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Kotetsu and Barnaby as Madoka and Homura. Can't argue with the casting.

Here, Merc, something relevant to your interests: Yuri cosplaying as Ace Attorney characters, I think! Also Alucard? I think it's meant to be both.

And under the cut, videos, because apparently Nico Nico Douga cannot get enough of the Tiger & Bunny/Vocaloid mashups anymore than I can.

'When I Get Home My Wife Always Pretends To Be Dead.' )

Weighing whether or not to take part in the game remix challenge. On the one hand, I was always kind of envious of Western fandoms for having them. On the other, since my shipping is often diametrically opposed to the whole fandom, I fear sparking the "she is DOIN IT WRONG" reaction in whoever gets assigned to remix me.

On my third hand, I'm not sure I can find the link again so it may be a moot point.

And in "Luck is my husband's dump stat" news, we think he may be lactose intolerant! I realize this may not seem like a huge deal, but if that's the case, you don't love cheese as much as we do.
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This episode of When Fandoms Collide is brought to you by Miku Miku Dance.

MMD is a 3D animation program, originally designed for Vocaloid videos but capable of being adapted for just about any fandom with some dedicated fans interested in making videos, or sometimes, in scarring the souls of the unwary.

Cut for embedded videos. )
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The High Holidays mean terrifying gatherings with my in-laws! Nonetheless, I hope everyone has a good New Year. For my part, I lean more towards honey than apples.

I seem to be on a magical-girl kick. I hauled Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne out for a reread, I'm attempting to watch Pretty Cure on Hulu (though I'm pretty sure I will reach mascot-killin' levels of frustration shortly, so I doubt this attempt will get far) and I'm ordering the Kodansha Sailor Moon release as it comes out. I decided on volume one of A Bride's Story in preference to Sailor V, though, because KAORU MORI.

And in another edition of When Fandoms Collide: VIDEOS. Beneath the cut.

Madoka Magica and Vocaloid would be the fandoms in question. )

I hope this works.
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Some more Pixiv links, some of which are recs. Well, I guess they all are, but some are "dude, check this out!" and some are "this is really good."

Porn disclaimer )

I can't vouch that all of these are spoiler-free if you can read the text on the page, but the art itself is not spoilery.

The odd or funny pics )

And moving from the odd to the actual recs...

Tiger & Bunny and Madoka Magica, spoiler-free. )

And I should stop. So I can post about Tiger & Bunny tomorrow.
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I spent a lot of time on Pixiv today for some reason.  Behold what the internets have given me:

Kyubey as Kefka.

A match made in flamboyant, heavily-made-up heaven. Thank you, Dissidia, for enabling a whole new universe of crack pairings.

For some reason, a Spice & Wolf/FFX crossover. I don't even know. Voice actress link or something?

FF characters cosplaying as Vocaloids.

To continue the theme, Aria di Mezzo Carattere sung by a Vocaloid (Meiko, in this case.) She doesn't sound like an opera singer, but Celes shouldn't, either. 

All of this (except for the Youtube link, which I've had for a while) began just because I went looking for this image, my current wallpaper, to make sure I bookmarked the link. Instead I realized I could navigate bookmarking on Pixiv pretty easily and went on a bit of a rampage.  I'll probably post the less brain-breaky fruits of my search tomorrow.


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