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Jan. 4th, 2012 07:01 pm
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Finally finished the writing meme!  I think I got it from [personal profile] wallwalker?

Fic meme )

In other news, I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins, and I'm pleased to report that the voice acting (and my computer's discomfort with the graphics, maybe?) is winning out over the Uncanny Valley.  Yay!  Now to sex up Alistair.  True story: When I told Ben and Lucia I had the game, Lucia's first question was "did you sleep with Alistair yet?"  Not yet, but I'm trying!


Jun. 17th, 2011 10:14 pm
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End of the FF Meme )

Like I said, I haven't really been playing any Final Fantasies lately.  The husband got me halfway hooked on Civ IV; I enjoy the early to middle part of a game, where you're exploring and settling, but I get bored with endgame.  I think the maps flipped the switch in my brain that led to my obsession with Dragon Force - the Sega Saturn game, not the band - wherein you had to conquer the whole continent to fight the powers of darkness.  I want all the map to be MY COLOR.  But you can't really manage that, and then you have to found the UN or build a starship... I guess I could just be warlike, but then I wouldn't have resources to make MOAR SETTLERS to put MOAR OF MY COLOR all over the map. 

Maybe I should try to get my mother to mail me the Saturn. 

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Since I forgot to post it earlier today. 

Days 19 through 23 )
As an addendum to my YA Lit rant - might I point out that two of the books singled out as "omg so dark and awful" in the WSJ article were a (presumably) urban-fantasy novel, and another one that sounds like horror?  Dark, scary, gory content is, you know, kind of a feature of horror fiction.  Which has been a YA genre for quite a while, as all those Christopher Pike books I read in middle school can attest. 
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Back from Northern California, where we went to a mushroom festival (DEEP-FRIED MUSHROOMS.  The Greeks were wrong, THAT is what gods eat) and San Francisco, and played many, many rounds of Dominion along with some Catan, Bang, and something Cthulhu-based (Arkham Horror?) which was entertaining if only for the fact that my husband was playing a psychologist who was dual-wielding magic swords with a bullwhip as backup weapon.  We also watched the first four seasons of The Guild.

My gardenias are finally blooming, huzzah!  I needs me a plant icon.  I did a lot of other productive, garden-related stuff today -planting fountain grass, setting up the strawberry pot, getting some more plants to put in the shady side yard - and I hope to have my first tomatoes soon.  Leela keeps escaping when I open the door to my computer room, but she wasn't very good at it for a while.  Once she figured out that sticking only the top half of her body under the couch was not enough, she got her way and got to explore the house a bit.  She seems to be exhausted from her adventures and is passed out on my lap again. 

FF Meme!  

Days 10 through 18 )
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FF Meme )

Tiny kitten (named Leela, despite having both her eyes) is still adorable, and she loves sleeping on my lap for hours on end.  I managed to escape for a while to garden, and when I returned she was sleeping in my desk chair.  But she seems to much prefer laps.  I don't think it's mine in particular that she prefers; it's just that I am the lap that's convenient, especially since I'm burning CDs for the drive up to northern California. 

Downside to having a lap-kitten:  If she's not on my lap and she wants to be, she just shinnies up my leg.  Using her claws to grip.  She'll also climb me if she feels a burning need to stalk, kill, and devour my ponytail. 

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So a couple of weeks ago, I learned about Hulu expiring their shows when I went to watch Spice & Wolf season 2 and found that there were only two episodes of it. Argh. I'm not sure how I happened upon Tiger & Bunny - probably the fact that it's near the bottom of the first page on the default view, so I guess it's reasonably popular. Somewhere between Trigun and Sekirei, which I've never heard of before, but which has boobs. Boobs so unsubtle that I can practically see them jiggling in the static header image on Hulu. Ye gods.

ANYWAY. Tiger and Bunny. I love it to bits. (No spoilers to speak of in here) )
Other stuff!  Tomorrow, we're heading to a strawberry festival, since we're such godless heathens we don't need to worry about the Rapture or anything.  (Obligatory kvetch: IT FREAKING SAYS IN THE BIBLE NO ONE MAY KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR, FFS, TAKE ALL THAT MONEY YOU'RE SPENDING ON BILLBOARDS AND FEED SOME POOR PEOPLE IF YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT JESUS ACTUALLY WOULD HAVE WANTED.)  I am hopeful that the lure of strawberries will be enough to convince my husband to care about plants for our garden, at least a few specific plants. That produce strawberries. 

Also, 30 days of Final Fantasy meme, snagged from [personal profile] wallwalker - I have no idea when the thirty days were supposed to have started, so I'm just starting it as of when I first saw it. 

Days 1 through 4 )

I'm feeling pretty pleased with my garden - we have some tiny green tomatoes, the gardenias are sooooo clooooose to blooming, and all the new plants I've put in so far appear to be doing great... except, for some reason, the marigolds, which look like they're being eaten up, even though I thought they resisted pests.  That's half of why I plant them, they're supposed to keep bugs off the tomatoes... I planted a honeysuckle vine today, which may have been a big mistake - they can go nuts - but it smells nice and I want it to cover an ugly wall.  Sunday I hope to buy some jasmine and some shrubs to stick in our shady side yard.
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Think I have a sinus infection I can't shake. Crabby about WoW again. Lo, it is the ear-splitting whine of the lootwhore! )

Anyway. Meme. Snagged from freaking EVERYONE, but directly from [ profile] mergle:

Name a character from one of my fandoms and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about him, her, or it from my own personal interpretations and timelines.
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Did the daemon quiz that's going around - apparently I screwed it up, though, since it thinks I'm a leader.

Ravenclaw! I heart flappies. )

And the one I'd actually go with... )

That was my third. The second time I got a gibbon, went "OMFG I'M MRS. COULTER?" and immediately retook it. Adjust either or both as you see fit. Or neither. Whatever.

Looking forward to this movie, though - at least visually, the characters are well-cast, and since I wasn't madly in love with the "look, atheist propaganda to counteract the loathsome awful Christian propaganda of the Narnia books!" element of the trilogy, I'm not terribly concerned about what will come of the book-to-movie changes. I'd hate to see the angels' relationship removed though. Honestly, I never felt bludgeoned by the Narnia Christianity - this was aided by the fact that I never really picked up on all that Crucifixion stuff until I was fourteen, way past my early Narnia years - and I did feel bludgeoned by the atheism in His Dark Materials. I also had an additional fifteen years and an English degree under my belt by the time I read HDM, which made it harder to miss. So I do think there's room to tone a lot of that down without necessarily removing it entirely, though I'm sure even a toning-down will piss people off.

All I really remembered of the Narnia books for the longest time was that Aravis was KICKASS and had a TALKING HORSE. Yeah, I was eight when I read The Horse and His Boy (over and over and over) why do you ask? (I didn't use the term kickass mentally at the time...)

Edit: I'm a gray fluffy cat! ;_; My soul is deeply generic! I'm going to blame the rest of y'all for this because I refuse to believe my soul is actually a fluffy cat with outsized forelegs. I started out as a fox...
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PLASTIC SPOONS. Stocking up for AX, we bought instant oatmeal but NO PLASTIC SPOONS. Or bowls. God, I'm brilliant. I'm also having doubts about some of the food I forgot to buy for the con - my boyfriend's an android and only eats once a day, because he thinks, erroneously, this will convince peopple he's human, and I tend not to insist too much on eating when there's anime crap to buy, so I wanted to keep a stash of lunch-type items in the room too, and then I sort of went "ooh, pudding cups," though I guess nothing prevents me from eating those for lunch.
We leave for AX today - I registered late, so I'll still have the Lines of Doom. And I have to clean the sinks and toilets before we go, because Nabeshin's parents will be coming by to feed the cats, and I don't want them to completely have proof I let their son live in his own filth, even though it's sort of true. I mean, his mom cleaned out the inside of the dishwasher when the guys were moving in - until he told me about that I didn't even know you could do that.

Things I have to do today )

Also, the dungeon meme:

I escaped from the Dungeon of Lirillith!

I killed Solielle the kobold, Ctrl A the gelatinous cube and Teknologykat the gelatinous cube.

I looted the Sceptre of Marsdragon, the Armour of X-men, the Amulet of Straya, the Dagger of Shinra, the Sword of Mergle, the Crown of Inugami, the Armour of Wild Arms and 66 gold pieces.

Score: 191

Explore the Dungeon of Lirillith and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

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FINALLY Shopping Mall Japan got me my doujinshi! First, they sent me someone else's stuff. Then they did not immediately mail me the right things on being notified of the error. They didn't even send mine once I sent back the other person's stuff. Then they held it after I submitted a ship request, because they thought I'd want to pay for another item that was in storage. FUCK NO, I WANT MY DOUJINSHI NOW. You get my money AFTER you shape the hell up on customer service. So they sent it - via media mail, which is goddamn slow even when it's NOT being sent over holiday weekends.

But I'm in a good mood now, because the shipment included a Cloud/Aerith doujin that did not recap Aerith's death for once.

College major meme. Apparently, I didn't waste my life. Or at least I didn't study the wrong thing in college. )

I've got the first volume of "The World Exists for Me," the new Chiho Saitou/ Be-PaPas series, and, um... omgwtf. )

In happier news, I got the first volume of Antique Bakery. )
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Meme snagged from [ profile] ctrl_a


1. My username is Lirillith because Drew Hayes doesn't know how to spell his own characters' names. )

2. My journal is titled Maybe World because my musical taste is really defined by which female singer with an acoustic guitar I'm fangirling at the moment. At the time I named the LJ, it was Mary Chapin Carpenter. The title comes from one of her songs. I tend to find it's best to name sites, LJs, etc., things that aren't egregiously perky or all emo, so when you've got the ambiguity right in the title, it's just about perfect.

3. My subtitle is nonexistent because I felt like it.

4. My friends page is called Friends because that's the default and I'm lazy.

5. My default userpic is BT because she's a grown woman who spends all her time on the internet, and she hates lettuce too. I don't identify with her at all, no sir! And because she's got a nice all-purpose expression that could pass for anything from actually smiling (which I think is what she's really doing in context - it's from about her only civil conversation with Mimiru) to smirking, which suits my needs nicely.

Using the Rukia icon just because I can.


Nov. 23rd, 2005 11:00 pm
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Using the FMA icon just because I haven't in a while. Probably because the urge to find out what happened next overtook the need to post "OMFG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT" in LJ and then I was done watching it. I'll keep it in the event I start buying the manga, I think. If Borders won't keep RK on the shelves I will have little choice. Little choice but to give them my money for something ELSE! That'll show 'em.

Snagged from [ profile] crimson_soul. Icon meme )

And the lyrics meme, most directly from [ profile] mergle - put all your MP3s on your playlist, hit shuffle, record the first line (or so) of the first twenty songs that come up, and have your friends try to guess.

Music meme )
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Apparently the name "Rachel" is rendered in Japanese as " レイチェル ". I suppose that helps explain why those Wild Arms enemies were "Racheal"s. The "I hate you!" girls, remember them?

That interests meme, snagged from nearly everybody. )

Also, behold the cover and an interior scan from one of my new doujinshi. I don't care how squinty Salome gets, nothing can shake my love for this doujin.

Fire Emblem chapter 27 is SO FUCKING HARD. Even the FAQ writers say it's one of the hardest battles in the game, and, and... ::cry:: I got rid of ALL the eighty billion enemy troops and I was all set to attack the boss and he just started slaughtering and I had to restart the battle, even though I beat ALL the troops with no casualties on my side! EVIL battle, evil!


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