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Call this part one of many, but I need to get it off my chest NOW.

Our wedding invitations were a freaking nightmare. It could have been worse; no stepparents are involved, no complicated last-name situations, no one dead needed to be acknowledged. Cut for my invitation angst )
liri: Bridal Lina Inverse is distressed (wedding)
So now I am thirty.

Last night I dreamed someone was asking us about a wedding website; we don't have one, and it freaked me out because obviously I needed to make one now. I don't even remember who was asking. Maybe Galadriel? Why was I talking to her? I stalled out of the LOTR books right after Tom Bombadil and haven't picked them back up yet.
liri: Bridal Lina Inverse is distressed (wedding)
Siiiiiiiigh. I have a folder for "Wedding and Honeymoon" in my bookmarks between a folder of WoW general-info bookmarks and another folder of tankadin-specific bookmarks. You know what the most romantic words in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE are? "What are we waiting for? Let's just run off for a few days and get married." And I will never hear them. Ever.

You know, "Teh Boyfriend" or "Fiance" worked when I was making passing references to him and posting once or twice monthly. Now that I'm posting at length about something that involves him in every way, not so much. So he gets to be Flurf from now on. Anyway, he's been actually calling officiants, though I still have to go along with him to meet them. His next job is the chuppah, but he seems to be perfectly satisfied with having reached the decision to crochet it, and not to mind in the least that we don't know the size of the frame we'll be using, the source of the frame we'll be using... he hasn't even purchased the yarn yet!

Weddings eat puppies and kittens. AND HAPPINESS. )

I do, seriously, still believe that weddings represent virtually everything wrong with this country.
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Three Four years and some change ago, my sister got married (it's a locked post.) This was a lot of wedding; while relatively small, it was more wedding than I ever wanted to experience in my entire life. At one point during the reception, my father offered to give me the amount he would otherwise spend on a wedding for me to run off to Vegas when my turn came and not put him through another wedding. I was totally down with this. Shame I picked a guy who isn't.

Btw, my sister, after her ridiculously early marriage, went on to drag her husband out of credit card debt, buy a house, and graduate college right on schedule. So all that submitting stuff the pastor trotted out during the ceremony did nothing other than freak out the immediate family and give Merc a good reason to link the Brick Testament.

So we're trying to plan a small wedding, which is still about twenty guests' worth of wedding more than I want. If I had my way, we'd pull in at the wedding chapel and notary service we pass on the way home from work.

The stuff we agree on. It's a short list. )

WEDDINGS = PATRIARCHY (long. very long) )

Everything about this wedding makes me want to curl up in the fetal position (even LONGER) )

Minor bright spots:

- When I registered him at, the username "Ihateweddings" was already taken. Hee. (Aaaaaaaaaaallll the registrations at wedding sites are going to be in his name. This is HIS IDEA.)

- No one so far has tried to tell me I need to invite my evil grandmother! (Her latest charming behavior: Telling my brother-in-law, at Christmas, that he looked like a terrorist. Because his beard had gotten a bit shaggy. I shit you not.)
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When people talk about fairy tale weddings, they mean the Brothers Grimm kind of fairy tale, with birds pecking out Cinderella's stepmother's eyes at the wedding. Or the Robber Bridegroom.

At least, it's what I'll mean. Should I ever use the phrase.


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