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Still trying to catch up with Young Justice and OH MY GOD could Captain Marvel be ANY more perfect?  I am reduced to giggling like a loon whenever he's onscreen.  I just want to buy him ice cream and and a puppy and hug him. 

And just when I thought I couldn't love him more, the episode where the world of kids and the world of adults get split comes along, and he's pwning as a kid, too! 

"Doesn't she have the power to enthrall most men?"
"And some women."

Nice. :D 

I'm more and more impressed with the show as it goes along, and I think it got off to a much stronger start than my beloved Justice League did.  I'm really enjoying Conner and Megan's relationship, both the problems - poor feral Conner, completely freaked out at the idea of anything happening to her and unable to express it except through caveman snarling - and their teenage cutesiness.  I also appreciate the fact that both Wally and Artemis handled their romantic disappointments without all the overblown heartbreak Legend of Korra is throwing around!  I mean, Bolin had plenty of reason to be so upset - the girl he likes kissing his brother - but both he and Korra have been getting way too invested for the level of relationship development that's happened to date.  I mean, come on, Korra, "I think we're meant for each other"?  You barely know him!  

Err, sorry.  I just feel like "aww, man!" or "ugh, I'm going out and beating up criminals" are far more appropriate responses to romantic disappointments at that age than "I WILL MAKE THAT BOY MINE" or "I WILL GO GET DRUNK ON NOODLES." least beating up criminals is appropriate in the context.  Not so much in real life.

I've finished up through episode 23 - which explained a lot about Megan, daaaaaamn - and hope to finish the first season and be caught up shortly. 

Also saw Avengers for the second time - never take an elderly aerospace engineer to a superhero movie, btw - and could not ship Clint/Natasha harder if you paid me.


May. 5th, 2012 05:46 pm
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Mostly cross-posted from Tumblr.

In Tiger & Bunny, the superhero anime about which I will not shut up, a young, good-looking blond hero and an older, dark-haired, bearded superhero are forced into a reluctant partnership in which the blond man repeatedly addresses the dark-haired, bearded one as "old man."  In Avengers, a young, good-looking blond hero and an older, dark-haired, bearded superhero are forced into a reluctant team-up in which the dark-haired, bearded guy repeatedly refers to the blond one as an old man.

It was just sort of freaky, that's all.

I got to see it this morning (I'm on the West Coast) as a perk of the spousal unit's employment.  Despite it being limited to employees, or "cast members" (guess where he works!) the lines were around the block, but they started the movie only about 40 minutes late.  No trailers, just straight into the film.




Also the first time I've spotted the Stan Lee Cameo unassisted, which means I'm starting to doubt I got it right, but meh.


Apr. 28th, 2012 08:34 pm
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Neglected to mention it here, but I'm watching Legend of Korra, and a little sad that the show's so transparently going Mako/Korra; Bolin is AWESOME and if you ask me Korra should go for him, because funny guys are FAR superior boyfriends to the brooding angsty boys who think they're too cool to show enthusiasm.  Especially when said angsty boys go and find themselves girlfriends, while their brothers bring you suspiciously romantic-looking "thanks for saving my life" gifts.  Just saying.

Also, Tenzin's family is the best part of the show, every time.  I want a whole show about them.  The face his wife made when... Tarloc? Karloc? invited himself to dinner was the highlight of the episode.

Meanwhile, in Young Justice news, I'm glad Artemis swung a better code name than the other sidekicks.
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I'm watching Young Justice on my brother's relentless recommendation.  I wouldn't call it "enthusiastic" because he tends to recommend things in terms like "It doesn't make me want to vomit."  

First two episodes: Only the late introduction of Miss Martian (oy vey) kept this from being completely devoid of female speaking roles. Cripes, show.  I mean, Wonder Woman's onscreen, but she's not talking... I'm enjoying the writing quite a bit, but they better get on the introduction of the token women.  At least they promised Black Canary as trainer.  

My entire knowledge of DC comics comes from cultural osmosis and the DCAU, especially the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons, which I loved SO MUCH and which have done so much to shape my view of the DC-verse that I can't actually read the comics.   So I'm glad they'll be focusing on the kids, because the big hero lineup at the end made me all sad. Green Lantern was white, and Hawkgirl seems to be accompanied by a Hawkman, and did I mention Green Lantern was white?   I don't know which one he's supposed to be, but he's not John Stewart, MY GL.  I will accept no substitutes.  At least Kid Flash seems to be Wally, and some characterization seems to be the same across all continuities.

I think I may be shipping Aqualad/Superboy a little.  I hope they start using civilian names soon, as the sidekick names are unbearably dumb.


Apr. 4th, 2012 11:52 pm
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Me, to husband, while watching X-Men: First Class:  "I knew people shipped them, but I didn't realize their first meeting involved underwater humping."

I'm the last person on earth to see this movie, but hell, I might as well cut for length.

Thoughts with no particular order or organization. )

So I enjoyed it, though probably not the way most of the fandom did.


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