about the NYT review, which was not positive enough for my tastes (Him: "It was positive, just not... glowing." Me: "You don't understand! This is like religion only more serious!"), and dude, I'm nowhere near crazy enough yet, I didn't even hold out for a midnight showing (because I got off the plane at 10:30, which thanks to time difference was 12:30 for me...) Maybe I should pretend to forgive him and make him take me again. But first we have to bludgeon and hogtie Will and haul him into the theater - OPENING WEEKEND MUST PWN. We actually went to see it yesterday, but by the time we got home I was almost completely unconscious and way too tired to post.

First reaction, no spoilers: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.

Second reaction, also no spoilers: THE THEATER WAS NOT CROWDED ENOUGH. Maybe I can buy up lots of tickets to create the illusion the movie's doing well. If it doesn't kick ass opening weekend how are we ever going to get the series resurrected? MUST RESURRECT SERIES. Remember, I've been watching since they were butchering the episode order on TV and living in endless dread of cancellation. I may not be crazy enough but I've been this crazy a long time.

Other cool stuff - not the big spoilers, but a few things I'd prefer you not read until you see the movie because it is SO DAMN IMPORTANT that you watch the whole thing in a state of terrified ignorance. )

We saw this in North Hollywood, which entailed subway and train riding, eeee. Sorry, I'm a hick and using mass transit feels like an exotic experience. As did the Walk of Fame stars. I want to do a spoiler post, but that has to wait, because remember, YOU HAVE TO GO SEE THIS OPENING WEEKEND. Do it for justice! And for not having me blame you personally for a disappointing opening weekend. Go! Now! Move!
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When you see this on your friends list, quote Firefly. If you haven't seen Firefly, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG, GAH.

Mal: "Was it monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?"

River: "Too much hair!"
Zoe: "It's okay, sweetie, he's putting the hair away now."
River: "It doesn't matter! It'll still be there, waiting."

Jayne, for Simon: "Dear Diary, today I was pompous and my sister was crazy."

Simon: "He's really very gentle. And fuzzy. We're becoming fast friends."

And just remember, you have to go see the movie THIS WEEKEND, because we want the movie to do really really well, because if it doesn't I will whine FOREVER.


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