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I do not understand why the entire sentient population of the universe is not reading Nana. I say "reading" and not "watching" because I'm scared of the anime; the Paradise Kiss anime was off in peculiar ways, and if they changed ANYTHING AT ALL about Nana my brain would explode. Changing Nana is badwrong.

I also don't get why Shoujo Beat subjects us to crap like Tail of the Moon, because letting people know what's in it in advance just warns them away; they might say "Ah, ninjas!" and buy it before they know it sucks on toast, but if you let them get a good sampling of it they'll know to avoid it. I don't know why that series about a young Kabuki actor (what, the manga-ka was contractually obligated not to use any stripe of celebrity anyone else had already used for the thriving "implausible romance between normal high-school girl and famous hottie" subgenre?) is doing in the magazine, and I hope it goes away soon because it is NOT an acceptable substitute for Kaze Hikaru, not even after the ridiculous, 7-page downward-spiral-and-redemption sequence for Serizawa Kamo (seriously, quickest hitting-of-rock-bottom EVAR. I still think I ought to rant on this, don't know if I'll bother though.) Despite the occasional sap, Baby & Me is still one of the highlights of the magazine, Vampire Knight is cheesetastic (in a good way) but super-pretty and might get more complicated later, Crimson Hero has enmeshed me in its "you have to try to care about sports for the sake of the characters" coils, Absolute Boyfriend still pwns, and I approve of the color-ink thing they're doing now. I hope that means the magazine's doing well.

Zombie Powder KICKS SO MUCH ASS. It's a Western with SF/fantasy touches and A SAMURAI. A samurai in a long coat! Who is a silver-haired bishie but NOT a crazy angst-boy! And his partner's a gun-toting banker-type in a suit and dress coat! It's like Kubo Tite decided to come up with a present just for me! I don't even dislike the young tag-along kid. Glee!

At the moment, my cat is curled up on my lap, trying to chase his own tail without getting up. It's adorable, but a little too claw-intensive for comfort.

I'm reading the FMA manga now. I think the anime's better, more on that in a minute, but it's almost worth it just for Arakawa's appearances as a cow. The anime and manga are very different, in the Trigun "we started the anime before the manga ended and planned all along for them to go in different directions" vein rather than the Naruto/RK "we'll follow the manga as long as we can, then fling ourselves over a cliff into the filler cesspool." Unlike Trigun, the manga is competent. Actually, the manga is very good, I just don't like it as much as the anime for several reasons.

Expanding on those reasons. No real spoilers for either version. )

Not exactly manga, but the translation on the .hack//Another Birth novel was far more readable than some of the other anime-tie-in novels translations I've read or tried to read, which is a promising development not just because I want to read the .hack novels (though I do) but also because if this is an industry-wide development it might bode well for the Twelve Kingdoms and Scrapped Princess novels.

I need to remind myself to update credit card info with LJ and Godaddy (domain registrar) though I don't want to do that on the boyfriend's computer, which is what I'm using at the moment. He doesn't believe in firewalls for some reason. I should maybe ask about that.
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Still not posting much, obviously. I spent the last two days mainlining anime (Naruto through 135, I post more later) while the boyfriend was at work; now he's consorting with that hussy playing World of Warcraft, and I'm watching a bit more FMA, or I was until I realized I had to post, since I need to babble about it and he's only seen four episodes and I can't spoil plot for him.

Fullmetal Alchemist spoilers through episode 40 )
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Fullmetal Alchemist spoilers through episode 22. I mean it about the spoilers. )

A few thoughts on other parts of the series, still spoilery but less with the O_O face )

Now watching 23. Let's hope it doesn't do to me what Trigun's episode 23 did.

I've still got a saved Naruto post that needs to go up as well, but this kind of hijacked my brain.
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About a year and a half ago, maybe a bit more, I watched Nadesico in full - prior to that I'd seen the first few episodes fansubbed lo these many years ago (Fushigi Fansubs - they're mysterious because you can't read the subtitles!) and a few others, plus a bit of the movie, at A-kon, but I had little idea what to expect. And mercifully, I'd escaped being spoiled for later plot developments, so once I got past the tiresome "girls cook for the boys they like even when their cooking sucks!" humor, it was pretty much non-stop OMFG surprise. I can only find one old entry on the topic, and in that I describe my reaction to some of the twists as "shrieking with joy," which just about covers it.

Fullmetal Alchemist gets much the same reaction, except it's not shrieking with joy, it's "Oh no... it can't be... is it? Holy CRAP." I believe episode 21 delivered four or five of these in the space of a single episode. I may take a screencap of Ed's eye all dilated with horror and use that as my icon when posting about this series, because I need to post about this series, and I don't have time to right now, but none of my current icons cover that very special brand of OMGWTFNOOOO that accompanies the watching of FMA.


May. 14th, 2005 06:21 pm
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Watching FMA some more. Hawkeye is SO FUCKING COOL. I want to bear her children. The tripping in episode 15! Plus her method of housetraining the puppy. OMG SO COOL. At first, I was thinking that pairing her with Roy, while as yet unjustified by canon, looked promising; now, I begin to wonder if he's cool enough for her.

I'm madly in love with the whole series, actually, but especially Hawkeye and Hughes. Now I'm going to go watch the scene where she trips Roy about a million more times.
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The subject is from one of the headlines in the Psiren episode of FMA. Hee.

My week at work was maddening, and I couldn't post when it was bothering me the most because I try to keep my posting about work and from work to a minimum. The gist of it is that I was given someone else's work to do while she was on vacation, and I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. But I've cleared out her backlog and hope next week will be better, and I did secure my vacation time for AX, so that's one good thing.

Anyhow, anime:

Naruto - The Wasabi race arc REEKED of filler. Bleah. All it needed was sumo wrestlers and a Mary Sue love interest. (Maybe that was Idate. He and Naruto were spending a lot of time together.) Sakura saving Sasuke when they fell off the cliff (and Sakura uprooting the mast from the ship, for that matter - damn, why can't she do that kind of thing all the time?) was worthwhile, the rest was really damn tiresome. If that's from the manga I'll... um, I'll gripe more. Real storyline has to start soon, right?

Full Metal Alchemist through episode 10, so spoilers for those episodes )

Going out to see Kung Fu Hustle. Manga roundup and maybe a long-overdue book post coming up later.
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Howl's Moving Castle dub casting. Brits for Howl and Old Sophie, at least. I am comforted. Though I have to say, I can't really picture Billy Crystal singing in Welsh.

I've been watching FMA, which reminded me of an issue that nags at me in more than one of my fandoms. Namely, the military. I'll be wanking a bit about Celes Chere and Chris Lightfellow. And Edward Elric. )

More about FMA later, as I am completely enthralled. For now, let it be said that I love and adore Hughes beyond all measure. I would make the standard offer to bear his children, but he's already got somebody for that, so our love shall be pure as the driven snow. I'll just squee over his offspring since no one else seems inclined to do that for him. Freaks. Clearly they do not recognize true cuteness when they see it.

I mean Hughes, of course. The baby's great and all but Hughes is love.

I also love Al and his complete lack of poker face. I think Tsunade could win against him.

THIS is what Squeenix is doing with themselves now that they no longer have to devote any creative thought whatsoever to game development (..."Sir, we're running out of money again!" "The next game will be FF7: Chicken Moon! And get me some more crack so I can think of more of these titles.") I really have no objection.


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