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I'd been using my Tumblr mostly to blog cool fanart I found, since doing that kind of thing on DW is pretty cumbersome.  I was thinking I'd start posting fic there once I hit fifty followers, like, to celebrate.

Earlier today, when one of my Tumblr posts topped 400 notes and I'd gained about 8 new followers, I was a little surprised to be such a big hit.  That put me over fifty.   When I realized I'd gained another hundred, I kind of freaked the hell out.  Then I sat there staring slack-jawed for an hour as the number just kept climbing,

And it just KEPT GOING.  The post that went viral - is that even the right word? - is now at nearly 14,000 notes.  I'm at over 1300 followers. 

I just... what?  This is so weird. 
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Apparently, my plans for Saturday involve seeing Brokeback Mountain... with my mom, sister, and brother-in-law. O_o It's only the latter two that get the face; Mom and I already had plans to see it, which surprised me faintly but not too much. It's Quinn and Trent that startled me. For those who might have missed it, my sister (who, at twenty, has been married for a year already) and her husband are both evangelical Christians and pretty socially conservative - not so much that they won't listen to secular music, but enough that they don't make "uch" noises like my brother and I do when Mel Gibson's name is mentioned. Enough they got married when she was nineteen because they had to wait till marriage to have sex. Quinn thought Kavalier & Clay was off-puttingly graphic. So, well, this should be interesting. o_O

I'd been meaning for a while to post something that boils down to, hey, evangelical Christians are not the Borg (I've been meaning to write it ever since Frank Rich started pissing me off a year ago; he's off my radar now, and instead it's coming from the liberal blogs I read at work. It's maddening wanting to hit people I agree with) and this is as good a reminder as any that I want to write that post. But first I have to make the o_O face some more. It's not Borg-ness that makes me go all O_o about their interest in this movie, btw, if it's not obvious, it's knowing them as individuals.


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