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Actually, the worst is over - my mother and sister are on the plane home now, I went in for testing on a job I might be completely unqualified for, and my computer is functional to play the Sims, though not for intarweb - I'm using Nabeshin's for that. Lessons learned:

- When packing for a cross-country move, pack your overnight bag before the final boxes, so you have enough of certain essentials like socks and your GBA.
- Your cat hates you and will express this with bodily excretions while he works on developing the power of speech.
- Do NOT let the cat climb under the car seat no matter how much he seems to want to.
- Wear sunscreen at Disneyland. Ow.
- The Ventura Boulevard is scary!
- Burbank - Avenue or blvd or whatever it is - is a ninja street. I cannot see it, or sense its presence in any way.
- If I never eat at Cheescake Factory again it will be too soon. Those crab wontons were good, though.
- Somehow, it's possible to survive when you have Rurouni Kenshin 26 and 27 in your possession and no time to read them. But IT HURTS SO MUCH.
- My sister is at some level of taskmaster way past drill sergeant, and this applies to her fun activities, too.
- I still hate shopping for shoes. Even when they're for me, but especially when they're not (because you can't even risk sitting down - people will ask if you're being helped.)
- I also still hate skirts.
- I can't figure out where to plug in my speakers on my computer anymore.
- In the past, I had thought California was refreshingly similar to other parts of the country, though more traffic-y - by which I really mean that I wasn't seeing the stereotype of LA as full of skinny tan people with expensive shoes and boobs. Then my sister insisted on going to malls. Repeatedly.
- My hands are similar in size to Mary Pickford's, but my feet are much bigger. Maybe she was wearing heels.
- The handprints in cement were kind of cool, but I'm not sure they were worth all the changes we went through to get downtown.

At least I managed to get Tales of Phantasia and FF4 for the GBA. I deserved them after getting the "Quinn is on vacation and she needs new shoes forthwith!" treatment. And now I can buy booze at ANY GROCERY STORE EVER. But mostly Trader Joe's so far.


Jun. 6th, 2006 09:34 am
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I lied. I do have to go back, because I forgot to write down some key phone numbers, I need to track down some phantom pension contributions, and my employer refuses to make any of the phone numbers I need available on its website. And I know from experience that if I contact a general line and ask for info I'll be given the runaround - I always did it when one of those people got me. My name might be recognized, but likely not - I'm not what you'd call outgoing, so unless I hit someone I'd actually worked with... The only other option is calling a random coworker - not my nemesis, but not one I was ever terribly close to (I remember her number because it was one digit off from mine) and asking her for some of those numbers. But I don't know if she could help me with the pension thing. So going back is probably my best bet to cover everything. Sigh. Don't wanna!

To-do list )

Still have to pack up bookcases. My honor is at stake, here. I'm looking forward to future moves out in California that will not involve my mother's help, because I really, really hate the way she gets when she helps. I mean, the help is good, but the drill sergeant thing I could live without.

(Edited: Pension issues resolved painlessly! I didn't even have to brandish my W2s! Details will go in a locked post to spare you all the boredom-induced comas, unless you are so unwise as to browse while logged in, but still vent my feelings.)
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Major life changes ahoy! Returned from Europe and before my sleep patterns are even straightened out it's time to start relocation maneuvers.

At the moment, I live in the Republic of Gilead an undisclosed location deep in the the sweltering, smelly armpit of the Bible Belt. If you've ever wondered where the hell I live, well, good. I keep the precise location vague less out of privacy concerns than out of deep shame; if you were from here, you wouldn't want to admit it either. (It's not Texas, though. It might as well be - high school and college football players are worshipped like jackassy young gods, for one thing - but it's not actually Texas.) After about a year and a half of exorbitant cell phone bills, I'm on the verge of moving to LA where I'll be living with [ profile] flurf, [ profile] omega13, and their cat. And my cat. Assuming my cat doesn't swallow his own tongue on the drive out there or something. Or the earth doesn't open up and swallow me within minutes of getting the last box inside the house. Earthquakes scare me. Actually, "scare" isn't the word. More like "the day the first earthquake happens is the day I buy a house somewhere comparatively safer, like the Ninth Ward in New Orleans, assuming I'm not BURIED UNDER TWELVE FEET OF RUBBLE." I am so going to miss tornadoes.

I'm going to need to come up with new names for the guys, or at least for the boyfriend. I refuse to refer to the boyfriend as "Flurf" unless I'm using his LJ name, and since he only updates his LJ when he's managed to come down with an exciting new disease there's not much point to directing people towards it. I may start calling him Nabeshin and throw things at him until he stops complaining.

Anyway, today I gave informal notice to my boss and secured the form to fill out to indicate I'll be out of my apartment. It's a relief but then I look at the chaos that is my apartment and I just want to play the Sims some more.

Europe trip was good, though I doubt I'll do a full rundown - I mean, it'd sort of be the LJ equivalent of vacation slides, right? The highlight, I think, was Coriolanus at the Globe, the lowlight was spending a mere two hours at the British Museum - they have the Rosetta Stone! I've wanted to go there since I was like eight! Agh! The boyfriend is going back with me, he's just not fully aware of it yet. At least I got to see some Akhenaten artifacts at the Louvre - for some reason he was always one of my favorite pharaohs. I was the kind of kid who had favorite pharaohs. You can see why I was so much more interested in museums than shopping on this trip.

And though I see Merc already heard, some of the rest of you may yet be unaware that THE TWELVE KINGDOMS NOVELS HAVE BEEN LICENSED OMG!! Also Scrapped Princess, it looks like. Ooh, And .hack//Another Birth - I knew about AI Buster but not Another Birth. Hopefully it's a little less awkwardly expository than AI Buster, which I flipped through but didn't buy because, well, awkwardly expository.

Next, license the Suiko novels and I'll seriously reclaim my hypothetical firstborn from Joss Whedon (for getting Serenity made, I think) and Neil Gaiman (just in case he wanted it for some reason) and whoever decided to license the Victorian Romance Emma manga and whoever decided to license Nana, and Ai Yazawa (for creating Nana) and... well, anyway, licensor of the Suiko novels gets a shot at the firstborn too. Or my soul. Whichever.
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Outcome of LA trip: Rented house selected, applied for, and now obtained, pending leasing and what-all (crap, will they need me to sign the lease proper?) Sims 2 University expansion pack purchased but not yet opened. Lure of Wild Arms 4, Wild Arms Alter Code F, Lunar: Dragon Song, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, and God knows what else manfully resisted. Friends of the boyfriend met and napped at (I passed out while they were playing video games - I'd had about seven hours of sleep in the last forty-eight.) Crapload of manga purchased, not all of it yaoi, no matter what the guys will claim. Nana artbook secured and browsed but not yet scanned. Tsubasa figure set purchased (Sakura, Syaoran, Fai, Chii, and, um, Primera? Chii and Primera free to good home. Chii also free to bad home. Or fireplace.) Nine episodes of Midori Days viewed; my love of Tsuneo Kobayashi works and green-haired chicks apparently is stronger than my dislike of perky, puppet-sized wifebots.

No pictures of the house yet, because I didn't realize how fast we'd move on renting it and didn't think to get batteries in my camera before we took off to look at it Saturday. We took a few using [ profile] flurf's phone camera but he hasn't sent the photos to me, possibly because he doesn't really love me. I need to start locating boxes and so forth, not to mention plotting how to cover the fearsomely ugly paneling with wallscrolls.
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The Kansas City airport is EVIL. More later, we're going house-hunting, sort of - more like recon, the houses we're looking at now aren't likely to still be available when we want to move. California is weird.

This just in: Kids like to cuss online. One wonders if the writer ever bothered to ask her daughter what the kids these days mean with their wacky modern prostitution metaphors. I mean, I think MySpace is probably my own personal hell (your site plays music? Lots of borderline-illiterate kids posting pictures?), but doing stuff that you'll writhe over later and that your parents don't get is the whole point of adolescence, right?

I never know what to think about these "OMG the latest teen fad is going to get them all KILLED!" articles. My reflex is to feel the concerned adults are getting it all wrong. I do find it kind of weird the way a lot of younger people don't think twice about posting real names, real-life details more specific than state, gender and age, and for that matter, I still haven't fully adapted to people I've met IRL reading my LJ. I think of the intarweb as a pleasantly anonymous place where I can talk about stuff that would make my coworkers look at me funny. If it were my kid I'd probably be even more unsettled, but I think that's just part of letting your child reach the age of twelve or so. I'd rather have a kid up in her room typing messages I'd consider "coarse" (I assume at some point I'll start finding things coarse, maybe) than actually misbehaving in real life.

If the writer's daughter actually talks the way she's quoted as talking in the article, though, I don't know what to think. Maybe they're both androids.


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