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A classmate on the internship discussion board made a post about compiling a rec list for children's (or more specifically, middle-grade) fiction that pushed ALL my buttons on the problem-novel issue, and I'm trying to figure out how best to word my objections to the rationale behind the list she described.  Because my kneejerk reaction, "oh for FUCK'S SAKE not THIS again, would it kill you to include ONE book that might make somebody laugh?" is not really professional or appropriate.

My parents are going to be in town for a visit.  Hence the icon.  I love my family, but they drive me batshit.  And this is going to be My Birthday (Observed) so it's also dinner with my in-laws, because I am surrounded by people who are determined to celebrate my special occasions whether I like it or not (see also: Weddingweddingwedding) and then next weekend is Passover (yeah, it lasts a week, but "go to in-law's house and be forced to read out loud by the man who allegedly loves me" is the part of Passover that's relevant to me) and I just want to spend my weekends at home, trawling Pixiv and writing.  /whine
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As usual, I clam up when dealing with a class that's frustrating me.

I'd been pretty preoccupied with real-life stuff in general. Real-life things )

And then there are the classes. I'd posted about the intellectual freedom class before, but it's getting more and more frustrating. Wall of Text about the education of librarians, self-perpetuating trends in libraries, and escapist fiction vs. the other kind )
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I guess it hasn't been that long since my most recent post, but if not for earthquakes it would have been a very long time since my last coherent post about anything. ....that seems to imply my earthquake posts are coherent, which is not really the case.

It sucks, because I just want to post things as they pop into my head, and yet when it's been over four months since I posted anything that wasn't either "THE GROUND IS ACTUALLY MOVING AROUND AT THIS VERY MOMENT" or random grunting noises, I feel like I need to explain myself in some fashion.

Cut for school rambling. )

Other things that are happening or have happened, and didn't make it to LJ:

Life stuff )

Geekery )
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Re: school


(For those wondering: The program I am in STRONGLY encourages group work - as in, the majority of my classes require it, and those that don't will still have it as an option. I am in two classes this semester that require it, with all the frustration that entails.)

Edit: I may have to rewatch all of .hack to see if BT ever facepalmed. This is a woman who hates teenagers, lettuce, and PVP. I cannot have someone else as my default icon ever again, y'all.
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OMG BLACKOUT IS FINALLY COMING OUT! Nevermind that the last I heard of this book its working title was "All Clear" or something like that and it was supposed to be about Mr. Dunworthy's youth, and I had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing it (I only heard of it in a tangent to what I was reading about the latest AmazonFail.) Possibly she's wanting to update her mid-21st century to reflect the fact that cell phones came to be since the last time she wrote about it? I will keep you all posted, because I used one of the wedding gift cards on it!

Other stuff: Watched the first few episodes of Saiunkoku. Um, it's a little slow-moving, isn't it? I liked Shuurei (I think; the lead chick) seeing right through Ryuuki's attempt at hiding his identity. Also finally getting around to Slayers Revolution, but I have very little patience for filler that involves living stuffed animals or whatever the hell Pokota is, and they're talking about "CLAIR BIBLE" again, and man, was I ever glad to see Xelloss until he left again.

Classes are getting underway; two rounds of group projects this time. Already I am looking for a facepalm icon.

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Jan. 31st, 2008 04:12 pm
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Okay, so it's been, um, over a month since I posted. I spent a chunk of time with my family over Xmas, from just after Merc's fudge arrived (we still have it, because teh boyfriend keeps putting it IN THE FRIDGE, as if that is what you are supposed to do to fudge!) until just before New Year's. Now classes have started - only two this semester, because the last semester was such an epic ass-kick. One on YA Lit - I can read Diana Wynne Jones for school!!!! - and one on search strategies, which will require me to use a command-line interface to search databases. Because suffering builds character. (I'm sure it won't be that bad, but damn. I log into Dialog Classic and... there's a blinking cursor. And NOTHING ELSE.)

Erick, we need you to come lay on hands on the network at some point - Coilette is refusing to print anything from Calculon.

Also, we got some mildly creepy mail, but I'm locking the post about that because it creeped me out.
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I've known about this assignment for over a week. Been busy with other things for part of that time (the IR class has been especially face-palmy lately, but things like that should probably go in a locked post) but I've been "working" on it for the last two days, which actually means blog-hopping, picking up the lolcat Wasteland (last night, and here's the original, if like me you never got past the April part - and I only noticed now how the opening section plays off the beginning of the Canterbury Tales...) a Dragaera timeline (yes, those zeroes are meant to be there. Dragaerans are really long-lived, though I never realized exactly how old Sethra was) and a discussion of the ending of Fire and Hemlock on a DWJ mailing list.

All of which are neat, but I'm really remembering why I didn't just follow all my fellow five-years-in-the-English-department classmates straight into grad school. By which I mean mostly that I'm terrible at being a student, though I'm also glad because if I had, I would have been an English grad student.

I should probably do something about my tags, but not when this thing is due in half an hour.
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For all my weeping and gnashing of teeth, I'm learning a lot in my classes. Some of it's terrifying and full of numbers and tables, true, but a lot of it's fascinating and math-free, and it's strange and interesting being forced to look at the way I find information. I'm not very good at it, I don't think - my classes are very clear on search habits that are bad (most of the readings have a surprisingly intense hatred of the "enter single phrase in Google, see what comes up" method that EVERY HUMAN I KNOW uses) but not so clear on what we should do instead.

But, for example - I have to write a paper about this article. In my research, I find another piece, about a specific library in Australia. That one links a couple of blog entries. I go to one of the blogs - not the specific post linked but the home page - and then I find a link to a WPA library-awareness poster someone had uploaded to Flickr, and from there I go here, and my paper is still just a hazy, boring idea but aren't the posters nifty?

Also, a bit random, but... my boyfriend has always maintained it's a good idea to have a section on your resume about your hobbies and interests, to make yourself stand out from the pack a bit and make your resume a little more personal and memorable. I've always refused strenuously, because it is none of my employer's business what I do in my free time. I don't even like sharing personal details with my coworkers - none of my old coworkers in Tulsa had any idea I had a boyfriend until I told them I was moving to California to be with him. However. In a library, at least a public or school library, the fact I like the things all the kids these days are into might actually help me! Hell, I even play the big games for both girls and guys, Sims 2 and WoW (well aware lots of women play WoW, and there are plenty of men who play Sims) - when the big SecuROM clusterfuck hit, someone on More Awesome Than You linked the game sales figures for the week. Bon Voyage was #1 and I think basic WoW was #2.

I mention the sales thing mostly because my boyfriend doesn't seem to believe how big Sims really is. Just because you can't hear them all making Chuck Norris jokes doesn't mean they aren't playing. Also because it's odd to me that I'm in two of the biggest game fandoms going right now, and while the games could not conceivably be more different, the fandoms tend to sound a lot alike, LOLOLs and all.


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