Dec. 28th, 2011 05:05 pm
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So here are the fic recs/commentary/etc.

Mine! )
Man, I don't know what I'm going to do next year, when T&B will almost certainly not qualify, and FFVI might not.

Tiger & Bunny recs )
Other anime/manga/gaming: FFVI, Antique Bakery, Madoka Magica, World of Warcraft )
Other: Fairytale of New York and Connie Willis's Oxford Time Travel-verse )

I'm not very good at writing recs, I don't think, and I should probably add the caveat that I haven't read every single thing in every fandom represented - WoW had multiple Thassarian/Koltira fics I haven't touched, for instance - but these were all amazing. 
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This episode of When Fandoms Collide is brought to you by Miku Miku Dance.

MMD is a 3D animation program, originally designed for Vocaloid videos but capable of being adapted for just about any fandom with some dedicated fans interested in making videos, or sometimes, in scarring the souls of the unwary.

Cut for embedded videos. )
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I've been futzing around with icons, as a small, not-too-time-consuming thing I can do while working on the Thesis-Like Project. Now the Thesis-Like Project is... perhaps not done, but out of my hands (and OMG I'M DONE WRITING, at least for now) so I decided to go ahead and make an icon post before I decide they're all terrible.

So. 16 FF6, all Terra, Celes, or Terra/Celes. 22 Madoka Magica, mostly Homura and Sayaka, a few Kyoko/Sayaka, a handful of Charlotte/Mami, one Homura/Madoka and one group shot.

38 icons behind the cut. )


Oct. 9th, 2011 02:58 pm
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Posted round 2 of my Madoka Magica fanart analysis over at [community profile] frillsofjustice.  Sorry, Merc, couldn't find as many of the Gertrud images on Zerochan. 

Now for a food coma.  We had dim sum. 
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The High Holidays mean terrifying gatherings with my in-laws! Nonetheless, I hope everyone has a good New Year. For my part, I lean more towards honey than apples.

I seem to be on a magical-girl kick. I hauled Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne out for a reread, I'm attempting to watch Pretty Cure on Hulu (though I'm pretty sure I will reach mascot-killin' levels of frustration shortly, so I doubt this attempt will get far) and I'm ordering the Kodansha Sailor Moon release as it comes out. I decided on volume one of A Bride's Story in preference to Sailor V, though, because KAORU MORI.

And in another edition of When Fandoms Collide: VIDEOS. Beneath the cut.

Madoka Magica and Vocaloid would be the fandoms in question. )

I hope this works.
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I tried to post this once before, but the Pixiv embed codes didn't make it through the posting process.  I certainly don't want to swipe fanart and upload it to my own webspace so as to incorporate the images directly into the post, so I guess I'll go with the less-than-desirable "here, click these links to see what I'm talking about!" solution, as it's the only one that gives the artists the pageviews they deserve.  

One of the weirder things about Madoka Magica fandom is the runaway popularity of Charlotte, who is, after all, best known for SPOILERS.  A lot of this popularity has to do with fanart, though - writing about her is more of a challenge - and it's pretty easy to understand why artists would latch onto her.

Note:  All images within are more or less SFW (no nudity, no porn), though a few are slightly fanservicey.  Those are clearly marked.  There are also implicit spoilers if you haven't seen through episode 9, and explicit ones if you haven't seen episode 3.

Cut for length )
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The kitten has returned from the vet, spayed and in good spirits.  She's currently re-exploring the house in case things have changed overnight.  I, meanwhile, await the resolution of Schrodinger's Spoiler in Tiger & Bunny, which is, I believe, airing in Japan right now, so I can't risk looking at Pixiv for the next four hours. 

So instead I'll talk about Madoka Magica, my other recent fandom. 

...mostly about fanfic and reviews, actually. Spoilers for the whole series. )

Okay, this all took me long enough that Tiger & Bunny has presumably finished airing.  MUST NOT LOOK AT PIXIV. 
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I had yet another post about Madoka Magica, and the kitten, perhaps hoping to spare the internets, stepped on the power button of my surge protector.  And OF COURSE this was a post I'd typed up in EditPad rather than anything that would save the text.  So this is me trying to reconstruct it, because I felt like I left out the second half of my most recent post about the show.

Himiko, and why exactly I brought up all the historical Puella Magi in the first place )

Someday, I'll post about the first half of Spice and Wolf season 2, which made me tremendously happy.  But not right now. 
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This series just kind of gnaws at you.  MORE about historical Puella Magi and other subjects. 

More about Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and sex or the lack thereof in Madoka Magica )

On the Madoka Merch front, meanwhile, I found out from the wiki there's a Madoka Figma incoming.  Curse my weakness for Figmas!  Maybe I can hold out until there's a Homura to join her on the shelves.  Or more likely I'll snap her up the moment I see her, and she and Luka-Figma can hang out discussing ways to coordinate clothes with pink hair. 

And Merc, here are my two handmade figures.  Cut so you can skip the tl;dr )
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Watched the rest of Madoka Magica.  No wonder the music's so damn good - it's by Yuki Kaijura!  That's an OST I have to get. 

Cut for spoilers for the whole series. )
I'm on an anime kick lately, so I'm probably going to be posting a lot as I work through my backlog.  It may also be time to finish watching The Adventures of Yuriko Star and That Idiot, if I can peel the husband off of Civ IV (or actually, off the Fall From Heaven mod, which is what he's been playing for the last month.)  Mushi-shi didn't really stick; I may just be in the wrong mood for it. 


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