Feb. 12th, 2012 12:14 am
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Husband and I went to Little Tokyo today to find it completely overrun with nerds, many of them cosplaying as Vocaloids for no discernable reason.  When we went to Kinokuniya they were all over it, talking loudly to each other and having opinions which they expressed in my hearing despite being younger than me, and I was all "these kids are on my lawn" because my lawn is located in Kinokuniya.

A day in Little Tokyo. Ramen was eaten. )

In other news, I'm pretty thrilled about my remix assignment but also need to remind myself to check a few things in canon before I get too attached to my idea.  And also, just to check some things in canon because I need to knock my mind out of its superhero rut.
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It's Baking Day!

Make-ahead gravy base

Gravy )

Legendary Carrot Cake

(Legendary because my mother-in-law took seconds last year.  This is a woman who, when you give her a cupcake, will take a tiny nibble, say "Uch, it's sweet," and push it away.  Yes it's sweet, it's a cupcake, that is what cupcakes do.  So a cake that she actually eats?  I will be making it forever.)

Caaaaaaaake )

And this year's experiment, pumpkin cake.  I'm just not a pie enthusiast.


Time to go see how many of these I can make.  And figure out where we can possibly store them till tomorrow, since the fridge is sort of packed.
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Husband and I ran off for the weekend, visited the San Diego zoo, did some Temecula wine tasting (hence my tipsy and slightly abbreviated Tiger & Bunny post last night) and now he's watching Avatar: The Last Airbender without me, because he managed to find the third season on TV and I want to watch it more or less in order.  Despite being mostly spoiled due to fandom osmosis.  This was poorly thought-out on my part, probably, but then again, being spoiled as hell didn't stop me from embracing Madoka Magica fandom.  I did watch a couple of episodes.  I like Toph, and Sokka seems to make excellent faces. 

While there, we discovered that the Yelp reviewers of San Diego are a baffling lot who will ding a restaurant stars for having a bad parking lot.  Presumably these delicate flowers would starve to death in LA, which does not to my knowledge have any good parking lots, but whatever, more food for me.  We ate at Yokohama Yakitori Koubou, where chicken gizzards joined the list of things I have tried because of fandom (in this case, because of Fumi Yoshinaga.)

Tomorrow I need to bake a cake and brace myself for the giant heaps of MEAT at my in-laws' place.  Maybe I'll actually have the mats for pasta salad.  I mean, my mother-in-law's an excellent cook for some things, but she's not as good at dishes that aren't made out of animal.


Aug. 9th, 2011 01:20 pm
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I am not allowed to say anything negative about my mother-in-law's cooking, because I know Will reads this sometimes, and so possibly Erick does too, and if I say anything negative about her cooking in Erick's hearing I will be challenged to pistols at dawn.  A story about baking and in-laws. )

TL;DR version: I never watch the Food Network (or other TV, really) so I have no idea what his TV persona is like, but as far as I'm concerned Alton Brown can do no wrong.


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