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Despite managing to literally faceplant into a parking lot Friday night - it's a short but stupid story - this has been the best New Year's I can remember, spent gaming with the husband and Ben and Lucia (Arkham Horror, a new one called Seven Wonders I think, and of course Catan, in which for once I was not completely roflstomped.)  The husband stayed awake until midnight, we all drank something bubbly, and Ben compared Lady Gaga to a Jawa with encephalitis. I hope everyone else's was as enjoyable!


Oct. 27th, 2007 11:04 pm
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(Edited: 11 pages, not counting the title page and table of contents. I have never in my life had to attach a table of contents to a paper before. I'm counting the references though because I sweated BLOOD for those suckers.)


Nov. 1st, 2006 07:44 pm
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The internet is working! FINALLY! I had to swap out my old modem for a new one, then tried switching it to USB since Ethernet cable wasn't working, then had several failed attempts at finishing driver installation, then finally got a not-very-clearly-worded hint, after trying to load Google, that I needed to call the cable company to enable usage of this modem. NICE OF THEM TO MENTION THAT WHEN THEY HANDED IT TO ME. Not sure why the Ethernet cable won't work, but I don't feel like messing with it further at the moment.

Yeah, I sort of realize I've been posting more while my home internet was out than I was when it was functional. You just never know what you've got till it's gone. Time to go pirate more TV shows, I think.

And now, images of Duane and Katarin's hideous freak-child. Bless her heart, she's *deformed.* )

So tired now. Obviously, I'm not going to sleep, but I suppose I ought to.
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I managed to survive dinner with Gangee* last night, though it was a close thing a couple of times. Quiet but pleasant day-of-actual-birthday - the work thing was a while back, V for Vendetta and the family gathering will be tomorrow, and I got the gift fic (squee!) and the boyfriend's Big Bag o' Gay Porn last night. I'm pretty much over feeling old, for now. Next time one of y'all starts talking about classes or not being old enough to drink or something, that will probably change.

* I don't know how you spell that. This is not what we call her to her face; we call her Granny, chosen when I was twelve because it annoyed her, but my brother-in-law says when he and Quinn have kids, if she's still alive, they will train the kids to call her Gangee, and now we all refer to her that way. Arrested Development reference, for those who haven't seen it. If Lucille had no fashion sense, she'd be my grandmother.


Mar. 19th, 2006 11:38 pm
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(well, it needs work still, but I didn't crash and burn)
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Meme snagged first from [ profile] solielle

I did the Mary Sue doll meme )

And one more )

Also, I have vanquished the co-workers! Sort of. I don't have to go to a buffet for lunch Friday, anyway.


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