Apr. 7th, 2012 07:40 pm
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ZOMG Tumblr has made me aware that there are new Twelve Kingdoms books coming out!  Apparently re-releases of the older books and a new one as well?  Artists on Pixiv are certainly very excited.

Speaking of Tumblr, doujinshi scans uploaded a couple of days ago. 

The Great Unfucking has resulted in calling tech support for both my laptop and desktop (laptop won't turn on, desktop had been BSODing on me - and yes, it's new, that shouldn't be happening,) yet more laundry, and attacking the garden in an attempt to remove many unwanted and itchy plants.  

art stuff

Nov. 25th, 2005 02:48 pm
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I hope everyone who celebrates it had a lovely Thanksgiving free of green vegetables. My mother always serves green beans, apparently out of a sense of duty because everyone knows that at a real Thanksgiving dinner, everything on your plate should be varying shades of brown (we don't eat cranberries in my family) and swimming in gravy. Arteries? We don't need no stinkin' arteries! I guess sweet potatoes aren't exactly brown...

EEEEE! Rakushun fanart! Youko/Rakushun fanart! And there's more! And this one too! Also this, featuring (once you scroll past the Devil May Cry stuff - or not, as you see fit) an intensely bishified Rakushun in addition to all the Youko/Rakushun stuff.

Suikoden tarot icons because I figured someone was bound to be interested, and because I rarely see Suikoden icons on communities.
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I've now actually watched the whole series. While I greatly appreciated the final bit in the very last episode, and the extra Rokuta and Shouryuu backstory, I have to say the previous volume felt more like a real ending.

Okay, see, I just proved I can be kind of coherent, so now I can state my true, heartfelt reaction to the finale. Squeeing. And spoilers. )

More sedate thoughts and spoilers )
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Meme I snagged (and modified) from [livejournal.com profile] mergle

1. Comment with any pairing from a fandom that I might know something about. Or several pairings.

2. I will ramble for whatever length I feel like about any pairings you offer. Depending on your choice, this may involve cursing. Or squealing.

2a. Go with several pairings. I like rambling.

3. Put this on your LJ if you want.
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Twelve Kingdoms volume 9. Spoilers everywhere! )

Was going to type up thoughts about fanfic reviews sparked by Merc's post, but if they get long I'll want to put them behind a cut, which defeats the whole purpose of hiding spoilers behind a cut - because if you go to look at the one, you might see the contents of the other - and besides, it's getting late.
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Spent most of the weekend relaxing with stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with current events. A total lack of productivity is, under the circumstances, a good thing. Watched a bit of Gankutsutou - visually very striking and potentially seasick-making, though I was fine with the one episode I watched. Hard to describe; I'll take screencaps when I've watched more. I like it, though - how many Count of Monte Cristo adaptations have you seen that are set on a moon colony? A bit of Naruto. One volume of Twelve Kingdoms, which is in full-on asskick mode now.

Last night I dreamed I was wandering around the final dungeon of Final Fantasy I, only there were no random encounters and only about four rooms. After fighting one fiend, you'd be warped somewhere else. At one point I wandered off and found this secret area, where I had a tea party with Rubicant and his wife, who may or may not have been Merc. There was also something about a van covered entirely, inside and out, in shag carpet, and me sneaking around town in a really cheesy disguise, but I think that was earlier.

Twelve Kingdoms, volume 8 - spoilers )

Also, went to see The Incredibles with family. Which I loved, as you might expect if you read the posts after I saw X-Men 2 in the theater twice, or after Spider-Man 2, or... yeah. Was nifty. And there was a Star Wars trailer, and I am George Lucas's bitch, always. He lets me down, abuses my faith, defaces my childhood, and then he does it again, creates the worst movie I've ever seen in a theater, and then OMG IMPERIAL MARCH PALPATINE WOOKIE ARMY AMIDALA WITH THE DONUT BUNS OMG I AM SO THERE. I mean, really. It's PATHETIC. I'm not even this mindlessly devoted to Squaresoft. I guess it helps to get them when they're really young. That has to be the only reason I like the hairdo Leia had in the first movie.

Wookies! Why can I not find an extended version to download?

I'm just taking a break from outrage. I'm not quitting. I'm conserving my strength.
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Can someone help me? I really, really need for Dragon Warrior VII to be turned into a living being so I can stab it a lot.

I mean, game bosses wipe the floor with me all the time, because I play for story - I think level-building is boring. I always stared at game reviews and so forth in blank incomprehension when they'd claim things like "FF6 is easy." Well not if you take the final boss at level 40, bud! So I'm used to getting my ass whupped. But it's especially galling when in the middle of a floor-wiping I think "yay, I just did 12 damage!"

So. Yeah. Dark sorcerors needed. Apply within.

I got the seventh volume of Twelve Kingdoms, though. Some spoilers - mostly for character development, not plot. )

The new icon is supposed to be Youko reflected in Keiki's eye, though I'm not sure how clear it is. I thought it looked nifty before I cropped and shrunk it, anyway. But perhaps I'm just enamored of eyes right now because my own exploded Friday - all puffy and allergy-riddled and nasty. Much like that weirdness I posted about earlier, only now, instead of an infection, I just have an addiction to eyedrops.

The subject line's from Patricia McKillip's Alphabet of Thorn, which I was going to post about until I decided this is long enough. Later, maybe.
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Twelve Kingdoms volumes 5 and 6. Spoilers. )

Other stuff...

In the first or second episode, Rokuta's shown going into a building with green pillars, looking for Shouryuu. A few episodes later, it's revealed that buildings with green pillars are always brothels. Not that you couldn't guess, since Shouryuu's sitting on a bed with a woman drinking, but I thought it was a nifty touch.

I've been screencapping the series, and because I don't want subtitles all over everything, I've been watching mostly in Japanese, with occasional changes to the dub if I want to check what's being said. I don't often need to; in the first volume, conversations usually consist of Youko wailing "I want to go HOME!", Sugimoto acting like a total nutbar, and Asano trying not to set either of them off. So I don't often change to English, especially since when I have, I've found that I really don't approve of Youko's dub voice. Most of the others are okay; it seemed like the girl who did Sugimoto is reasonably adept at sounding like she's completely out of her gourd. Asano's voiced in English by the guy who did Hige from Wolf's Rain, which is disconcerting... but not as disconcerting as what happened when I went to the dub for a scene between Rokuta and Shouryuu. Shouryuu's voiced by Crim from the .hack dub. Rokuta's voiced by the guy who did Sora. I giggled helplessly all through the conversation. I like them both, the voices fit fairly well, but it's just.... funny. (And if that didn't have enough crossover potential, the same two did Sano, from RK, and Michael from Witch Hunter Robin, respectively.)

Speaking of screencapping and such, Merc, you want a detailed summary and/or pictures from any parts of the third volume you missed? I will do just about anything to aid people in viewing this series.

There's an interview with the producer on this disc, and while he has some interesting things to say about adapting the novels into an anime, I'll post more about it later. My girl Sugimoto - okay, my batshit crazy girl - is an anime-only character. Apparently they added Asano to give the male viewers someone to identify with... odd, since he vanishes in the first five episodes and has yet to reappear except in visions and flashbacks, twenty-some episodes later.

The producer also noted that he approved of not changing the terminology in the series, and he seemed to approve the dub voices, which he felt matched pretty closely to the originals - more or less true, from what I've seen, though I haven't watched the dub for more than thirty seconds at a stretch and can't say. I just thought it was interesting - I don't often hear creator opinions on the series I like.

Past my bedtime now. I go.
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My cat has managed to locate a scrap of folded red cardboard of indeterminate origin which is, apparently, the greatest toy in the history of civilization. I think we should get some kind of prize for this or something.

More of Twelve Kingdoms! )

I guess "manga novels" doesn't make much sense as a term, but I don't care, because OMG maybe they'll do the Twelve Kingdoms novels someday!! If I ever succeed in pimping it such that people will know what it is and buy things related to it! Also, Slayers novels. Cool. Plus, can't fault them for describing them in such a way that the built-in audience will notice them.

Please note that at this point in time I'm completely confused about all the fandom politics involving any mention of Tokyopop, and I don't want them explained to me, and anyway I never had anything against them even when everyone else did. Tokyopop translates stuff so I can read it. Therefore they deserve my money. That's all I care about.

STALINIST MONSTER CRABS! Every so often, I am reminded Neil Gaiman has a blog, and that always improves my day. Though it'd probably work out better if I remembered it all the time.
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Still fascinated with Twelve Kingdoms. Some spoilers through the third volume, which is the end of the first storyline. )

Someone just emailed me to ask if I was the voice of one of my skins. Whuh?

I'm officially sick today. I feel allowed - I haven't used a sick day since I had the Cold That Would Not Die. I am so deathly ill that I had to start playing Kingdom Hearts. It needed doing - I've had the game for a year and barely touched it.
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Things I have been doing over the last week or so, just to catch up the anime I haven't rambled about yet. And other things...

Been deleting MyDoom emails - fourteen arrived overnight. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BUY A VIRUS SCAN, PEOPLE!

I successfully pimped Firefly to my brother. )

I watched the third volume of Hellsing. (spoilers) )

I watched the first volume of Twelve Kingdoms, too. This series gets plotty really early on, so by discussing the first five episodes, I actually get into spoilers. Though they're mostly pretty transparent ones. )

And I finished watching Slayers Try. )

And I've been trying to play FFX-2. The gun gauntlet thing in Besaid is driving me completely crazy. I cannot give up. I will prevail!


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