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Dreams and mental health stuff )

Meanwhile, my husband continues his love affair with NPR, and so a couple of days ago he showed me this blog entry.  It took me a few days before the fog of RAGE before my eyes dissipated enough that I could read some of the articles linked within.  My poor husband thought I'd enjoy the poke at Twilight, and apparently forgot about my feelings on problem novels/issue-fiction, which tells me something about how much he listens when I rant... anyhow, the main thing to take from the NPR blog entry is AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH NO NO NO STOP IT STOP BEING WRONG ON THE INTERNET, but moving on from that, it's a wrong-headed rebuttal to an utterly wrong-headed WSJ editorial, and everyone being wrong is my very favorite kind of dispute! 

Here are all the wrong people. (Cut for length, and for mention of subjects including self-harm, suicide, sexual assault, etc. etc.) )

Yes, my YA fiction tag is "YA fiction is evil." 
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Why the HELL is Daniel such a fucking asshole? And why the hell do you guys all keep SPEAKING to him? Quit it! We have an ignore function and I for one intend to use it! He has no respect for my class, my playstyle, my preferences in game or for me as a human, and I have every reason to believe that that's equally true of EVERYONE ELSE TOO, so it's time for all of us to spare our livers and our incipient ulcers by shunning him right into the ground.

We know he won't call people on actual phones, so in-game ignore means we're safe.
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I support the immigration protests and protestors, but damn, that was some jacked-up traffic. I work in city hall; from a coworker's window I could see people milling around, going to and from the rally site, and walking to my car at the end of the day, I could hear speeches.

It's been a while since I ranted about work or politics, let alone both at once. It's kind of an interesting change of pace to be furious with the Cube Neighbor From Hell because she's a hateful, worthless human being and not just because she doesn't pull her own weight, likes to make more work for me even though I do three to four times as much as she does (this is not hyperbole - my boss told me this in a performance review, I would have estimated it lower) and uses her working hours to have weepy phone fights with her relatives in my hearing.

God, I am so close to just killing her with the serrated edge of my tape dispenser. )

I'm really, really not going to miss this job.
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I am an angry, angry woman at the best of times and my uterus is cramping like a motherfucker, and then today when I was driving home some imbecile who apparently can't see battle auras disapproved of my driving and dared to HONK at me to let me know, so I can at the moment incinerate large fratboys with my EYES. If you click any of the LJ-cuts, you can't claim I didn't warn you.

Old grudges never, ever die, especially when they involve old white guys telling me what to think about my own damn curse. I mean, reproductive system. )

I don't want to let my ranting obscure the fact that I'm a feminist and not one of the ones who likes to add "but I shave my legs!" either. That may have just been Freyja that did that, but I still haven't forgiven her for it. Anyone who tries to tell me I'm less a feminist because of anything I do, say, or think gets an assful of my foot, especially if they try to say it today, but petting the cat has taken enough of the edge of the wrath that I no longer want to go looking for blogs that'll piss me off.

I have Newsweek for that. )


Sep. 16th, 2005 04:41 pm
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Boy Brains, Girl Brains from Newsweek - I'm not sure I can articulate the rage with which this article fills me. Let me try.


Nope. Can't.

Watch me keep trying, if by trying you mean ranting. )
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An actual overheard conversation )

And people wonder why I'm so cranky.
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I have discovered that Howl's Moving Castle fandom exists. This is bad. )

I am so much better off when I pretend there are no human beings anywhere else in the world. As long as they exist, though, I might as well exploit them, so can anybody direct me to a good P2P music service? I'm still using elderly Kazaa Lite, from back when benevolent pirates released a spyware-free version, but there has to be something better. I'm having the damnedest time finding game music, and my results for other Japanese music are very hit-or-miss.

Edit: I suppose a reasonable person would have a reasonable explanation for the episode under the cut. I mean, I could claim it makes me crazy when otaku will watch anything that's from Japan just because it's from Japan but they obviously don't read but, um, since the middle of last week I've been dangling "You can go to Borders and buy that volume of Rurouni Kenshin you held off on!" in front of myself as a bribe. This was pure flailing because EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE THE STUFF I LOVE and, like, there was thing for a while where the first RK OVA was licensed and nothing else was, so there'd be people talking about Kenshin who'd never seen the TV series or the manga or anything and a little bit of my soul died each time I heard them doing that. I swear, a third of my soul is dead by now. This explains so much about me.
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Went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the parents. Movie talk. )

And the trailers. )

The Pride and Prejudice trailer gets its own cut, which eventually morphs into a rant about Wuthering Heights )

Using the book icon because I haven't in a while, and I have no icon for "ignoring food to play with intarweb" even though I probably ought to.
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A thought: Telling someone that the color schemes on a few of their skins made you want to wash your eyes with acid is really not the best way to get them to make the skins you want them to make, even if this is a perfectly valid criticism of certain of their creations.

But now I kind of want to make an FLCL skin... I'm thinking a lime-green-and-purple gradient layer set to burn will make it sufficiently pretty. This is the same impulse I have whenever people ask me for skins of GODDAMN FUCKING SEPHIROTH. Trouble is, making the skin is too much effort. Maybe I'll pretend I've made a skin, create a fake screencap and post it as if it is one and then either have no download link to it, or else it'll be a link to one of the FF6 skins... but then they'd email me. If only I could think it'd be funny enough to justify all the annoyance.

Or, worse, they'd actually like it. They liked the fugly, non-functional FF8 thing, my second skin ever. Never underestimate the stupid.

Annoyance is my theme for today. At work, we have to have ANOTHER celebration lunch, blargh. Cube slaves of the world, unite! End the oppression of team luncheons! )

Edit - I just opened an obvious spam mail out of curiosity, and the URL to the porn site included the name "kellycapowski." Like, from Saved By The Bell? Now I'm disturbed and I have the song stuck in my head. Hopefully I can pass at least one of these reactions along.


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