Jun. 23rd, 2012 07:28 pm
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So, Brave, the first thing I watched today.

I liked it a lot. )
It'd be nice if it did well enough to steer Disney/Pixar movies to more of a middle road, so you don't have the Girl Movies with princesses, ballgowns and weddings and the Other Movies with toys, things to do, and "gender-neutral" appeal with no female characters to speak of; as we were leaving I noticed a little Merida in her Official Disney Princess Dress and bow.  (Like... archery bow.  Not hair bow.)  I don't know if it'll work, but it'd be nice.


May. 5th, 2012 05:46 pm
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Mostly cross-posted from Tumblr.

In Tiger & Bunny, the superhero anime about which I will not shut up, a young, good-looking blond hero and an older, dark-haired, bearded superhero are forced into a reluctant partnership in which the blond man repeatedly addresses the dark-haired, bearded one as "old man."  In Avengers, a young, good-looking blond hero and an older, dark-haired, bearded superhero are forced into a reluctant team-up in which the dark-haired, bearded guy repeatedly refers to the blond one as an old man.

It was just sort of freaky, that's all.

I got to see it this morning (I'm on the West Coast) as a perk of the spousal unit's employment.  Despite it being limited to employees, or "cast members" (guess where he works!) the lines were around the block, but they started the movie only about 40 minutes late.  No trailers, just straight into the film.




Also the first time I've spotted the Stan Lee Cameo unassisted, which means I'm starting to doubt I got it right, but meh.
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We went to see Superman Returns. It's nice to see James Marsden get to do something in a superhero movie again, you know? Also got to see the Spider-Man 3 trailer, which, um, he was definitely kissing Gwen Stacy, which seems kind of evilly appropriate given the way Mary Jane behaved with the fiance in the last movie. Also an ad for AX - I hope the Yuna cosplayer's boobs got some kind of compensation for being featured so prominently.

Short spoiler post - on Superman, not cosplay boobs. Obviously. )
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As if I'd be able to keep from sharing my views on this... And everyone else is doing it, so obviously I must as well.

First, some background )

Spoilers from here on out. SERIOUS spoilers, in no particular order.

Spoiler-cut )

You know, I don't really know if I liked it or not, come to think of it. I certainly enjoyed it, but that's not always the same thing. Then again, enjoying it is more than a lot of the fans seem to be doing, so hell, mark me down on the side of mostly-uncritical squealing, because Hank! Callisto! Kitty! Not much screentime for Storm!
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I am such an X-Men whore. It was like, WARREN OMG! BEAST! DARK PHOENIX! HOLY CRAP ARE THEY DOING FATAL ATTRACTIONS IN THIS ONE TOO?! I mean, I knew Beast would be in this, and was thrilled, because, dude, BEAST! and Warren was foreshadowed in the last movie and Dark Phoenix was the logical next storyline, but Fatal Attractions thrills me inordinately because I have only the haziest idea of what happened in it the first time, essentially "Wolverine + Magneto = Wolverine - adamantium = YEARS OF FANBOY DEBATE" and possibly there was Logan/Jean stuff too, to justify the double entendre in the title, but in the movies I like Wolverine, so things involving him don't make me instantly sleepy the way they did in the comics. So this should be good. Also, Bobby/Rogue in the trailer, so presumably the brief mention of Gambit's name in the last movie does not mean he will be swooping in to cheese Rogue off her feet and make me crabby. Also, BEAST!

As for the actual movie, um, I just took a couple of sinus meds to help with the low-level headache I've had all week, so this will probably get steadily less coherent. I mean, I hope to start coherent, not like the hyperventilating above, but I doubt I'll stay that way.

V for Vendetta. Evaluating it mostly on how it works as an adaptation - spoilers for both versions, because it's a pretty faithful one in the end )

I... may try to finish it all coherently tomorrow. Maybe.
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Went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the parents. Movie talk. )

And the trailers. )

The Pride and Prejudice trailer gets its own cut, which eventually morphs into a rant about Wuthering Heights )

Using the book icon because I haven't in a while, and I have no icon for "ignoring food to play with intarweb" even though I probably ought to.


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