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Beteween [community profile] frillsofjustice and [ profile] henshins, but originally thanks to Madoka Magica, I'm in kind of a magical-girl phase at the moment. Only kind of. Nothing is enough to make me stomach the Pretty Cure mascot creatures, or get over the "12-year-olds are fully capable of declining cancer treatment!" element of Full Moon o Sagashite. But that would be why I picked up Cardcaptor Sakura and Sugar Sugar Rune. I'm only three volumes into the latter, but I've finished the first half of the former, so I'll post about that as I procrastinate.

Cardcaptor Sakura manga )

I've enjoyed it, and will finish it, but it hasn't grabbed my interest like Sugar Sugar Rune did. Once I get hold of a few more volumes of that, I'll have a post up.
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Magic Knight Rayearth is a massive nostalgia bomb for me, enough to overcome my ambivalence about CLAMP. 

My history with Clamp )
So, Rayearth.

Cut mostly for discussion of a spoiler - at the end of the second series, I think - that I've heard about but not actually seen for myself. I'm not spoiling the Big Twist of the first series, even under this cut. )

To add to the nostalgia... I finally got around to watching the Magical Girl Anime History [personal profile] erinptah linked, and in part 5, they have Mahou Tsukai Tai! and Shamanic Princess.  I never thought of those as magical girl series somehow., college was a long time ago.
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Looking at this post, which posits that there are no female anime fans because the writer has a very, very narrow definition of what constitutes an "anime fan," I can't quite shake the impression that this is a very young person. 

Picking apart the blogger's definition and considering how I define the fandom )
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I started reading Sand Chronicles initially because I remembered reading the first chapter in Shoujo Beat some years ago.  That chapter had given me the impression the story was mostly going to be about topics other than romance: suicide, loss, friendship, growing up.  

It turned out to be about those things, but it also turned out to be about the female lead, Ann, meeting the love of her life when they're both twelve years old. 

In which I generalize about shoujo romance, and am inordinately pleased by a reversal of certain expectations. References to the events of the whole series. )

Obviously I need a lot more contact with josei than I have previously managed.  
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My earlier frustration about Ooku's unavailability was basically my own wishful thinking pushing the release date up; I was convinced it would be out by Carmageddon, and from there I extrapolated to "maybe I can find it at AX in advance of the official release date." 

Two notes: One, the translation.  The English translation makes use of archaic English.  I played the Ted Woolsey-translated Chrono Trigger and FF6, so just about any use of archaic English that manages to be grammatically sound looks good in comparison.  And this is at least grammatically correct.  But it's still a poor decision, because it doesn't give the translator much flexibility to render different speech patterns into English equivalents.  In the earlier volumes in particular, translation notes or other characters will point out speech patterns which are not even remotely preserved in the translation.  I don't find it hard to get used to the translation when I read a volume, but I do hope that the series will take us far enough along in history that we'll see more modern speech by the end. 

Secondly, there's one element where I feel I miss out in reading this - I know very little about this period (i.e. what's been covered so far in the manga) of Japanese history.  Not that I know a lot about other periods of Japanese history ("historically inaccurate manga" is in my interests list for a reason!) but I get the distinct impression the real Ooku is frequently visited territory for historical fiction and drama, sort of like the Tudor monarchs are for English-language costume dramas.  Just doing some background reading wouldn't give me familiarity with popular portrayals, and I suspect Yoshinaga's riffing on those quite a bit.

The brief and non-spoilery summary of the first volume. )

And now for the spoilers! 

Events of volumes 2 through 5 )

The sixth volume centers on the closing years of Tsunayoshi's reign, and the politics surrounding her need to name an heir.  Spoilers for volume 6, the most recent release. )

And despite feeling the need to do this plot outline, a lot of that isn't the stuff that interests me. My personal highlights and some analysis. )
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I finally realized, hey, my account's paid at the moment, I should set up my Terra mood theme!  I've missed it. 

Merc's been fretting (TOO MUCH, I might add) about yaoi, and I am beginning to feel there is no situation in life to which one cannot apply panels or quotes from Yoshinaga manga, so that's what I'm doing.  

A few notes, first.  I use "slash" and "yaoi" somewhat interchangeably in reference to fanfic.  "Slash" changes form easier - something can be slashy, or slashable, or I slash those those two.  (It also stops looking like a word after about four uses.)  I'm likelier to use "yaoi" as a genre description for fanworks, because I collect doujinshi for which it's usually the natural term.  This is kind of inexact, though, because yaoi (or "BL," the usual term for published, original Japanese works with m/m romance) features certain plot and visual tropes that aren't necessarily going to be present in American fanworks.  I'll also use "yaoi" and "BL" interchangeably in talking about professionally-published m/m material.  But not slash and BL!  Those are two totally different things! 

All images behind the cut. 

Fumi Yoshinaga's thoughts on yaoi. )

For my part, I tend to believe in taking what you like from whatever it is - a show, a series, a segment of fandom - and trying not to worry too much about the rest.  Madoka Magica may have sexists working on the series, and the last time I went to Pixiv it advertised a Homura body pillow at me, AUGH.  But sexists or not, they managed to come up with something that really reasonated with my own memories of being a desperate, depressed teenage girl.  Dorothy Sayers was anti-Semitic, but she wrote a series of really smart, trope-subverting, feminist mysteries.  Yaoi has a lot of iron rules I don't care for, but it also has fans that don't care for them either, and dammit I will keep hunting until I find Tiger & Bunny porn that doesn't make either of the guys look like a fifteen-year-old girl.  
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I guess it hasn't been that long since my most recent post, but if not for earthquakes it would have been a very long time since my last coherent post about anything. ....that seems to imply my earthquake posts are coherent, which is not really the case.

It sucks, because I just want to post things as they pop into my head, and yet when it's been over four months since I posted anything that wasn't either "THE GROUND IS ACTUALLY MOVING AROUND AT THIS VERY MOMENT" or random grunting noises, I feel like I need to explain myself in some fashion.

Cut for school rambling. )

Other things that are happening or have happened, and didn't make it to LJ:

Life stuff )

Geekery )
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I never did that Fumi Yoshinaga post I kept saying I would do at ACen. The issue being that for me to talk about Antique Bakery is for me to write a NOVEL, and I just never finished it. In the meantime, a list of reasons:

Why I heart Fumi Yoshinaga. )

Incidentally, I'm using yaoi to describe anything with m/m romance for a couple of reasons, even though I know that annoys Merc and possibly others. Those reasons are, (a) the US publishers of yaoi are using that term for the whole spectrum of m/m romance, so there's not much fighting it - most new fans will use it that way too, (b) there is a whole spectrum, from romances where only kissing happens onscreen, to the relatively explicit (which still tends to be heavily censored) but that leaves the question of what you call something where sex is implied but barely shown, (c) I avoid the terms "shounen-ai" or BL because, as mentioned, I DON'T LIKE LITTLE BOYS. I know "yaoi" isn't the most complimentary of terms, but at least it doesn't imply fourteen-year-olds.

WoW-related, sort of - I have finally started playing FF12, which ought to solve my "no rest xp" problem.
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I do not understand why the entire sentient population of the universe is not reading Nana. I say "reading" and not "watching" because I'm scared of the anime; the Paradise Kiss anime was off in peculiar ways, and if they changed ANYTHING AT ALL about Nana my brain would explode. Changing Nana is badwrong.

I also don't get why Shoujo Beat subjects us to crap like Tail of the Moon, because letting people know what's in it in advance just warns them away; they might say "Ah, ninjas!" and buy it before they know it sucks on toast, but if you let them get a good sampling of it they'll know to avoid it. I don't know why that series about a young Kabuki actor (what, the manga-ka was contractually obligated not to use any stripe of celebrity anyone else had already used for the thriving "implausible romance between normal high-school girl and famous hottie" subgenre?) is doing in the magazine, and I hope it goes away soon because it is NOT an acceptable substitute for Kaze Hikaru, not even after the ridiculous, 7-page downward-spiral-and-redemption sequence for Serizawa Kamo (seriously, quickest hitting-of-rock-bottom EVAR. I still think I ought to rant on this, don't know if I'll bother though.) Despite the occasional sap, Baby & Me is still one of the highlights of the magazine, Vampire Knight is cheesetastic (in a good way) but super-pretty and might get more complicated later, Crimson Hero has enmeshed me in its "you have to try to care about sports for the sake of the characters" coils, Absolute Boyfriend still pwns, and I approve of the color-ink thing they're doing now. I hope that means the magazine's doing well.

Zombie Powder KICKS SO MUCH ASS. It's a Western with SF/fantasy touches and A SAMURAI. A samurai in a long coat! Who is a silver-haired bishie but NOT a crazy angst-boy! And his partner's a gun-toting banker-type in a suit and dress coat! It's like Kubo Tite decided to come up with a present just for me! I don't even dislike the young tag-along kid. Glee!

At the moment, my cat is curled up on my lap, trying to chase his own tail without getting up. It's adorable, but a little too claw-intensive for comfort.

I'm reading the FMA manga now. I think the anime's better, more on that in a minute, but it's almost worth it just for Arakawa's appearances as a cow. The anime and manga are very different, in the Trigun "we started the anime before the manga ended and planned all along for them to go in different directions" vein rather than the Naruto/RK "we'll follow the manga as long as we can, then fling ourselves over a cliff into the filler cesspool." Unlike Trigun, the manga is competent. Actually, the manga is very good, I just don't like it as much as the anime for several reasons.

Expanding on those reasons. No real spoilers for either version. )

Not exactly manga, but the translation on the .hack//Another Birth novel was far more readable than some of the other anime-tie-in novels translations I've read or tried to read, which is a promising development not just because I want to read the .hack novels (though I do) but also because if this is an industry-wide development it might bode well for the Twelve Kingdoms and Scrapped Princess novels.

I need to remind myself to update credit card info with LJ and Godaddy (domain registrar) though I don't want to do that on the boyfriend's computer, which is what I'm using at the moment. He doesn't believe in firewalls for some reason. I should maybe ask about that.

AX post

Jul. 5th, 2006 05:04 pm
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We shared our hotel with a gay squaredance convention. Maybe it's just that I'm from the south, but that kicks ass.

This year the group was smaller - Me, Nabeshin ([ profile] flurf) Il Palazzo ([ profile] omega13), Erick, Merc ([ profile] mergle) and [ profile] jyasu, who's made my entry-writing a bit easier by apparently preferring that name. Weirdly, of the four people in my room, I was the only one who salts her food. I'm surrounded by freaks, y'all.

Day 0 - WTF happened to the lines? )

Day 1 - Be grateful for CLAMP's presence, gaijin peons! )

Day 2 - I sure talk about hentai a lot )

Day 3 - Look, honey, more interpretive dance! )

Day 4 - The charity auction sucks and it's all CLAMP's fault )

Con miscellany )

Buso Renkin, FINALLY )

Now I really want more of that cake-batter flavored ice cream from Coldstone. And I have a job! I got the call saying "we're sending you a formal job offer" right before we left for the con so I didn't get a chance to shriek on LJ until the shock had worn off, but I spoke to the HR director today and I start on Monday.

Can't link to the quotes list yet, I'm afraid. That's in [ profile] jyasu's custody. And the post's incomplete because I can't really remember when some stuff - like the Sims game - took place. It was a lot of fun, though, even if Merc and I have yet to find a solution for guys untucking the top sheets on beds, and I bankrupted myself much more thoroughly than I've documented yet.


Jun. 20th, 2006 06:20 pm
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I have a job interview! The cat is comfortably settled in a room where he won't attempt to climb from our pillows up into the window, internet is functional on my home computer (those two were both achieved over the weekend, but I haven't posted since they happened) a tiny percentage of my books and doujinshi have been unpacked. AND I've finished the little fiddly stuff on a winamp skin I'd already mostly finished, so I may do an update of the site soon, or I might wait until I can finish the other one I started. ...and I still forgot to cancel my old cellphone service, which I can only do during business hours. Bah.

'Is she trying to drain the opposing pitcher's MP?' [manga and anime stuff, cut for length] )

And hey, looks like [ profile] anime100 is being resurrected - here's hoping they do the same with [ profile] game100, which I always posted on more.
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I hope nothing of urgent importance has been on the flist in the last couple of days, because I probably missed it.

After the ZOMG VIDEO CARD post - if you didn't read the link, well, Dell made it virtually impossible to disable my integrated graphics thinger and two hours of cursing, restarting, pleading with the fates, trying to stop Windows from reinstalling the integrated thing I'd just disabled, and cursing more, ensued before I found that link and fixed matters - I spent most of the weekend playing Sims 2. Sims 2 PC and DS ramblings )

I am a dead-eyed allergy zombie. And holy crap, the good decongestants are way more potent than I remembered.

Seasonally appropriate: Marshmallow Pepys. And more about marshmallow Pepys.

[ profile] mergle tagged me for the "five books you've been reading" meme, so...

1. Armload of manga - Shoujo Beat (out earlier than I expected) RK 25, Tsubasa, um, 8? and Kimi Shiruya, a one-volume kendoist yaoi - yes, you could outfit, like, Vegeta with a shinai and hakama and suddenly I'd be interested. I'm hopeless.

2. Silver Birch, Blood Moon - Datlow & Windling fairytale retelling anthology

3. Sister Emily's Lightship - Jane Yolen (short story collection, reread)

4. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World - Haruki Murakami (reread)

5. Little, Big - John Crowley

No Genji. The book got a lot less interesting and more confusing after Genji's death - no, it doesn't actually stop after his death, it just turns its attention to his fragrant young relatives. Um... tagging five people. I did mention the decongestants and all, yeah? Anyone can snag, I am lazy and only marginally coherent.
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Got the final volume of Ayashi no Ceres. AT LAST I AM FREE! MY LONG SHOUJO SERVITUDE IS OVER! That's a ten-dollar commitment I can redirect to better series, anyway. Probably Basara, if Borders will restock anything besides the first and fifteenth volumes. That, or buying the Nana volumes even though I already have Shoujo Beat. Or maybe I can start picking up Blade of the Immortal, since Maison Ikkoku will be ending soon and hopefully so will Suikoden III.

Ending thoughts on Ceres )

Other books purchased: RK 23, Bleach 11, and Get Backers, uh, whatever the most recent volume is. I approve of the brisk clip at which they're releasing Bleach, I just wish they'd kick Naruto into gear, since it sounds like the anime might have descended into permanent filler mode and I may need to switch back to the manga. It'd be nice if they'd cooperate. I don't really like scanlations, I just accept them as the only option for unlicensed stuff, and better than the old "here's the script, buy a volume" method; still, the actual book, in English, ideally translated/adapted by the same people (not the company, the actual individuals) who do Rurouni Kenshin, wins every time.

Anyone remember that Suikoden 3 gag doujin I posted scans from a while back? I think I found the artist's site. It has Chris/Salome art, anyway. And it looks similar.
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FINALLY Shopping Mall Japan got me my doujinshi! First, they sent me someone else's stuff. Then they did not immediately mail me the right things on being notified of the error. They didn't even send mine once I sent back the other person's stuff. Then they held it after I submitted a ship request, because they thought I'd want to pay for another item that was in storage. FUCK NO, I WANT MY DOUJINSHI NOW. You get my money AFTER you shape the hell up on customer service. So they sent it - via media mail, which is goddamn slow even when it's NOT being sent over holiday weekends.

But I'm in a good mood now, because the shipment included a Cloud/Aerith doujin that did not recap Aerith's death for once.

College major meme. Apparently, I didn't waste my life. Or at least I didn't study the wrong thing in college. )

I've got the first volume of "The World Exists for Me," the new Chiho Saitou/ Be-PaPas series, and, um... omgwtf. )

In happier news, I got the first volume of Antique Bakery. )
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Spent an exciting Friday evening running errands, buying/retrieving books (JPQueen had some really great prices, so now I have the FMA manga artbook, Suikoden Caravelle, the first of the S1 novels and Chiho Saito's White Waltz manga) and having dinner with my parents. At Borders, snagged the first volume of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne since RK 20 wasn't available, and since I like Tanemura's artwork and this series, at least, does not contain any cancer-stricken twelve-year-olds that I know of, and read Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 8 off the shelf. Did you know Oda Nobunaga was a silver-haired bishie? IT'S TRUE. I'm going to be reading that series again, because while I dropped it after volume 7, my brother likes Kyo's "Killing stuff RULES" ethos, so he's been buying the rest. Except volume 8, damn him. I got my passport photo taken, too, at a nearly-deserted Walgreens. While the woman was sorting through the digital photo files to get to mine, I spotted, in amongst the passport photos and employee hijinks, a Vash the Stampede cosplayer. O_o Pretty good costume, too...

The Suikoden novel was purchased for its illustrations, btw, but now I really, really want to know what's going on in the text - not only did they have McDohl fighting Varkas on horseback while some random girl looked upset, they had another scene of Cleo and Gremio fighting Flik and Humphrey! What the hell? This sounds cool, if baffling.

Random Shoujo Beat update, since I'm behind on the manga posts and I know you all stay up at night weeping over that fact )

Tomorrow, Ikea. And possibly bloodshed, if Dad continues to be as shirty as he's been the past couple of days. I don't know what's with him, but it's really pissing me off, and unfortunately, he owns the only truck in the family.

Edited to squee: Random has updated, and there are nice high-res images for Cowboy Bebop, FMA, and miraculously, a Vash image I'd never seen and obviously have not yet skinned. Needless to say I'm working on remedying that last part right now. Huzzah.

Edited again to cackle over one of the most hilarious random links I've ever encountered: "Character goods - He Hugged a Hooker."
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Ghost Hunt - First of a series based on a novel series by Fuyumi Ono, the Twelve Kingdoms writer. I hated it. )

Rurouni Kenshin 19 - TOMOE. OMG FINALLY. Wow, like almost all Watsuki characters, she started out with awful hair till he tweaked her design... not as bad as Aoshi, but not as pretty as she was later. I'm all itchy waiting for the next volume, yay! Finally, Jinchuu arc without godawful weird fan translations! Maigo-chan's were good, even if she translated terms that Viz is leaving, but I swear, there was at least one fan translator who I think was working from Chinese volumes, and that was the one I got my first Jinchuu arc knowledge from.

Bleach, volumes 4 through 8 - I have fallen hopelessly in addiction with this series. Potential spoilers through volume 8 and I don't know what anime episodes yet. And fangirl squealing. Lots of that. )

Please Save My Earth volume 4 - I'm reading for Issei, Jinpachi, and Tamura, at this point. And the fourth-wall-breaking jokes. Alice is getting on my nerves, Rin has never stopped being on my nerves from his very first appearance, and the plot isn't really moving right now. Art's getting better, though, or I'm just getting used to it.

Trigun Maximum 5 and 6 - Oh, God, why do I keep torturing myself this way? Why? Whyyyyyy?! Spoilers, if you care about this trainwreck. ) The anime was so, so, SO much better.

I can only applaud this trend of anime-affiliated novels getting translated. Not just the Slayers novels - Vampire Hunter D, .hack//AI Buster (and hopefully the rest of that series - I want the one or two set between Sign and the games) and release schedules indicated there were Gundam Seed and FMA novels coming out. What I really REALLY want is the Twelve Kingdoms series - even if it's as bad as Ghost Hunt, which seems unlikely since the anime kicked ass, there'd be illustrations. Del Rey was making noises about licensing the novels and manga back in 2003; it doesn't look like they've actually done it yet, but the acquisition of Ghost Hunt gives me some kind of hope.
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Okay, maybe my grandiose plans for spamming will go nowhere. My head hurts.

Dude, what's my problem, I bought Aleve today because I knew I've been having headaches forever. I'm an idiot. No wonder I can't sell anything on Ebay.

Edited again because I lied.

More about Shoujo Beat, since I never finished talking about it )

I'd also like to brag on Del Rey for their translation of Tsubasa, but to properly illustrate it would require scans, and I'm tired. Whatever. There's one point where they have an untranslateable bit involving addressing someone as "kimi," so they fudged the lines a bit so that it would make coherent sense in English - and did it pretty seemlessly, using a characterization element that had already turned up earlier in the volume - then explained the original dialogue in a footnote at the end. I don't blame other editors for not putting that kind of effort into it, but it's a really nice touch when it is available.
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RK 16 wasn't available and 17 either isn't out yet or already sold out (probably the former) and there was no trace of Genbu Kaiden, WAH I WANT MY DOOMED MIKOS, so I consoled myself with W Juliet 5, Maison Ikkoku 11, Tsubasa 6, and the second issue of Shoujo Beat - Nana is still the high point. They could just make the whole magazine Nana and I wouldn't complain. I would even do a little dance. Naked, if they wanted. Kaze Hikaru hasn't fully snared me yet but shows promise (Okita Souji is the lead bishounen, I mean, come on!) and Absolute Boyfriend cracked me up repeatedly, plus it gets points for being a reverse Chobits. Though if Chobits involved Chii smacking down anybody who made what's-his-face cry I would probably like it better, too. Hell, just if Chobits involved lots of people making what's-his-face cry. I skipped all the others to go back to them later. Also, Anita Diamant's The Red Tent, which I picked up because of its mention in this article about Biblical fiction (retellings, not Left Behind) and bought because after reading the prologue in the store I couldn't bring myself to return it to the shelf.

There was no Suikoden III volume 7. So you're all safe. FOR NOW.


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