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The Garden of Eden story is a masterful bit of explanatory myth, because it is really, really easy to believe that women once pissed off a vengeful deity.

Birth control pills, menstruating, etc. )
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Possibly not flu-riddled. Just to be safe, I'm sleeping a lot. It's a great sacrifice, let me tell you.

My birth control prescription SEEMS to be written for the full year, this time.
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OH my God, that bookcase was EVIL! Pure, unadulterated, affordable Swedish EVIL!

However, it's finally fully assembled. There's room all along the top of it for a big Suikofigures-versus-Kenshin-gumi rumble, even once I finally cave and throw in Hugo and probably Hero II if I can find them, and the shelves are tall enough for artbooks, plus in emptying out the old bookcase I found Final Fantasy: Pray. And I put together a whole end table with no help at all, so I feel very secure in my masculinity right now.
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Okay, maybe my grandiose plans for spamming will go nowhere. My head hurts.

Dude, what's my problem, I bought Aleve today because I knew I've been having headaches forever. I'm an idiot. No wonder I can't sell anything on Ebay.

Edited again because I lied.

More about Shoujo Beat, since I never finished talking about it )

I'd also like to brag on Del Rey for their translation of Tsubasa, but to properly illustrate it would require scans, and I'm tired. Whatever. There's one point where they have an untranslateable bit involving addressing someone as "kimi," so they fudged the lines a bit so that it would make coherent sense in English - and did it pretty seemlessly, using a characterization element that had already turned up earlier in the volume - then explained the original dialogue in a footnote at the end. I don't blame other editors for not putting that kind of effort into it, but it's a really nice touch when it is available.


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