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Nabeshin's feeling better. We sort of suspect food poisoning from the weekend.

We've found a house we want. The boyfriend's parents think we're crazy to jump on something after looking at half a dozen houses, but I love this one; we ALL like it, which hasn't happened with any of the other houses we've looked at. I hope we get it.

I hate my job.

Calculon (the new computer) is WONDERFUL. I can play Sims 2 at the highest detail level and the highest widescreen resolution (not the full resolution of the ridiculously huge monitor left over from Nabeshin's old setup, but the highest supported by the game) and it loads like a thing that loads really quickly compared to my old computer. I can play WoW with the highest everything and at full resolution, and I have just about everything I need on it except Editpad and PSP 7. I just haven't downloaded the former, and I can't find the disk for the latter.

Suiko III manga )

I've been reading The Tale of Genji again, too. Shockingly, it's much easier to follow the translation that uses names for all the characters. I can't imagine why.
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Wow, Earthlink cancellation is shockingly painless and simple compared to AOL! My AOL account was closed years ago - I think they've since been sued over their retention tactics, though I don't remember details. Hell, they gave me a lot of trouble when I wanted to close one account and immediately open another.

Not a new Connie Willis Xmas story, but it's not in Miracle - "Just Like the Ones That We Used to Know." Makes me feel slightly better that some of you are getting snow and I'm just getting COLD.

Teh haul since getting the cable modem: 18 AMVs (thanks to everyone who made suggestions!), 59 MP3s (all legal, no less - has free downloads and I figured I'd try some new stuff, though I've sort of neglected to listen to most of it...) 20-some scanlated deals ranging from Naruto doujinshi to yuri manga, and 10, no, wait, eleven full episodes of Emma, the Victorian series Tsuneo Kobayashi directed; either of those things alone would make it an automatic-interest deal, but both make it a gimme. I've only watched the first episode but I love it madly already. I'm irked at the fansubbers for spelling the male lead's surname "Jounes" - IT'S NOT LIKE IT'S A REAL NAME WITH A SPELLING THEY COULD CHECK OR ANYTHING - but that's not the anime's fault. I'm especially rubbed wrong by the "Jounes" thing because the fansubbers actually put in the effort to look up, and add a cultural footnote about, a tiny detail of Victorian housekeeping - the anime itself looks very well-researched and I give the fansubbers props for doing a bit of research to keep up, but... Jounes. Argh.

Man, won't it be nice when I'm over the novelty value of easy-access downloads and I start leaving my room to read and stuff again? And stop doing stupid crap like downloading the first episode of the Sailor Moon live-action series just because I'm curious? And start hanging up my clean laundry so my cat can't sleep on it? Wait, I never did that...
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I have cable internet! OMG OMG SO FAST!!

EEEE I'ma go pirate some movies now!!


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