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I support the immigration protests and protestors, but damn, that was some jacked-up traffic. I work in city hall; from a coworker's window I could see people milling around, going to and from the rally site, and walking to my car at the end of the day, I could hear speeches.

It's been a while since I ranted about work or politics, let alone both at once. It's kind of an interesting change of pace to be furious with the Cube Neighbor From Hell because she's a hateful, worthless human being and not just because she doesn't pull her own weight, likes to make more work for me even though I do three to four times as much as she does (this is not hyperbole - my boss told me this in a performance review, I would have estimated it lower) and uses her working hours to have weepy phone fights with her relatives in my hearing.

God, I am so close to just killing her with the serrated edge of my tape dispenser. )

I'm really, really not going to miss this job.
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I am an angry, angry woman at the best of times and my uterus is cramping like a motherfucker, and then today when I was driving home some imbecile who apparently can't see battle auras disapproved of my driving and dared to HONK at me to let me know, so I can at the moment incinerate large fratboys with my EYES. If you click any of the LJ-cuts, you can't claim I didn't warn you.

Old grudges never, ever die, especially when they involve old white guys telling me what to think about my own damn curse. I mean, reproductive system. )

I don't want to let my ranting obscure the fact that I'm a feminist and not one of the ones who likes to add "but I shave my legs!" either. That may have just been Freyja that did that, but I still haven't forgiven her for it. Anyone who tries to tell me I'm less a feminist because of anything I do, say, or think gets an assful of my foot, especially if they try to say it today, but petting the cat has taken enough of the edge of the wrath that I no longer want to go looking for blogs that'll piss me off.

I have Newsweek for that. )


Oct. 8th, 2005 11:28 am
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It's been a very head-desky week. I haven't managed to muster both the energy and links for a political post. I trust we all know about the Indiana "no artificial insemination or surrogate arrangements for you dirty homosexuals!" law, right (link snagged from [ profile] fred_chan, and the kid turned in by a Wal-Mart photo developer for a photo of himself giving Dubya a thumbs-down which was taken for a civics project on the Bill of Rights, and likely no one else knows that when a white guy blows up a building or himself in my home state people will still try to come up with an excuse to arrest a Muslim for it but that's GOOD because my birthplace can embarrass itself in the public eye even without the aid of conspiracy-theory nutbars.

And the Supreme Court nominee - I cannot for the life of me figure out why conservatives are freaking out. Some doubtless are upset about her resume, but what about the ones who think she's too moderate, not right-wing enough? Is this all an elaborate feint to convince people she's moderate, or are they honestly uncertain as to the abortion stance of an evangelical Christian from Dallas who dated a guy who thought a sixteen-year-old seeking an abortion should consider marrying her boyfriend instead of aborting? (Okay, his insanity is not her fault, but if that's the person vouching for your pro-life credentials, you are not a moderate.)

In happier news, I'm reading again - finished Sailing to Sarantium last weekend and now I'm midway through Lord of Emperors, which is holding my attention ruthlessly because the characters are spending relatively little time being stately, dignified and graceful and/or unrequitedly in love and hinting at sources of deep, deep sorrow - that kind of thing is the reason I normally take six-month breaks between his books, I can only take so much of that at a time. Sometimes it's depressing, more often it gets a bit tedious. Either way I'm glad it's sparingly-done here. Plus, despite the number of people hitting on the main character only one of them is in love with him, and she's accepted reasonably that it's not going to happen. It's making me want to try to steer my first Europe trip towards Istanbul a little, too.

And I've managed to find Fire Emblem fanart at last, including a little Kent/Lyn. One tangentially-related thing I'm starting to wonder, though - now that Anipike sucks, is there any reliable method to find decent fansites anymore? Back in the olden days of, like, 1999, I'd look through the links for sites hosted on their own domain names (on the assumption that if someone's bothering to pay for a domain and hosting they'll probably put in some effort on their site - this doesn't always hold, considering what I do with my own sites, but it was a useful starting point) and visit those first and then their links. Google, though, tends to privilege the official commercial sites, which usually lack both personality and high-res images, and fanlistings, which usually lack content. And, inexplicably, content-lacking, poorly-designed sites on Angelfire - what's up with that? Oh yeah, and message boards, which are not only not what I want, they usually enrage me. None of this has anything to do with the hunt for Japanese fanart sites, but it does have to do with feeding the obsession.


Sep. 16th, 2005 04:41 pm
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Boy Brains, Girl Brains from Newsweek - I'm not sure I can articulate the rage with which this article fills me. Let me try.


Nope. Can't.

Watch me keep trying, if by trying you mean ranting. )
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Apparently, I can easily outwit myself by putting things in cabinets and then closing the doors. Whatever I have thus cleverly concealed is pretty much lost to me forever, or at least for a couple of weeks. God, I'm brilliant. On the other hand, now I've learned that I have food! Non-grilled-cheese-sandwich food, that is. (The eggsicles don't count. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't come out right once thawed.)

Anyway - politics. I've been cranky about the Electoral College for a while, but now at least I've got some links to add to the griping. The Slate article is only moderately interesting, but it has some links... this one will probably give you more of the good kind of righteous indignation if you're (a) a liberal, and (b) from, say, New York or California. If you're socially conservative... go read it and then you'll know how I feel all the damn time. I'm not socially conservative, but for some reason it still kind of rubbed me the wrong way - I can't even pin down why. Maybe because I feel lumped in with all those horrible, ignorant people from the big square states that good liberals have never even seen, the ones they must come up with some way to overrule at all costs. As I see it, the problem isn't that "those states" are too powerful - it's that if you're not in the majority party in those states you're powerless, and that goes for conservatives in liberal states, too.

I much preferred this one - ". . . an archaic system of representation that includes a winner-take-all selection of electors and eschews proportionate representation at the local level is denying a voice to political minorities. Are you perchance one of the 2.4 million hardy Democrats living in Texas? You might as well hang up your political spurs. Since the Reagan era, Texas has become solidly Republican." YES. EXACTLY. I'd just like my vote to count for something other than a point about the problems with the Electoral College - it sure as hell doesn't count as a VOTE.

Uch. I need to think about something else. Like heavily-armed twelve-year-olds.

Naruto - manga volume 4, and some anime/manga comparison )

Rurouni Kenshin volume 6... and more anime/manga comparison )

Books without pictures )


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