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I'm learning things - like, for example, Semagic will automatically save-as-draft whatever gibberish, punctuation, or anything else text-y you happen to leave in the client, even if you had ALREADY SAVED AS A DRAFT a long post you intended to keep. >_< I can change the interval of autosaving, but I can't tell if setting it to zero will keep it from autosaving or not. This may be the time to look for older install files...

This sucks. The entry yesterday was all squee, and dammit I didn't upload those screencaps for nothing, but it's hard to reconstruct yesterday's squee, you know? Screencaps. Blurgh. )

Icon is an idea I've had for a while (though the screencap could stand to be better-lit) - it was prompted by reading the "preface" to one of Steven Brust's Paarfi of Roundwood books. I don't want to start outlining the entire Dragaeran series (though everyone should read the Vlad books! All of you!) but this is an offshoot of his main series, in the form of historical novels outlining events hundreds of years before the start of the main series. It's written in the form of, apparently, Dumas pastiche with some added elements, and includes fictional prefaces, notes in which Brust and his historian/narrator Paarfi speak of each other as fictional characters, etc. In the preface to one of the books, an academic notes that the verbal-tennis dialogue style was taken from a play titled "Redwreath and Goldstar Have Traveled to Deathsgate."

...nope, nothing will make me stop giggling at that. Except maybe LJ refusing again to post...
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Feeling more optimistic about Terra now that I'm working on the Torn-heart questline in Shadowmoon Valley. I'm also pleased with myself because I successfully kited something for a short period of time earlier today. Not to the extent of moving it long distances, just killing it when it was low and my pet was dead, but still. There are some gauntlets - actual HUNTER mail, not shaman for a change - and a bow involved, yay! If only I can get people what have 70s to sign on and help me with it. >_< It is so unreasonable for the MMORPG to expect you to team up with other people! I could always call in Chibi Napoleon - he keeps asking if I need help on things, and also if we're having a housewarming party, apparently because he doesn't know any of teh boyfriend's alts and is allergic to cell phones so he certainly can't contact teh boyfriend THAT way, so I am the only one he can ask.

And now, pics! First, hunter pets )

Next, random other screenshots. Mostly injokes that amused me. )

And lastly... This is why I love Feathermoon Stronghold. )
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Think I have a sinus infection I can't shake. Crabby about WoW again. Lo, it is the ear-splitting whine of the lootwhore! )

Anyway. Meme. Snagged from freaking EVERYONE, but directly from [ profile] mergle:

Name a character from one of my fandoms and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about him, her, or it from my own personal interpretations and timelines.
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WoW stuff )


Sims 2 stuff - Terra and Cloud are hot for each other. I mean, really really hot, like, more than they are for their respective spouses. I cannot explain it. They barely know each other.
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WoW stuff )

Sims 2 stuff )

I hope to give notice at work today.

more WoW

Apr. 13th, 2007 01:04 pm
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So no sooner do I post my  hunter-on-strike rant than I find out there are new ranks of several trainable pet skills for my owl.  Okay, I'll play for that.  Still on quest strike, though.  Partly, I'm bored with playing a hunter - druid and paladin both require a bit more attention.  And partly, I'm peeved because I want an endgame set - gear I can be happy with and keep for a long time - like I had for a little while at 60.  Felscale is not that set.  It looks like I have shake-shingles on my legs. 

Clearly, though, no matter how much I say I don't care about the character anymore, I will not rest until I have her in a situation I like.  Blargh. 

WoW stuff

Apr. 12th, 2007 11:28 am
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I figured I might as well go with the comprehensive post and be done with it. 

Tanaris census (with bonus rant about Little Napoleon) )

WoW again

Feb. 17th, 2007 11:22 am
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On I found a quest reward that I MUST HAVE - "Dib'Muad's crysknife." Also:

...I can't believe my boyfriend didn't get the reference.

I'm back into playing WoW after a period of disgruntlement - mostly because I found a hunter helmet that looks like an eyepatch, woot! (Pssh, marksman class don't need no stinkin' depth perception!) Also because of the Dune ref. Kaylee was just a bonus - I didn't even know there was a city to be found there. Nor did I know a quest would involve me turning into a bird.

I need to update my hunter icon. Terra's still wearing the Deadmines tunic there.

WoW stuff

Feb. 3rd, 2007 02:00 pm
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Babble about the expansion pack )

Best murloc ever. )

I finally got around to posting the screencaps to prove it: Everlook is an FF6 homage. At least a bit. )

I think I'm too deep into WoW jargon here to try to decode all of that for the non-addicts, in the event that anyone even tries to read it, but if you actually did and you're curious, I'll be happy to try to explain. At least I'm not talking about talent points. Eventually I ought to move WoW talk to the journal I set up for it ([ profile] windserpent, though there's nothing there) but this one was short...
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It's beautiful.

It's freakin' HEAVY.

I had a godawful day at work, but I have my Burning Crusade collector's edition and a margarita. Time to find out what the Draenei dance looks like! (Not a shaman, though. If I wanted to play a shaman, I'd play Horde; I don't have faction loyalty, any more than I cared about college football. I want to play a Draenei because they look awesome.)
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If you'd told me a year ago, I'd never ever have believed that I would end up caring deeply about the quality of the metal boots being worn by an imaginary elven archer, even if you'd added that said archer would be a green-haired chick named Terra.

Belated 2006 post, good and bad )

Painting has begun and moving is due to occur at the end of the month. Obviously, if you know me, that means I still haven't packed a damn thing.

WoW stuff

Dec. 24th, 2006 12:51 pm
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What I've been up to lately....

World of Warcraft seasonal screenshots. Very, very large. )

My hunter has two pets - Palidor is an owl, Bahamut a windserpent. Somebody else on my server has a windserpent named Tritoch, which makes me happy every time I see him.

And some more screencaps of instances and random stuff )

I've been relating to Penny Arcade a lot more lately, though in this case it was my boyfriend who went and fused with infinity without waiting for me. (Stumbled over the old 2004 strip by accident when paging through their Happy Chthulhumas strip sequence.) The attached news post also cracked me up, because my first character (and now, several of my alts) was a miner. And, well, there really is a lot of stuff to fight with your significant other about...

Not this weekend, though. We're flying back to Oklahoma to spend Xmas with my family, and we have no functional laptop, so we'll be offline for a while.
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Earlier this week I was in a godawful mood - several unpleasant things at work, now all under control, I think, but my mood was so bad I had to buy two hardcovers along with my stack of manga (I normally wait for the paperback or ask for them for Xmas, whichever comes first.) One was "The Brief History of the Dead," purchased on the basis of its short-fiction original incarnation from "The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2004." The other was Neil Gaiman's "Fragile Things," which opens with another story from that collection, a Lovecraft-verse/Sherlock Holmes crossover, and which also contains the Narnia story that got mentioned in the New York Times around the time the movie came out. I loves me some Neil, obviously, or I wouldn't be buying him in hardcover, but in light of his writing habits, his whole "I don't think I get fanfiction, but maybe it's good practice for writing original fiction!" stance looks like either disingenuousness or willful blindness.

And now for the part of the entry that will only really interest me - WoW talk and pics. Silliness first. Some large pics. Well, all of these will have some large pics. )

Anyone remember when I was bitching about needing better pants? )

And character shots. )

Talky noises about the game itself )

The comment in my last post about the the kids these days and their illiteracy - general chat pretty much destroyed my hope for the future of human civilization even before Darnassus dissolved into Chuck Norris jokes this morning. I mean, why the FUCK would people spell "can" with a K? WHY? Why are people just asking for strangers to give them money?

No, I really do like the game. I just... SPELL, people! Please!


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