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Things of potential interest: The new Vienna Teng CD will be out July 25.

Locke/Terra fansite Kiraboshi is posting doujin stories online. This is especially kickass because those doujinshi are IMPOSSIBLE to come by; I've seen them sell on Yahoo Japan for the equivalent of $150-$200 a book.

I've been meaning to pimp the music of Michelle Cross for a while - there are a fair number of free MP3s there. "Cinderella" is probably my favorite; she reminds me a little of Tori Amos, with more coherent lyrics. So, a lot like most of the music I like, really.

My long absence has a little to do with the need to get ready to move, but much more to do with an unconquerable Sims 2 obsession. Explanation of terms, for those who don't play. )

Last time I posted about the game, I think, it was to reveal the ugliest toddler imaginable. She didn't improve much with age. )

Meanwhile, in Locke and Terra's house, even more babies! After giving birth to the first one, Terra rolled the "have ten children" want. I... guess she enjoyed it, then? She's not getting the full ten kids, but she and Locke have two daughters now. Cut for two more pics. )

Meanwhile, I've been playing the Lockhart household a lot - it started out with Barret, Tifa, and Marlene, all under Tifa's last name, and then Tifa married Rude, Barret married Melissa (one of the townies) and both couples started having kids. They also got filthy rich after Barret got a lucky chance card. Rude was my first-ever success on a lifetime want - he made Captain Hero recently. He wears his sunglasses even in superhero garb. Heh. Which is why this was the funniest burglary ever. )

More on the family situation and the younger generation's romantic complications. )
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Today was made infinitely better by the fact we actually got caught up at work, and by the fact that (a) Whiny Coworker appears to be miserable with a cold, which is actually really annoying - her coughing is piercing enough I can hear it through my music - but at least means she's unhappy, and hopefully so is anyone who lives with her - and (b) my iPod randomly turned up some music I'd forgotten I had. Anyone remember Wayne's World? And the "Pain Cave" song they played on that MTV special? I can't stop listening to it! It's like I'm in seventh grade again, only without all the depression and self-loathing and horrible hair and... it's really nothing like seventh grade, come to think of it, but the song still makes me all happy. I'ma go download "Under the Bridge" now, and I'm going to listen to it and feel really, really, really OLD. Whee!
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Changed default icons, obviously. I'll sub BT back in after the holidays. I feel weird not having her there, but I figure brandishing a gun and happily making off with loot about covers my general holiday mood. I mean... I like secular Xmas, it's just that many things annoy me and this is the only time all year the Christmas-specific annoyances happen so people are really hammering on them (mall-pop carols, especially-crazed shopping, etc.) And since I live in the Bible Belt's armpit, many people around me are unwilling to let it just be secular. But you know, when it's BITINGLY FRIGID it's nice to have something that involves lights, goodwill, and having something to look forward to, and also hot chocolate and fudge. And gingerbread cookies! MMmmmm gingerbread. And Celestial Seasonings holiday teas.

And it SNOWED today! I didn't even mind that it took me forty minutes to get home from work! I just minded the music they were playing at work, but fortunately I have my own. Download some of it.
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I never put it up before, so... the key to the first-line meme )

Agh. At work, they've started playing Xmas music! ::ANGST!:: See... I like some seasonal music. Just... some. Last year, they played this GODDAMN LUTHER VANDROSS CD like four times a DAY for a MONTH! I swear to God if I ever see that man I'll punch him in the face. If he's not dead. Did he die last year? Oh. He did. Oops. Well... I wouldn't have killed him, but I wish I could still hit him.

It all started when one of the rotation employees volunteered her Xmas CDs. I'd initially tried to head off all Christmas music, but everyone was pretty adamant we needed something so I figured I'd give hers a chance. These were pretty good; everything from parody songs to something that sounded like a sea chanty, and I heard a new Peter, Paul and Mary Christmas song that way, so yay. Then everyone decided that since I hadn't snapped and bathed in Ginny's blood, obviously it was time to bring in last year's CDs. Including FUCKING LUTHER. God rest his soul, I guess, but RRRRAH.

My problem is that I'm horribly susceptible to earworms. Just the mention of some songs will get them stuck in my head for hours. This is why people who sing snatches of music that are stuck in their heads should be pistol-whipped and then set on fire, because some of us have a chronic affliction. So I hear songs ten times as many times as they've actually been played in my presence. Sometimes I'll start out neutral towards a thing and within days or hours my hatred for it sends me into convulsions. I no longer listen to the radio, obviously. I wish I could avoid listening to anyone's Christmas music but my own.

I also wish ANYONE who recorded "Good King Wenceslaus" would include the part about "Bring me flesh and bring me wine," but they're all a bunch of pansies. Feh. No, seriously - that line is the greatest thing EVER, especially when it's sung by an incongruously saccharine choir without the slightest change in tone from the way they were singing "Up On a Housetop."


Nov. 23rd, 2005 11:00 pm
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Using the FMA icon just because I haven't in a while. Probably because the urge to find out what happened next overtook the need to post "OMFG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT" in LJ and then I was done watching it. I'll keep it in the event I start buying the manga, I think. If Borders won't keep RK on the shelves I will have little choice. Little choice but to give them my money for something ELSE! That'll show 'em.

Snagged from [ profile] crimson_soul. Icon meme )

And the lyrics meme, most directly from [ profile] mergle - put all your MP3s on your playlist, hit shuffle, record the first line (or so) of the first twenty songs that come up, and have your friends try to guess.

Music meme )


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