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So a couple of weeks ago, I learned about Hulu expiring their shows when I went to watch Spice & Wolf season 2 and found that there were only two episodes of it. Argh. I'm not sure how I happened upon Tiger & Bunny - probably the fact that it's near the bottom of the first page on the default view, so I guess it's reasonably popular. Somewhere between Trigun and Sekirei, which I've never heard of before, but which has boobs. Boobs so unsubtle that I can practically see them jiggling in the static header image on Hulu. Ye gods.

ANYWAY. Tiger and Bunny. I love it to bits. (No spoilers to speak of in here) )
Other stuff!  Tomorrow, we're heading to a strawberry festival, since we're such godless heathens we don't need to worry about the Rapture or anything.  (Obligatory kvetch: IT FREAKING SAYS IN THE BIBLE NO ONE MAY KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR, FFS, TAKE ALL THAT MONEY YOU'RE SPENDING ON BILLBOARDS AND FEED SOME POOR PEOPLE IF YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT JESUS ACTUALLY WOULD HAVE WANTED.)  I am hopeful that the lure of strawberries will be enough to convince my husband to care about plants for our garden, at least a few specific plants. That produce strawberries. 

Also, 30 days of Final Fantasy meme, snagged from [personal profile] wallwalker - I have no idea when the thirty days were supposed to have started, so I'm just starting it as of when I first saw it. 

Days 1 through 4 )

I'm feeling pretty pleased with my garden - we have some tiny green tomatoes, the gardenias are sooooo clooooose to blooming, and all the new plants I've put in so far appear to be doing great... except, for some reason, the marigolds, which look like they're being eaten up, even though I thought they resisted pests.  That's half of why I plant them, they're supposed to keep bugs off the tomatoes... I planted a honeysuckle vine today, which may have been a big mistake - they can go nuts - but it smells nice and I want it to cover an ugly wall.  Sunday I hope to buy some jasmine and some shrubs to stick in our shady side yard.
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Despite the fact that FFVI is pretty much my One True Fandom, I can be really bad about playing video games.

My list of owned-but-unfinished games )

The games I've actually played in that time, i.e. since 2003 )

I wasn't kidding when I said I was basically a time traveler from 2004.
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I commented in my last post about fandom similarities between Sims 2 and WoW (I was mostly thinking of the love/hate relationship players often have with the game, whether it's "OMG Servo stop COOKING already" or "Blizz hates priests" coming from my boyfriend who's on his third max-level priest. That and the standard-of-beauty thing.) Then, on a MATY thread, I see J.M. Pescado referring to Sims getting "stunlocked" by incoming attempts at socializing, and I can't stop giggling. I don't know, the term may have a long and storied history outside of WoW, but I associate it with rogues.
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For all my weeping and gnashing of teeth, I'm learning a lot in my classes. Some of it's terrifying and full of numbers and tables, true, but a lot of it's fascinating and math-free, and it's strange and interesting being forced to look at the way I find information. I'm not very good at it, I don't think - my classes are very clear on search habits that are bad (most of the readings have a surprisingly intense hatred of the "enter single phrase in Google, see what comes up" method that EVERY HUMAN I KNOW uses) but not so clear on what we should do instead.

But, for example - I have to write a paper about this article. In my research, I find another piece, about a specific library in Australia. That one links a couple of blog entries. I go to one of the blogs - not the specific post linked but the home page - and then I find a link to a WPA library-awareness poster someone had uploaded to Flickr, and from there I go here, and my paper is still just a hazy, boring idea but aren't the posters nifty?

Also, a bit random, but... my boyfriend has always maintained it's a good idea to have a section on your resume about your hobbies and interests, to make yourself stand out from the pack a bit and make your resume a little more personal and memorable. I've always refused strenuously, because it is none of my employer's business what I do in my free time. I don't even like sharing personal details with my coworkers - none of my old coworkers in Tulsa had any idea I had a boyfriend until I told them I was moving to California to be with him. However. In a library, at least a public or school library, the fact I like the things all the kids these days are into might actually help me! Hell, I even play the big games for both girls and guys, Sims 2 and WoW (well aware lots of women play WoW, and there are plenty of men who play Sims) - when the big SecuROM clusterfuck hit, someone on More Awesome Than You linked the game sales figures for the week. Bon Voyage was #1 and I think basic WoW was #2.

I mention the sales thing mostly because my boyfriend doesn't seem to believe how big Sims really is. Just because you can't hear them all making Chuck Norris jokes doesn't mean they aren't playing. Also because it's odd to me that I'm in two of the biggest game fandoms going right now, and while the games could not conceivably be more different, the fandoms tend to sound a lot alike, LOLOLs and all.
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DAMMIT, now I have to buy a Wii. I wanted there to be ONE Nintendo system I would never allow under our roof, and the Wii, what with all the sports games and crap (Zelda games are not an enticement to me. Commence the stoning), sounded like the one to fill that slot, and now THIS. I read somewhere that Yuji Naka is not involved, which is a little alarming - a Nights game that sucks would be worse than no Nights game at all, it's a little like how LOTR book fans felt about Faramir, I guess - but if it's good, OH MY GOD, this kind of game plus the Wii control system would own my soul. The original Nights was possibly the most awesome game I've ever played - completely unlike the kind of game I normally like, but reason enough all on its own to own a Saturn. As was Dragon Force. I still miss Sega consoles. Sega, go back to making consoles and keep your indescribably awesome flying purple dream-harlequins in your own backyard! You think I care you wouldn't make any money?

(eeeeee new Nights game eeeeeee!)
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I take great passive-aggressive joy in the fact that someone put a plague bomb! empty styrofoam cup, touched by human hands! in the ice bucket in the breakroom fridge. Work is getting more infuriating daily, for reasons other than their weird and inconsistent germ phobia, but I don't feel like venting just now.

Renewed my driver's license. This was my first one under the new system, where they take your fingerprints and a retinal scan and a scraping from the inside of your cheek for DNA testing purposes, and then you sign a loyalty oath and pee in a cup and then they take your picture and put a chip in your buttocks. Well, no, just fingerprints, but it creeped me out a little all the same. I think other states have had those for years, but it's new to me.

...surely I have something of note that might be interesting to someone other than me. Or a question! Okay, anyone who has Suikoden V - are the hero's legs facing the correct direction now? And is his run any less stupid than the S4 hero's? Would I be better off buying it, the Gamecube Fire Emblem, or getting that Phoenix Wright game for the DS? Or should I even bother asking that last question knowing everyone will vote for Phoenix Wright? And is it eventually possible to play Phoenix Wright without thinking "Percival Fraulein wants his hair back"?
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Henry Jenkins, academic patron saint of geeks, stands up for gaming on PBS, apparently. This is the guy who wrote Textual Poachers, an apparently sympathetic study of (US) media fandom; on a whim I did a search for his name and anime and turned up this article about fansubbing, also sympathetic. I like him.

Also gaming-related, a Slate article helpfully articulates why I hate 3D graphics. Since I have never, ever mentioned it before, I'll just harp once again on that part in FFX when Yuna reaches for her staff and her fingers encircle it without ever touching it. Of course, the writer doesn't take this the direction I would - I tend to think the solution is graphics that don't try for realism. I may have snickered when, in Xenogears, a character took a drink by standing there while his glass levitated up to his mouth, but it didn't irritate me the way Yuna not-grabbing her staff did. FF9, a game with less-"advanced" graphics than FFX and similar graphics to FF8, didn't bug me near as much because the characters were stylized, even though I would have preferred to have them in 2D. Also because nothing in that game was half as fucking stupid as the slightest details of FF8 and no one was as hateful as Squall, but anyway.

More Emma research-whoring: Aubrey Beardsley's illustrations for Le Morte D'Arthur. I guess nekkid Tristram alone would be enough to disqualify it for the eyes of any lady, let alone a twelve-year-old.
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Wow, it was so awesome how today Amazon decided to tell me the order containing my Xmas gifts for my sister and brother-in-law along with my volume of RK 20 wouldn't arrive until after the 24th, then shipped it this evening. I had to hunt up their customer service number, which they don't display on the site, to determine that I'd be getting the stuff; even though I can check the mailing status now, it still gives me the notice about it not arriving till after the 24th. Lovely. I figure it's the apparently-desperately-scarce RK volume (not on shelves at any stores I've checked in town) that's causing this - I guess people who'd been sitting out the manga until now are suddenly snapping it up because they've heard it's into Jinchuu, which is fine and all but I NEED MINE FIRST. Also, I need it to not give me heart attacks about having to buy duplicate gifts to the tune of nearly fifty bucks; when I got the original "your package was delayed" notice, I went to the site to cancel it and found I couldn't. Because they were packing it to ship but didn't see fit to LET THAT BE SHOWN ON THE SITE.

So I guess in this very special Xmas episode I've learned a valuable lesson about selfishly packaging things for me in with gifts. And about the risks I run trying to avoid holiday traffic by ordering online...

Had a shockingly restful day at work; a computer glitch severely limited how much work we could do, so we all kicked back and played puzzle games on Yahoo for most of the day. I don't mind Whiny near as much when she's not supposed to be working. Because I had all this free time, I was able to go meandering and find a fair number of links I actually feel like bothering to post about: This one about DRM hurting CD sales, HUZZAH, another about a family group bitching about enforcement of ESRB ratings, a related one in which Hillary Clinton laughs merrily at the idea that maybe we should just let the Republicans be the Big Brother party since they're so hot for the job (okay, technically the article is about a bill that'd make ESRB ratings legally enforceable, but that's the subtext. More on the stupidity in a little bit) and from there I got to this one about a bugfuck nuts California gaming law.

My first reaction to the California law was, first, "well, hell, that just describes what I wouldn't let my hypothetical/eventual children play," then I thought "so, wait, it's okay to sexually assault or torture animals in these games?" and then I thought of the time, in college, a friend was playing Wild Arms, that part where there's a very large dog - I think it's actually a demon or something, I forget, but she found that she could use Jack's grappling hook while standing very close behind the dog of unusual size and make it appear he was humping it, and this entertained her like you would not believe. I'm pretty sure she didn't go around molesting Rottweilers as a rule, though. Anyway. Insert usual arguments here about game violence not being necessarily inked to real-world violence, parents needing to pay attention to what their kids play (like I said, I wouldn't want my eventual children playing intensely violent games, but I'd keep an eye on that myself) and add in a new one - it looks like the law would do nothing about parents who don't bother to check out content and just buy the games for their kids... You can't require people to be attentive parents, and you can't censor game content, so if the actual goal is to ensure children never play mature-content games, this is all a waste of time. If it's a goal without much merit, it's even more of a waste of time.

The other two, relying more heavily on ESRB ratings, just call for the usual "ESRB ratings are on CRACK, where was the mature sexual content in Parasite Eve?" I don't tend to think the ratings are deceptive, all in all, but they're weird. Also, while I never had any highly negative feelings toward Hillary Clinton before, she is doing her damnedest to fix that.

In other gaming news, I finally managed, in restarting Suikoden IV, to find the option to turn the voice volume all the way down. It's so much more bearable this way! Now, it's just a game with bad graphics and a hero with the stupidest run in all creation, rather than a carefully calculated ploy to drive me away from all Konami products for all time!
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Today at work I was feeling very "MY HANDS ACHE WITH BLOODLUST," plus I got myself all alarmed about the doujinshi my boyfriend says he bought for me yesterday - I know they're Hellsing, he mentioned two guys kissing, but he refuses to tell me more and he doesn't know my yaoi preferences, so what if he got me something creepy? I mean, I can't really envision Alucard as a catgirl in an Anna Miller's uniform, though I spent a fair amount of time this afternoon trying (to distract myself from the bloodlust) but bitter experience shows that the fanartists of Japan are much, much more imaginative than I am. Then I finally decided that even if that was what he got me, it'd be okay because it'd be funny (also, I think if anyone's going to be a catgirl Anna Miller's waitress it will not actually be Alucard; shapeshifting means he will always win on the height rule.) Then I came home and I have doujinshi! I mean, other doujinshi. Future VII is mine now! I'm somewhat disappointed Cloud and Aerith don't spend the whole volume having sex (I mean, why else would they get married?) but the crack-plot doesn't really allow for that, I guess.

At lunch I was working on my Christmas list for my mother and holy shit that's a lot of RPGs out right now. I'm so much better off when I don't know about all the games I'm not playing! I can't let myself get sucked in with, like, Magna Carta... I haven't even beaten Suikoden IV! I haven't even beaten Xenogears! I haven't even played Xenosaga, and may never, since Shion's ridiculous run pretty much soured me on the whole game... I really fail as a fangirl.


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