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OMG! That's the program I'm enrolled in! Why am I not in this guy's class? All my professors do is make me drive two hours to Fullerton at ungodly hours of the morning! And I get to do it again tomorrow! Woot!

WoW is going fine when I have time to play - Black Morass was painless (if I'd remembered about Lay on Hands I wouldn't have died with the last boss, but I tend to do that) so I'm now keyed for Karazhan. I'm two points away from being able to make the epic axe I have the pattern for. All but two of my alts are mounted, though I do have to play Yulia now that I've heard patch 2.3 will have epic flying mounts for engineers.

I've also been playing lots of Sims, since it's something I can do while studying. At some point I may do a post on all the drama in the neighborhood, or post some of the pics for the sake of interesting genetics, but for now I just post the roster.
FF Sims - long rundown of marriages, kids, goals and careers. )

And a couple of pics. )
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I've been playing Sims again. While some of the stuff is funny just for crossover reasons (burning mutual lust between Cloud and Terra) and some in comparison to my last FF Sims neighborhood (once again, Celes and Edgar have reeeeeeally strong chemistry, though this time they're not acting on it) the real draw is seeing how the kids turn out. And now the oldest children of the FF Sims are off to college (Marlene and her fiancee Jade have already graduated.) Lots and lots of pics. )
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Rauny dinged 52 last night, so she has now reached her Destiny. For those who don't play, the fact the name is in purple is good. Very, very good. ^_^ Ignore the "meh" comments - it's badass. More loot talk. )

Latest patch fixes the flickering-terrain problems. HUZZAH!

In Sims 2 new, Tseng's half-alien baby turned out to have pointed ears, to my great delight. I made Reno a pleasure Sim, and despite his desire to have 50 first dates, he went and fell hard for Jan Tellerman. I'm hoping the romance mod I downloaded will let them have an open relationship, because she's a romance Sim and neither one of them is going to be a huge fan of monogamy.
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WoW stuff )

Sims 2 stuff )

I hope to give notice at work today.
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After getting some weirdness in Sims 2, I uninstalled whichever was the last pack I had at the time (Pets?), so that's it for the original Final Fantasy Pleasantview neighborhood.  I reinstalled, and I got Seasons for my birthday.  Seasons RULES; I love the weather, which you'd probably expect given how much I miss weather in real life.  Stupid California. 
WoW babble to come later.  That was longer than I expected. 
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In case anyone was curious, I'm posting some screencaps of some of the Sim families... behold the Twin Rampage!

Family shots. Less ugly. )

Tomorrow I may post WoW screencaps, which will probably be entirely for my own amusement, but you're spared for now because I can barely keep my eyes open.
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Anyone remember Mandibles of Death, aka Rose Branford? Well, she went to college, got married... and spawned.

Ugly!Sims under the cut - large pics, I'm afraid )
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A sample argument with my boyfriend, abridged )

Yeah, I'm a defective southerner, I don't like barbeque or fried chicken. Though of course I eat fried chicken at funerals.

In Harlot China White World of Warcraft news, Terra is now level 13, she has two pets - combat minions, essentially, an owl named Palidor and a cat named Stray because I'm a cheeseball - and will not have any more for a while, since she's too poor to stable another. And the random buffing (stat-boosting spells) no longer seems like pure coincidence. Either people who play Night Elves are buff-crazed freaks, or they're targeting me specifically, possibly because they like the name. I mean, I'm glad they keep doing this, I just don't understand why.

The new icon is of Rauny, my warrior and main character. See the two hilts? I think she's got her Warhammer of Smashing on at the moment (the actual name is, like, Battlesmasher of Power. It's great.)

In Sims 2 news, MORE TWINS. Still not the result of cheesecake. As if I'd need to use that. Tifa hit her lifetime want for six grandkids early, but good lord, it's like they're trying to chase me out of that neighborhood. I'm already worried about Pleasantview getting overpopulated, but I'm not ready to totally start over in a new neighborhood, because I'm too attached to a couple of the younger families, even with their deranged twin sprees...
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Harlot news - Still mostly playing Rauny. She finally has a decent shirt, and her pants make her ass look good but they still only reach her knees. She doesn't have the legs for capri pants any more than I do. I kept putting on leather pants for looks unless we were facing something really deadly, but I finally had to sell them to finance my training. Sigh. I've tried a paladin and a mage and I definitely like warriors best. The boyfriend keeps saying things like "YOU ARE INSANE" and "Now I know how Lina Inverse feels" and "RUN!" but he did give me a bastard sword, which is the best bastard sword EVER. I love my bastard sword. I carried it around for ages and refused to put it in the bank because I didn't fully realize I'd have to buy the ability to use it.

He also got me Open for Business, because he is a wonderful, wonderful person. He figured I didn't need Nightlife because I don't really need encouragement to push my Sims into illicit affairs and lots of woohoo, and since OFB gives you all the stuff I knew of and coveted from Nightlife - the chemistry system, for one thing, and choosing your own wedding garb, and I don't know if inventory was a Nightlife or OFB invention but I've got it now and it RULES. Now they don't have to say goodbye to all their family portraits if they move! - anyway, I think he made the right choice.
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Happy 108th birthday, Merc. :P ...I don't remember if you ever told me your actual birthdate...

For Teh Harlot purposes, I need suggestions on relatively obscure Suiko-names. I was able to snag "Leknaat," but I'm not too thrilled with that one - I only tried it because Nabeshin said someone from his favorite character's guild has that name on some other server, so I wanted to see if it was taken, and it wasn't. I don't especially like Leknaat (or dislike her... I mean, she's Leknaat) but most of the characters I do like have names like Chris and Cleo, and the others I can think of have names like... oh, wait! Now I have a mage named Tengaar. Any others? Rauny, the only one I've bothered to play, has decent pants at last, but is still stuck in a gawdawful tacky turquoise chainmail vest. At least I finally have a sword again, though I've yet to acquire a second sword.

And in the Sims 2: OOC Final Fantasy... Remember how Celes was married to Setzer, but then she had an affair with Edgar and left Setzer for him? And then Edgar and Terra started spontaneously rolling romantic wants for each other? And Setzer got married to Caryl, the former maid? Well, Caryl started cultivating a friendship with Edgar to help Setzer's career along... and now Edgar wants to hit on her. It's like it's not enough that he make a habit of seducing married women - he has to specialize in Setzer's wives. (Well, not Terra, but still, Setzer's only had two wives and Edgar's been after both of them.) Meanwhile, Melissa, Barret's wife, is absolutely determined to get all up on George McCarthy... her daughter Nina's new husband. Previously she's had wants to sleep around, but except for a brief "OMG, Ricky Cormier's finally legal!" thing when he went to college, she'd never gotten interested in anyone in particular. Oh well. Maybe she'll woohoo Barret into an early grave and then I can turn her loose on the household help.

I'm starting another neighborhood just so I can tell myself, no, these Sims aren't really the FF6 cast...
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....I always just figured it was a cheesy joke, but people in LA really do talk about the traffic the way people in normal places talk about the weather. Traffic, and LA geography - "you have to go back to the Valley, right? I used to live around there." Um, yes? I'm getting very sick of the way Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" queues up in my head every time I pass Reseda or Ventura, as I do every day now. Twice every day. I used to like that song, but it seems like that was a very long time ago. Between that and the hour-long, fifteen-mile morning commute, I'm getting intimately acquainted with my two AX soundtrack purchases.

Work stuff will go in locked posts from now on. Including one that's upcoming. Meanwhile, two large Sims 2 pics. Setzer can't win. )
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I got back into FF6, and the fandom, and the writing of fanfic, when I was graduating from college and wanting desperately not to deal with it. I played videogames obsessively as high school was ending. So it's really no wonder I'm escaping into Sims 2 all the time right now.

Update on teh ugly )

University: The March of the Townies! )

The Strife Household: 'We prefer the term naturism' )

Celes has got it goin' on )

Speaking of divorce... )

Picking aspirations for the next round of Final Fantasy Sims )

Meanwhile, back in my real life, I've packed up lots and lots of books, donated lots of old clothes and sundry other unwanted junk to Goodwill, and most impressive of all, cleaned out my fridge, which was sort of like Dirk Gently's refrigerator - this locus of shame, fear, and furry cheese. The freezer was packed with stuff from my late aunt's house; when he was cleaning it out, Dad didn't want to throw away everything, so he foisted a lot of it off on me. I don't even remember how long it'd been since I cleaned the whole thing.

Sims never have to pack... or clean the fridge...
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Things of potential interest: The new Vienna Teng CD will be out July 25.

Locke/Terra fansite Kiraboshi is posting doujin stories online. This is especially kickass because those doujinshi are IMPOSSIBLE to come by; I've seen them sell on Yahoo Japan for the equivalent of $150-$200 a book.

I've been meaning to pimp the music of Michelle Cross for a while - there are a fair number of free MP3s there. "Cinderella" is probably my favorite; she reminds me a little of Tori Amos, with more coherent lyrics. So, a lot like most of the music I like, really.

My long absence has a little to do with the need to get ready to move, but much more to do with an unconquerable Sims 2 obsession. Explanation of terms, for those who don't play. )

Last time I posted about the game, I think, it was to reveal the ugliest toddler imaginable. She didn't improve much with age. )

Meanwhile, in Locke and Terra's house, even more babies! After giving birth to the first one, Terra rolled the "have ten children" want. I... guess she enjoyed it, then? She's not getting the full ten kids, but she and Locke have two daughters now. Cut for two more pics. )

Meanwhile, I've been playing the Lockhart household a lot - it started out with Barret, Tifa, and Marlene, all under Tifa's last name, and then Tifa married Rude, Barret married Melissa (one of the townies) and both couples started having kids. They also got filthy rich after Barret got a lucky chance card. Rude was my first-ever success on a lifetime want - he made Captain Hero recently. He wears his sunglasses even in superhero garb. Heh. Which is why this was the funniest burglary ever. )

More on the family situation and the younger generation's romantic complications. )
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The internet is working! FINALLY! I had to swap out my old modem for a new one, then tried switching it to USB since Ethernet cable wasn't working, then had several failed attempts at finishing driver installation, then finally got a not-very-clearly-worded hint, after trying to load Google, that I needed to call the cable company to enable usage of this modem. NICE OF THEM TO MENTION THAT WHEN THEY HANDED IT TO ME. Not sure why the Ethernet cable won't work, but I don't feel like messing with it further at the moment.

Yeah, I sort of realize I've been posting more while my home internet was out than I was when it was functional. You just never know what you've got till it's gone. Time to go pirate more TV shows, I think.

And now, images of Duane and Katarin's hideous freak-child. Bless her heart, she's *deformed.* )

So tired now. Obviously, I'm not going to sleep, but I suppose I ought to.
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Interesting - this person worked out Cid VI's HP and what the fish do to it. Scroll down to "sauver Cid" - I've never seen this info on an English site. So "fish" is worse for him than "rotten fish," if the site's got it right. It'd fit with my recent experience trying to keep him alive, where I'd give him fish that seemed like they should be perfectly fine and he'd start wheezing and talking about his impending death.

Like many geeks, I love Bruce Campbell. But I don't love him because of the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness thing, I love him because of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and FINALLY I KNOW I'M NOT ALONE. 1993 - you know what this means? Fox has been toying with my emotions and breaking my heart for half of my life. Of course, ABC did its share, but FOX, dammit. This was the best series in the whole universe when I was fourteen. I hope it still is.

As if I don't have enough going on right now, I got called up for jury duty - for one of the days I'll be in Europe. (Yeah, that's one of the things I neglected to mention, I think - Europe trip planned for early May, one week, I need to read Coriolanus before I go because we'll be seeing it in London.) I really, really hope that's good enough to get me excused.

Sims 2 is progressing nicely, now that I've discovered I don't have to play in one of the pre-made neighborhoods, except that Figaro Castle has no roof. I probably shouldn't have given it turrets - I mean, it doesn't have them in the game - but I like turrets, and I got a little carried away with the ability to make houses over two stories high.


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