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Nabeshin's feeling better. We sort of suspect food poisoning from the weekend.

We've found a house we want. The boyfriend's parents think we're crazy to jump on something after looking at half a dozen houses, but I love this one; we ALL like it, which hasn't happened with any of the other houses we've looked at. I hope we get it.

I hate my job.

Calculon (the new computer) is WONDERFUL. I can play Sims 2 at the highest detail level and the highest widescreen resolution (not the full resolution of the ridiculously huge monitor left over from Nabeshin's old setup, but the highest supported by the game) and it loads like a thing that loads really quickly compared to my old computer. I can play WoW with the highest everything and at full resolution, and I have just about everything I need on it except Editpad and PSP 7. I just haven't downloaded the former, and I can't find the disk for the latter.

Suiko III manga )

I've been reading The Tale of Genji again, too. Shockingly, it's much easier to follow the translation that uses names for all the characters. I can't imagine why.


Apr. 11th, 2006 09:38 pm
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My question earlier about games was based on the fact I have something to exchange at Gamestop. The trip to a Gamestop out in LA, and the lurking around the PS2 aisle of Fry's, and so forth, all that was just a test of willpower, apparently. Or torture. The boyfriend may have a previously unidentified sadistic streak - you know, I'm almost certain of it now, given he took me into Fry's before we found sweet, life-giving caffeine a Starbucks. Anyway, the conclusion is that I will use my Gamestop exchange for Suikoden V, though Lord knows when I'll have time to play it.

And on that note, Suikoden III volume 9 was one of my manga purchases. And the usual dissection ensues. )

...holy crap, y'all, we're renting a house.
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I was all set to bitch about how my Borders of choice NEVER has what I want on the shelf and this is proof they suck, no RK, no new Fruits Basket, WHERE IS MY MANGA, but when I came home and checked the release calendars, the only thing they should have had out that was missing was Genbu Kaiden. Tokyopop and Amazon can't even agree on a release date for Fruits Basket 12, so no wonder it's not at Borders. Barnes & Noble, however, had Suikoden III volume 8 out a week ahead of its official release date, so of course I bought it. Yum, juicy trainwreck! Massive spoilers for the volume, of course. )

...I guess, to be fair, the series as a whole is more like a trainwreck that turned out to be a lot less deadly than it looked like it was going to be at first. This volume is more like a fender-bender.

Non-Suikoden OMGWTF - Viz has the Kenshin Hiden info book on their release schedule for mid-November! There's an FMA artbook coming out too! BACK IN MY DAY WE BOUGHT OUR INFO BOOKS IN LANGUAGES WE COULDN'T READ AND WE WENT SHOELESS TO AFFORD THEM AND WE LIKED IT THAT WAY. ::whaps everyone under twenty or so with cane and hobbles off::
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Yeah, the latest S3 volume is out, and in stock at my Borders, so you know what that means.

Suikoden III manga volume 7. Spoilers, of course. )

In other news, Kaze Hikaru's version of Saitou made my head explode and not in the happy way, RK 18 is out and features Enishi and his posse OMG, and I shut up now.

Edited to add something I forgot to mention about the S3 manga I think this is a translation matter. )
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Holy CRAP, 299 hits for GE as a whole? A fic that hasn't been updated in over six months, for an old-school game, and it's on fewer favorites lists than one of my FF7 fics? And on no C2s at all? Is the fandom high? I mean, yay, but dude, wtf?

And from yesterday, thoughts on Suikoden III - I needed to refresh my memory on a couple of things. I guess the game's past the statute of limitations on spoilers, but just in case, there'll be spoilers for the whole game and the manga )

In other news, I have learned far more about historical armor than I ever thought possible. Damn Zexens and their desire to not actually die bloodily in combat.
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As usual, detailed spoilers for the whole volume, much ranting, flagrant capslock abuse, etc.

It's all clear to me now. Aki Shimizu hates me, and wants to hurt me. Suikoden III manga volume 6 )
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Joan of Arcadia: Friedman... didn't actually make me cry, because only Connie Willis can do that, but I kind of felt like it, so that counts in my book. The episode as a whole was so good that I didn't even stop to wonder about her having the conversation with Dog Walker God in front of everybody until after the show ended; the other occasions, when she got mad at Dr. God in front of Helen and Judith, were all easily attached to a mundane explanation.

Except I was intrigued by the part about God having to buy gas, which leads one to wonder if God keeps several incarnations living regular lives with houses and groceries, and if so, does Little Girl God have a family?

Or perhaps I should never write down my thoughts pre-caffeine.

Paradise Kiss volume 5 - spoilers for the ending )

And thoughts on shoujo. )

Suikoden III, volume 4 )

RK volume 8 - no spoilers )

Ummmm. I just tried to update a codec and now when I play video files they're upside down. OMGWTF?! Help!
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The fitting wasn't that bad. I look less tank-like in the black dress she eventually settled on than in the light pink I tried on for size a while back, and heels, which seem to have magic transformative powers on my otherwise repulsive ankles, helped too. Still depressing, but I comforted myself with a trip to Borders. Yeah, that vow about not buying any manga? That was, um, kind of more like a lie. Yeah. I got the third volume of Suikoden III (lots of Aila! No mention of "Bug Users"!) and David Copperfield.

Then I went to pay my rent and found out I had a hundred-dollar rent rebate. I'd secured it when I renewed my lease and then forgotten about it. With my newfound wealth I went to the grocery store, where I resisted the wicked temptations of Oreos only to be drawn in by IBC cream soda, the only carbonated beverage I'll drink without booze in it. So much for the eating disorder, I guess. I like Reasors - the sackers pack things neatly, and they don't act martyred if you ask for paper bags.

Suikoden III volume 3 )
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I've been using Mozilla's Firefox for about a week, and while it's kind of cool to feel like I've joined a cult, I still don't think tabbed browsing has changed my life.

The second volume of the Suikoden manga is out. Meh. I'm still not resigned to the fact that the manga insists on having Chris angst every time she kills somebody - Lulu, sure, he was a kid, that's fine, but in the middle of BATTLE she stops for a refreshing angst-break? I... will rant at length at the end of the post.

The preview for the next volume says "Geddoe and his companions travel to the village of Bug Users." .................Bug Users. Mm-hmm.

Alice 19th, Paradise Kiss, and shounen manga frustrations )

X-Day - no, it's not Clamp )

And now for the Suikoden rant... On Chris, Celes, and fanfic. Okay, not so much fanfic. )

Random thoughts on manga content )

Okay, now I've made myself feel elderly, so I shall totter off to eat my stewed prunes or something. Besides, this is plenty long enough.

Oh, one last thing... I've posted the first and second chapters of the "Sanguine Depths" MSTing. I'm still deciding if I ought to continue the project - after all, it's been ages, the writer has hopefully improved, the story's long-dead, and making fun of the writing of a fourteen-year-old seems kind of mean. On the other hand, it really IS godawful writing. Anyway, it's there for now if you want to check it out.


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