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I waited three months after finishing them to get around to doing the uploading, but there are two new skins at Happy Phantom. They're nothing special, but they exist! I can't post it to the mailing list, because my Yahoo login is dead.

Looking over the site, there are some changes I should make - like trimming the hostility from the FAQ, because none of the email addresses in the readmes and whatnot work anymore, so I no longer get questions from people who want to use my Winamp skins on Windows Media Player or don't know how to save files. But whatever. I'm lazy. I may actually finish a Twelve Kingdoms skin soonish; I have a research paper coming up and skinning is a great way to procrastinate. You're at the computer, rather than looking at the TV/ a book/ the fridge/ your cat. You can poke at your work while working on a skin, so you can tell yourself you're not really procrastinating. It doesn't have the narcotic effect of, say, Spider Solitaire; you may spend a lot of time on it, but you aren't surprised when you notice hours have passed. And you actually get something done, even if it's not the right thing! Not for nothing was my most active skinning period back when I was in college.
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If you came to Winamp late or were forced by circumstances beyond your control to upgrade - no one would do that willingly, right? - you should upgrade again, because 5.12 has a security flaw.

And if you don't use Winamp, well, go get the new version anyway, because then you can use Winamp skins and slightly increase my amount of guilt for never updating my site. Of course, if you use an older version, prior to 3, don't upgrade or God will eat you.
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2006 resolutions, even though I'll either break them or fail )

It took nine chapters for Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones to get challenging. Which... is fair, since the previous FE game I've played was in tutorial mode up to there, it's just that I've got promotion items coming out my ears in Sacred Stones, and it seems awfully early for that - not to mention that I just randomly get infusions of cash, I can access the warehouse from anywhere on the field, and I don't have a Marcus telling me I suck as a tactician because I spend too much money and let Florina die.

And! One new Winamp skin! Celes is kind of my 200th skin - if you don't count the first skin I remade as my third, or the FF8 skins that shall not be named - and I realized as I was making the zip file that I did the first few parts of this one in 2004. There are three years represented in there. Do I win the Slacker Olympics?
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ZOMG YES!!11!1 Lost Eyes shows signs of life! Well, sort of. They're needing copies of lost skins - the Shinji "Clouds" one is the only one I have in their still-missing list, but send things their way if you have any.


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