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I've actually not been playing WoW very much at all, but PANDA LADYThoughts on Blizzard and female character models )
And the beta client is still downloading.  I can't think of anything else to tl;dr about! 
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World of Warcraft's Halloween event is going on now.  The holiday events always get me involved - they're something even my lowest-level alts can do, and sometimes there are pets for my main to collect.  Hallow's End, as the in-game version is called (yes, I know it makes little sense.  Bear in mind Blizz has misspelled "judgment," which is a core ability of one of the more popular classes, for going on seven years now) got revamped this year.  

When I logged back in tonight, after doing some of the new quests while procrastinating on an assignment, earlier, I had an in-game mail waiting for me from a friend.

"My crate ate a horse."

It only makes slightly more sense in context.  

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It's a real talent, look in the blood death knight blood tree, it's exactly as creepy as the name suggests.


Paladin stuff )

Hunter stuff )

The new achievements system reminds me very much of LOTRO's deed system (where you could earn titles for killing quite a few of a certain type of mob, among other things, and could also earn improvements or adjustments to some class skills if you used them enough.) Blizz is unlikely to hand out the titles like cheap candy, but I can still hope. Plus there's supposedly a vanity pet achievement, which is right up my alley.

And while I was fiddling with inventory on Tanaris, I caught Corie online - she and Neil are playing on Dragonmaw now. Yay! Well, it's a pvp server, but I was glad to get to talk to her.
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I'm bowing out of the FF6 discussion on Merc's post because I'm reaching the point of "ARGH ARGH ARGH GODDAMMIT" and, well, that's not very festive. Or communicative. It's not like everyone has to see it my way (though that sure would be nice sometimes) but I've reached the point where I can't rest until I say my piece.

So, here's the Locke/Celes/Terra manifesto.
Unsurprisingly, it's long. )

In WoW, I'm going to drop the campaign to transfer servers - much as I would love to get Rauny on a server where the plans for the Belt of the Guardian and Boots of the Protector have dropped enough that they get put on the AH, I'd rather play with Mal and Dal, and they're back! And we finally got around to leaving the guild after the weird "All Dwarf Rogues Act Like That, I Guess" debacle. I'll post a screencap in a locked post.

Edited to add: CESARE BORGIA urges the youth of America to read!
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Whee! Got the Kibler's Bits recipe from my very first cooking quest turn in, which involved revenge on the Monstrous Kaliris. The connection even held up until I was done in Skettis and started fishing!

Handful of screencaps )
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OMG Brewfest is FUN! I haven't been able to work out if I can buy a mount for a pre-40 character, but as long as Yulia can go crashing around Kharanos drunk on a racing ram at 25 I don't CARE. Dwarves rule.

Unfortunately no one had any clue how to fight off the Dark Iron invasion, or were too drunk to find them, so now all the booze outside Ironforge is gone, but it should be back this morning. Dwarf beer, breakfast of champions.
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OMG! That's the program I'm enrolled in! Why am I not in this guy's class? All my professors do is make me drive two hours to Fullerton at ungodly hours of the morning! And I get to do it again tomorrow! Woot!

WoW is going fine when I have time to play - Black Morass was painless (if I'd remembered about Lay on Hands I wouldn't have died with the last boss, but I tend to do that) so I'm now keyed for Karazhan. I'm two points away from being able to make the epic axe I have the pattern for. All but two of my alts are mounted, though I do have to play Yulia now that I've heard patch 2.3 will have epic flying mounts for engineers.

I've also been playing lots of Sims, since it's something I can do while studying. At some point I may do a post on all the drama in the neighborhood, or post some of the pics for the sake of interesting genetics, but for now I just post the roster.
FF Sims - long rundown of marriages, kids, goals and careers. )

And a couple of pics. )
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I'm not sure which was favorite thing that happened last night. It's a toss-up - between the instance refusing to drop anything at all for Terra, Erick ignoring my "can we PLEASE run something else tonight" and then running off to Botanica with members of The Federation of Fucking Morons, and AN EARTHQUAKE.
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Paladin tanking guide (WoW forums)

Paladin tanking guide (WoWinsider)

And another... (Also WoW forums)

Paladin macro list (not tanking specific)

For my own reference, for everyone else, and especially to show Erick IT'S DIFFERENT FROM WARRIORS. Look closely at that first thread, where they break down why I don't care about dodge and agility and consider Fireguard a solo/farming weapon only.

New icon, because I finally got my scanner working and got my Terra art commission scanned.

....Guild drama incoming. Liek whoa. O_o
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I am really, really, really (really really) intrigued by Warhammer Online. Like, "do I sign up for closed beta?" intrigued. DUDE. You can't see the navels on ANY of those women! NOT ONE! I mean, I took off Rauny's tabard when she got a cute belly-shirt chestpiece, I don't always mind the unrealistic armor in WoW, but this looks badass. Anyone with me on this?

Speaking of navels, I love Buso Renkin. (It makes sense if you've read the latest volume...) Kazuki/Tokiko OTP. I should have picked up the Yamaguchirow Buso Renkin books back when they were cheap.

LJfind seems to be down right now, and I know it freaked people out, but all I found when I searched myself was mentions of me on my boyfriend's journal, my name in "random names from your flist" memes, and two strangers reccing my fics. I am all about this! More surprise recs plz!
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Rauny dinged 52 last night, so she has now reached her Destiny. For those who don't play, the fact the name is in purple is good. Very, very good. ^_^ Ignore the "meh" comments - it's badass. More loot talk. )

Latest patch fixes the flickering-terrain problems. HUZZAH!

In Sims 2 new, Tseng's half-alien baby turned out to have pointed ears, to my great delight. I made Reno a pleasure Sim, and despite his desire to have 50 first dates, he went and fell hard for Jan Tellerman. I'm hoping the romance mod I downloaded will let them have an open relationship, because she's a romance Sim and neither one of them is going to be a huge fan of monogamy.
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My computer, she is dead.

Well, sort of. Cut for my computer woes )
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A sample argument with my boyfriend, abridged )

Yeah, I'm a defective southerner, I don't like barbeque or fried chicken. Though of course I eat fried chicken at funerals.

In Harlot China White World of Warcraft news, Terra is now level 13, she has two pets - combat minions, essentially, an owl named Palidor and a cat named Stray because I'm a cheeseball - and will not have any more for a while, since she's too poor to stable another. And the random buffing (stat-boosting spells) no longer seems like pure coincidence. Either people who play Night Elves are buff-crazed freaks, or they're targeting me specifically, possibly because they like the name. I mean, I'm glad they keep doing this, I just don't understand why.

The new icon is of Rauny, my warrior and main character. See the two hilts? I think she's got her Warhammer of Smashing on at the moment (the actual name is, like, Battlesmasher of Power. It's great.)

In Sims 2 news, MORE TWINS. Still not the result of cheesecake. As if I'd need to use that. Tifa hit her lifetime want for six grandkids early, but good lord, it's like they're trying to chase me out of that neighborhood. I'm already worried about Pleasantview getting overpopulated, but I'm not ready to totally start over in a new neighborhood, because I'm too attached to a couple of the younger families, even with their deranged twin sprees...
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World of Warcraft - Not actually The Other Woman. It's actually heroin, as I suspected all along. Yeah, I just spent five hours trying, through frequent, inexplicable computer freezes and non-freeze-related deaths, to get my level 9 night elf hunter throught that GODFORSAKEN RUNES OF WAKENING QUEST, and it's NOT WORKING, and I will never live to have a pet because the COMPUTER WILL FREEZE. Possibly because of some twit challenging me repeatedly to a duel, because apparently, in World of Warcraft, that's the equivalent of displaying your tailfeathers in a mating dance or something, and yet I still keep playing female character because I'm really fricking stupid.

And you know, I wouldn't be half as peeved about any of it, even all the Gnarlpine death, if it weren't for the computer freezing.

Explanation for those who don't play. )

And extended thoughts on finally caving and playing a MMORPG )

Now I'm off to go beat my head against the game some more.
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Harlot news - Still mostly playing Rauny. She finally has a decent shirt, and her pants make her ass look good but they still only reach her knees. She doesn't have the legs for capri pants any more than I do. I kept putting on leather pants for looks unless we were facing something really deadly, but I finally had to sell them to finance my training. Sigh. I've tried a paladin and a mage and I definitely like warriors best. The boyfriend keeps saying things like "YOU ARE INSANE" and "Now I know how Lina Inverse feels" and "RUN!" but he did give me a bastard sword, which is the best bastard sword EVER. I love my bastard sword. I carried it around for ages and refused to put it in the bank because I didn't fully realize I'd have to buy the ability to use it.

He also got me Open for Business, because he is a wonderful, wonderful person. He figured I didn't need Nightlife because I don't really need encouragement to push my Sims into illicit affairs and lots of woohoo, and since OFB gives you all the stuff I knew of and coveted from Nightlife - the chemistry system, for one thing, and choosing your own wedding garb, and I don't know if inventory was a Nightlife or OFB invention but I've got it now and it RULES. Now they don't have to say goodbye to all their family portraits if they move! - anyway, I think he made the right choice.
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Happy 108th birthday, Merc. :P ...I don't remember if you ever told me your actual birthdate...

For Teh Harlot purposes, I need suggestions on relatively obscure Suiko-names. I was able to snag "Leknaat," but I'm not too thrilled with that one - I only tried it because Nabeshin said someone from his favorite character's guild has that name on some other server, so I wanted to see if it was taken, and it wasn't. I don't especially like Leknaat (or dislike her... I mean, she's Leknaat) but most of the characters I do like have names like Chris and Cleo, and the others I can think of have names like... oh, wait! Now I have a mage named Tengaar. Any others? Rauny, the only one I've bothered to play, has decent pants at last, but is still stuck in a gawdawful tacky turquoise chainmail vest. At least I finally have a sword again, though I've yet to acquire a second sword.

And in the Sims 2: OOC Final Fantasy... Remember how Celes was married to Setzer, but then she had an affair with Edgar and left Setzer for him? And then Edgar and Terra started spontaneously rolling romantic wants for each other? And Setzer got married to Caryl, the former maid? Well, Caryl started cultivating a friendship with Edgar to help Setzer's career along... and now Edgar wants to hit on her. It's like it's not enough that he make a habit of seducing married women - he has to specialize in Setzer's wives. (Well, not Terra, but still, Setzer's only had two wives and Edgar's been after both of them.) Meanwhile, Melissa, Barret's wife, is absolutely determined to get all up on George McCarthy... her daughter Nina's new husband. Previously she's had wants to sleep around, but except for a brief "OMG, Ricky Cormier's finally legal!" thing when he went to college, she'd never gotten interested in anyone in particular. Oh well. Maybe she'll woohoo Barret into an early grave and then I can turn her loose on the household help.

I'm starting another neighborhood just so I can tell myself, no, these Sims aren't really the FF6 cast...
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I tell you what, people out here are crazy. I mean... it's hot. 103, 104 degrees. It actually feels sort of like home, though more pleasant because it's not all sweaty and smelly and humid. But recognizably hot. The reason I say they're crazy is the way they're acting about it - I know the temperature because the people across the cube wall from me were checking it repeatedly over the course of the afternoon, fretting when it went up from 103 to 104. I grant you it's a bit worse in some ways because it's always sunny, but dude - when I was driving home from work I saw a pedestrian with an umbrella, not because it was raining (hahaha! Rain? My boyfriend didn't realize rain leaves mud on your car) but using it like a parasol. Maybe she was a vampire.

In other news... some of you already know what the Harlot is. It's World of Warcraft, so named not because my boyfriend uses it to flirt with male Taurens (though he does) but because it is an evil tramp trying to steal my boyfriend away from me. He pays more time and attention to her it than to me, he spends money on her it, he sometimes forgets important relationship events because he's out at some CHEAP, SLEAZY HOTEL WITH THAT FLOOZY on a forty-man raid... You get the picture. In addition to my complete lack of interest in interacting with other humans, which on its own keeps me out of MMORPGs, I kind of resented the game. Then at AX, apparently I told him I'd play the Harlot if he'd buy a sakabatou. Actually, I said I'd think about playing it, but that was just me being all southern rather than leaving myself room to weasel out of the agreement. So he bought the sakabatou and now I have to play World of Warcraft.

As a result of the new Harlot copy in the house, the internet has been crashing every evening, and when we finally managed to try to play it last night (I was using his desktop while he was on the laptop - mine can barely manage the Sims 2, let alone anything more demanding, and I think the Harlot would be more demanding) his computer kept locking up completely. It's eaten both his and Il Palazzo's video cards, it ate the internet, it's trying to eat his computer again - I'm going to have to keep an eye on the cats. And, like, my hands. It'll probably just cut my throat as I sleep, though.

Work is... meh. Locked post later. Sims 2 now.


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