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Earlier, I posted a list of the things that meant something different in Ireland.

And then didn't explain most of them. So, remedying that! )

Seder time, or rather, time for hovering awkwardly in the kitchen to see if I can help my m-i-l or else retreating to the living room to hope no one notices I'm a bad daughter-in-law.  Or worse, making awkward conversation with B's parents.  Aiee.
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Updates on things!

The house unfucking continues - I discovered our bedroom closet has a floor!  Also I ran out of hangers before I ran out of clothes. 

I love my panda lady in Mists of Pandaria so much that I don't want to play her, because I'll get all attached to her and then lose her when the beta ends.  I tried copying over my 85s to work on leveling them, but I can't find any quests anywhere and the new talent system is really, really confusing.  I know it's not supposed to be, but it is.  

And the ending of the Ireland trip recap!

Bunratty, Kilkenny, and back to Dublin )

And this would have been posted hours ago, but my brother had four hours' worth of frustration with our parents and speculation about Song of Ice and Fire plot to get out of his system.
I've been on Tumblr for a while, though basically what happened was I tried posting and tagging a few things, then got lazy and stopped, so now I just check my dashboard and occasionally reblog something. 

I mention this mostly because I'm following Unfuck Your Habitat and since the return from Ireland, my computer room has gone from "hoarding runs in my family, I'm so boned" to "before picture."  I'm now trying to make the transition to "after picture" since my parents are coming for a visit.

This will also facilitate Tumblr use since it occurred to me that Tumblr might be the perfect way to share bits of doujinshi, and in the course of the unfucking I unearthed my PSP disc.  Which is good because the new computer, Meiko, is here now, but I don't really have the hang of scanning with Gimp (or doing other tasks I'm used to from PSP, like increasing color depth on a gif.)

Anyway!  More of Ireland!

Ring of Kerry, Dingle, Bunratty Castle )

And I'm going to break there, because the great unfucking has spread to the bathroom and the bleach fumes are making me kind of woozy.  Next stage: CAULK.  Our shower's in pretty sorry shape.
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Pandora just went from "Proud Mary" to "You Give Love a Bad Name."  What the HELL, Pandora.

So, more of the Ireland trip. 

From Dublin to Killarney )
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So I was looking at yet another Tiger & Bunny/Miku Miku Dance video and someone had commented with "ooh Mr. Kotetsu ooh," and so I've been walking around the house bursting into giggles periodically for the past half hour because, yes, that's a pretty accurate summary of the way the whole fandom feels about Kotetsu.  I haven't actually watched the video yet, too busy giggling.

So!  Ireland trip!

Dublin! )

And I'm sleepy enough that the entry box is starting to look like a parallelogram, so I think I'll wrap this up and post more tomorrow, including the musical pub crawl, the bookstore clerk taking a class from Terry Pratchett, and Ireland's terrifying mountain roads.

I didn't really have jet lag problems while there. It's here that I'm all weird.

the return

Mar. 19th, 2012 05:15 pm
Things that mean something different in Ireland than they do in the US: "Wide, well-paved roads," milkshakes, walk/don't walk signs, vegetable soup, speed limits.

ARGH I had the post written up to day 3 of the trip and then my computer BSODed, and I need to go buy food since there is none in the house to speak of, so I'll reconstruct it later.  We have returned, we are jetlagged despite our traveling companion's best efforts, the cats are happy to have us back, I keep finding out that family home remedies are actually medically valid, and Ireland is gorgeous and extremely well-supplied with sheep.  Also, they loves them some butter, and so do I.  And eggs.  This week was basically about stress-testing my arteries. 

Sticky toffee pudding is what the gods eat, by the way. 


Mar. 8th, 2012 03:09 pm
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I feel like it has been a week since we left LA.  I think I've actually been up 35 hours, more or less - I dozed somewhat on the two plane flights, and we did nap once we gained access to our hotel, which is a very long story involving the words "Five in the morning" and "our saintly cab driver loaned us his cell phone" and, you know, I'll tell it later. 

Otherwise: Pubs!  Castles!  Illuminated manuscripts, many of them not from Western Europe!  Prison!  (Lucia kind of has a thing about prisons, I don't know.)  I need to look up what "off license" means because it's been mystifying me all day, which means it feels like years!
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No offense to Denverites, but seriously FUCK THE DENVER AIRPORT.  Fuck that place.

This is the second Xmas in a row that it has devoured my luggage, sent me dashing onto a connecting flight late, and robbed me of my rightful gingerbread latte. Also I gather it has the full-sized and murderous version of the demon horse statue I knew from my undergrad days. (Seriously - a small version of that statue resided in a rose garden, of all things, at OU.)  Because I totally need more reasons to hate the Denver airport. 

So I am at my parents' home, luggageless but unharmed and full of many beers.  The drunk has subsided a little, hence my semi-coherent typing. 
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Husband and I ran off for the weekend, visited the San Diego zoo, did some Temecula wine tasting (hence my tipsy and slightly abbreviated Tiger & Bunny post last night) and now he's watching Avatar: The Last Airbender without me, because he managed to find the third season on TV and I want to watch it more or less in order.  Despite being mostly spoiled due to fandom osmosis.  This was poorly thought-out on my part, probably, but then again, being spoiled as hell didn't stop me from embracing Madoka Magica fandom.  I did watch a couple of episodes.  I like Toph, and Sokka seems to make excellent faces. 

While there, we discovered that the Yelp reviewers of San Diego are a baffling lot who will ding a restaurant stars for having a bad parking lot.  Presumably these delicate flowers would starve to death in LA, which does not to my knowledge have any good parking lots, but whatever, more food for me.  We ate at Yokohama Yakitori Koubou, where chicken gizzards joined the list of things I have tried because of fandom (in this case, because of Fumi Yoshinaga.)

Tomorrow I need to bake a cake and brace myself for the giant heaps of MEAT at my in-laws' place.  Maybe I'll actually have the mats for pasta salad.  I mean, my mother-in-law's an excellent cook for some things, but she's not as good at dishes that aren't made out of animal.
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So it's been three months since the Japan trip. Maybe I should get around to posting on it!

No photos in here, just a wall of text. )

I do have photos, they just aren't posted anywhere yet.

Other day-to-day stuff: Summer class is over. Computer is alive. We're trying to adopt the stray kitten who's living in our backyard. Flurf's mother, bless her heart, has Views on most aspects of the wedding, but that's the next post from the backlog.
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Back from Japan (about a week ago, but jet lag got me.) I went with Mom; she wanted to visit my brother and his wife and meet my brother's new in-laws, likes to have company when traveling, and knew I'd always wanted to go to Japan. We stuck almost entirely to Osaka and the Kansai region (we went Kobe-wards on our last day, though) and for the first half of the trip were guided by my brother. We were going to be guided by him for the whole week, but he got a job interview!

The long version will be locked, so I can use real names. The short version: We ate amazing food, including a great deal of squid and some jellyfish, got two free bowls from a bakery near our hotel, visited many temples and a couple of castles, fed monkeys, high-fived otters, and got mugged by deer. Also, ate the best ramen in the entire world. We did go nerd-shopping; the toys weren't major bargains, but the doujinshi were (5 for about 1800 yen!) Also, though I didn't take a picture or purchase it, I found Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yaoi. I mean, I knew it had to exist; I didn't expect it to be up on display, like "check out our awesome turtle porn!"

Oh, and also United lost my luggage for the first two days of the trip! And then made us think they'd lost all the luggage when we returned, because it arrived in Burbank before we did and so they stuck it in an office, locked it, and left for the day! And now I hate the San Francisco airport, as well as United. Woo.

Full post will be locked, so I can use real names, and go on at great length.


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