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My final semester of school means a pseudo-thesis ritual in which I gather up all my assignments from previous classes and use them to demonstrate that I've learned the principles the program wants us to learn.  This, in itself, is not all that frightening - not nearly as bad as a real thesis or dissertation would be - but it means OH GOD I'm about to graduate, and that is frightening. 


A short bit of Suikoden V. ) I'm basically putting this up so I'll have my full playing log to access next time I get a chance to play.
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Life has not just been Suikoden and WoW. It has also been school starting back up, and most recently, a series of tribulations starting with "we need to paint the ceiling before the house appraiser gets here," and concluding with "and then we found a dead possum in the garage."

SO. Suikoden V. I dunno if anyone's interested in the TL;DR recaps, but I like to see how my predictions turn out and follow plot points as the information about them emerges. And I suspect I'll want to write fanfic, so having something to prompt my memory of events would be nice.

More of my blow-by-blow recap. Spoilers through the engagement ceremony and the events immediately afterwards. )
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I haven't been playing Suikoden much lately - frantically trying to get my troll to 75 before his chance to liberate his homeland is gone forever - but I figured if I was going to post my Suikoden progress, I should get started. I'm starting from scratch and figured I might as well record my take as I go. I'm going in spoiler-free, with only my knowledge of the earlier games. This was written as I played (my PS2 is right by my computer) and covers two play sessions. Long, some spoilers through to the semi-finals of the Sacred Games.

The character-naming music makes me nostalgic. )


Apr. 11th, 2006 09:38 pm
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My question earlier about games was based on the fact I have something to exchange at Gamestop. The trip to a Gamestop out in LA, and the lurking around the PS2 aisle of Fry's, and so forth, all that was just a test of willpower, apparently. Or torture. The boyfriend may have a previously unidentified sadistic streak - you know, I'm almost certain of it now, given he took me into Fry's before we found sweet, life-giving caffeine a Starbucks. Anyway, the conclusion is that I will use my Gamestop exchange for Suikoden V, though Lord knows when I'll have time to play it.

And on that note, Suikoden III volume 9 was one of my manga purchases. And the usual dissection ensues. )

...holy crap, y'all, we're renting a house.

art stuff

Nov. 25th, 2005 02:48 pm
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I hope everyone who celebrates it had a lovely Thanksgiving free of green vegetables. My mother always serves green beans, apparently out of a sense of duty because everyone knows that at a real Thanksgiving dinner, everything on your plate should be varying shades of brown (we don't eat cranberries in my family) and swimming in gravy. Arteries? We don't need no stinkin' arteries! I guess sweet potatoes aren't exactly brown...

EEEEE! Rakushun fanart! Youko/Rakushun fanart! And there's more! And this one too! Also this, featuring (once you scroll past the Devil May Cry stuff - or not, as you see fit) an intensely bishified Rakushun in addition to all the Youko/Rakushun stuff.

Suikoden tarot icons because I figured someone was bound to be interested, and because I rarely see Suikoden icons on communities.
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I got this set of Suikoden III game-retelling doujinshi and I love them so much. It's like an antidote to the manga version, now that I've realized one of the mystery characters is actually Galahad, not an OC, and the other one is Pellize. This is the set that includes the two I offered up for sale a while back, but the whole group of four came in recently. Is nifty. Plus, they all came with mini-copybooks (like, eight pages total, and not even stapled) which were the mysterious scans I mentioned last night with no context whatsoever... um, oops?

Scans ho )

I totally didn't just download a rom of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones from a German site. Nope, not me. I'm too ethical for that. Besides, I just want to be able to take screencaps.

Also Suikoden-y... someone suggest a title for a McDohl skin? People have been requesting one, and I already have an image set up for it, but I can't come up with a title.
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Um, the prince in Suikoden V... is it just me, or is he a horrifying nightmare-beast? His LEGS ARE ON BACKWARDS. LOOK AT HIM. His hips rotate 360 degrees! He is the scion of the Lost Tribe of He-Man Action Figures, raised in secret among the Karaya and trained in combat by Nanami, preparing for the day that he would lead his people to glory!

And there's the Shounen Jump pirate along with more about the game. Both images snagged from Merc. Actually, if you discount Prince Jellobones, this looks pretty neat - the visuals are an obvious mix between the Karayan look, itself a blend of vaguely African and vaguely Native American visual, um... thingies, it's late, and the Asian-flavored environments of the first and (especially) the second game, and... God, I'm lost in this sentence. Chinese + (African x Indian) = visually interesting culture where PEOPLE'S LEGS ARE BACKWARDS. Let's just hope they don't talk this time and I'm there.

I also had a rambly, incoherent thing about the queen's headdress that concluded on a note of "Falena's full of hippies," but I thought better of it.

My GOD, maybe the prince is Torgo!

I'm going to bed.
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Holy CRAP, 299 hits for GE as a whole? A fic that hasn't been updated in over six months, for an old-school game, and it's on fewer favorites lists than one of my FF7 fics? And on no C2s at all? Is the fandom high? I mean, yay, but dude, wtf?

And from yesterday, thoughts on Suikoden III - I needed to refresh my memory on a couple of things. I guess the game's past the statute of limitations on spoilers, but just in case, there'll be spoilers for the whole game and the manga )

In other news, I have learned far more about historical armor than I ever thought possible. Damn Zexens and their desire to not actually die bloodily in combat.
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Meme I snagged (and modified) from [ profile] mergle

1. Comment with any pairing from a fandom that I might know something about. Or several pairings.

2. I will ramble for whatever length I feel like about any pairings you offer. Depending on your choice, this may involve cursing. Or squealing.

2a. Go with several pairings. I like rambling.

3. Put this on your LJ if you want.


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