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I... just saw a prompt on the T&B meme based on a fic of mine. I mean, a fic that I had posted under my own name and all.

I have no idea how I feel about this! Flattered, I think? A little weirded out because it was a short joke fic I wrote in like ten minutes, too.

Current state of the computers: Still using laptop. Calculon is still undiagnosed and unrepaired, and I need to burn an Ubuntu boot disc but have been hampered by the fact that our home is where desktop computers come to die. Husband's computer's DVD/CD drive will not open anymore - a fact we just discovered when Calculon lost it - and housemate's computer has been nonfunctional for a year, so I need to burn the boot disc on my old Dell from 2003, and even using that will only tell us "apparently something on the C drive is screwy."

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This episode of When Fandoms Collide is brought to you by Miku Miku Dance.

MMD is a 3D animation program, originally designed for Vocaloid videos but capable of being adapted for just about any fandom with some dedicated fans interested in making videos, or sometimes, in scarring the souls of the unwary.

Cut for embedded videos. )


Nov. 19th, 2011 01:53 am
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Sort of a Dear Yuletide Writer addendum here. I'm putting all the different videos I've found for "Tsugai Kogarashi" behind the cut.

Embedded videos behind the cut. )
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I figured, as long as I'm rummaging around on Youtube to link them for my Yuletide nomination...

Oh yes, Yuletide. I nominated FF6 (Terra, Locke, Celes, and Cyan) and PMMM (Mami, Sayaka, Kyoko, Homura.) The four-character limit meant I had to leave Madoka herself out in the cold, along with way too many FF6 characters.

My third nomination was a song. Embedded videos behind the cut. )
Also, unrelatedly, I posted another Madoka fanart meta at [community profile] frillsofjustice.


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The High Holidays mean terrifying gatherings with my in-laws! Nonetheless, I hope everyone has a good New Year. For my part, I lean more towards honey than apples.

I seem to be on a magical-girl kick. I hauled Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne out for a reread, I'm attempting to watch Pretty Cure on Hulu (though I'm pretty sure I will reach mascot-killin' levels of frustration shortly, so I doubt this attempt will get far) and I'm ordering the Kodansha Sailor Moon release as it comes out. I decided on volume one of A Bride's Story in preference to Sailor V, though, because KAORU MORI.

And in another edition of When Fandoms Collide: VIDEOS. Beneath the cut.

Madoka Magica and Vocaloid would be the fandoms in question. )

I hope this works.

AX 2011

Jul. 2nd, 2011 06:53 pm
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Or Mikufest 2011.  You know, whatever. 

Obligatory explanation of Miku, etc.: Vocaloid is a voice-synthesizer software.  The Japanese releases of Vocaloid software are often associated with an anime-style character, and a fandom has sprung up around both the music made using the software and the characters.  The most famous character/software package, Hatsune Miku, is getting a US release at some point this year, and they were hyping her like mad here.  There were Miku-festooned cars in the convention center.  There's a concert tonight, which I was only mildly interested in (and which, if past history with AX sound systems is any guide, would probably have killed my husband) but which was generating a lot of excitement among existing fans and some interest among others.  Will got tickets, for instance.  Here's an example of an earlier concert, if you're wondering how exactly this is done with a fictional character. 

Anime Expo happenings, including cosplayers, shopping, a bomb scare, my discovery of how very much I hate Hetalia, and more )
I know, what's wrong with me that I go to conventions just to shop.  But the thing is, even setting aside Artists' Alley, you're never just shopping; if nothing else, you have to stop every three steps to stay out of, or detour around, the photo someone is taking of a cosplayer.  You see the costumes, you hear other people reacting to what they see, you go from booth to booth growing progressively more smug as you realize you snagged a great bargain, you end up making conversation about your Murloco's shirt with strangers (okay, those last two were just me) - it's not the same experience as shopping for the same items at an individual store. 

Edited, later:  It seems likely that the swastika-wearing cosplayer might actually have been playing a particular Hellsing character, who otherwise matched the description.  I stand by my dislike of Hetalia, though.


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